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Follow the dark path or use the light

45: The Extra Missions Clean Up Campaign

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 45: The Extra Missions Clean Up Campaign

These are the trio of bonus missions that take place immediately following the story line, and they consist of the Epilogue Mission and a pair of missions that are flagged form special consoles on the Separatist Battleship!

Mission A: The Zillo Beast Clean Up

This is the Epilogue Mission at the end of the story -- where we killed the beast with the many attacks!  You should already have one of the ten parts for this one, leaving nine for us to find.

(1) Five red-crystal studded boulders need to be destroyed to spawn a Minikit Part.

(2) A collecton of 10 Blue Objects on the battlefield need to be destroyed to spawn a Minikit Part.

(3) An electrical console in the bottom center of the battlefield spawns a lit track for you to race a Speeder along, at the end of which is a Minikit Part.

(4) A Dark Force Boulder in the bottom far right side of the battlefield spawns a Minikit Part.

(5) A Bounty Hunter Console on the far right-hand lower side of the Battlefield spawns a timer -- you need to kill 50 Battle Droids within the allotted time to spawn a Minikit Part.

Plugging Away for a  Minikit Part

(6) In the top right-hand side of the battlefield is a set of large pipes with a Minikit in a cage on top -- you need to use The Force to plug in the power cables on either side to cause the Minikit to be freed from the cage so you can take it!

(7) Near the pipes above is an R2 Droid Console that summons an Ice Cream Truck -- all that you need to do is follow the trail of Blue Studs to the Minikit Part at the end!

(8) In the center of the battlefield is an odd-looking rock that has a Minikit suspended in the air above it -- either use a High-Jump character or use one of the AT-TE six-legged tanks to reach and claim it!

(9)Destroy six of the enemy tanks on the battlefield to spawn a Minikit Part!

When we played through on the Story Mode you should have gotten your buildings to Level 8 and built the Minikit Dispenser and obtained a Minikit -- if not, do that now!

With the 10th Minikit in the bag, save-and-quit and head to the Bacta Tank Compartment to release Chewbacca (Classic) from the 3rd tank from the right in the 2nd row, paying 50,000 Studs to purchase that furry beast and add him to our collection!


Mission B:  Castle of Doom

When we played through the Story Mode for this mission we did not obtain any of the Minikit Parts.  If you did on your play through of the Story Mode, ignore the ones you already have in the following list.  Now let us wrap up the missing parts!

(1) In the rear of the starting room are tables with Silver serving dishes on them -- you need to use the Bazooka Trooper to destroy the Silver serving dishes and expose the buttons, and then starting at one end and jumping from button to button, get them all pressed down and green at the same time.   This will likely require several attempts as there is only enough time to press and jump all the way across before the first button resets.  Good luck, mates...

(2) Complete four Saber Throws at Jabba in the center of the room -- each time you hit him with a Saber Throw he coughs up a piece of the Minikit (the bottom section, the antennae plate and middle section, and the top plate and top section.  Assemble the Minikit and pick it up to complete this.

Dropping in to a Minikit Part

(3) Using a Clone Trooper, stand in the center of the room and use the grapple-point on the chandelier overhead; after it is pulled down build the purple foundation plate on the floor, and then pick up the food crates using The Force and put them on the foundation plate, which causes a trap door to open dropping the food crates into the pit, and spawning a Minikit Part.  Claim the Minikit Part to complete this challenge.

WARNING: The next section can be a little buggy if you are playing on Xbox 360, and you can end up with a system lock.  It is a good idea to go ahead and quit-and-save here, and restart with the three kits above saved, so if you end up getting a system freeze you do not have to repeat the above.  You may also want to make a copy of your save file and stick it on a thumb drive formatted for use with your Xbox just in case...

(4)  In the right hand-side of the first room is a Silver object -- destroy that with the Bazooka Trooper to reveal parts for a Probe Droid -- build five of these to spawn a Minikit Part.

There is one in the first room, two in the room with the desert sailor, one in the gate area, and one in the desert.

(5)  When you enter the kitchen go ahead and build the sandwich to access the console and open the door as usual, but once you have the door open, use the Rapid Fire Trooper to destroy the Gold gate to the right and assemble a second table -- then reassemble the sandy on that -- then use Jar Jar to high-jump to snag the Minikit!  Mischief Managed!

(6) There are five towers sticking out of the walls above -- just follow the arrows from the Minikit Detector to locate them.  Destroy all five and you spawn a Minikit.

(7) In the gate area there are the first few of ten bones and skulls to be destroyed to spawn a Minikit. 

(8) Use the Bazooka Trooper on the shackles in front of the Sailer wreck to spawn a Minikit.

(9) On the left of the roof in the process of opening the gate is a crawl-door -- use that to reach a Minikit.

(10) In the desert there is a Droid Console that opens a garage where you find a beach buggy.  You need to run through the lit course and press all of the plates before the timer for each plate expires and it resets.  Get them all green at the same time to spawn a Minikit.

With the last Minikit in the bag quit-and-save and head to the Bacta Tank Compartment and release the Imperial Guard (Classic) from the 1st tank on the right of the 2nd row, paying 50,000 Studs to purchase them!


Mission C: Hostage Crisis

When we did the Story Mode we did not unlock any Minikits -- so this will go quick!

(1)  Using The Force, place the three parts on the ground on their corresponding spots on the space freighter to your right, causing it to take off, revealing a Minikit Part.

(2) Assemble the Droid Pad on the left side of the starting area and use it to summon a bigwheel and use the rockets from that to destroy the center ship and spawn a Minikit Part!

Executions for a  Minikit Part

(3) Kill the five Clone Troopers cleaning the ships for a Minikit Part.

(4) High-jump the left-hand ship for a Minikit Part.

(5) Kill five mouse droids in the second area to spawn a Minikit Part.

(6) On the far right-hand side is a gold cage covering a console -- destroy the cage and use the console to open the hatch to the area on the right, then use the head changing machines on the guards to raise the center platform and grab the Minikit on it!

(7) Use The Force on the five Ice Cream Machines to spawn a Minikit Part.

(8) Use the Dark Force on the object to reveal the crawl-door and use that to reach the Minikit on the scaffold below!

(9) Enter the first power room and restore the power, then the second power room and do the same, constructing the four switches.  After you have them all pushed in and power restored, use the Dark Force on the object to the right to deploy a big screen video game of Indiana Jones.  Use the switch to start the game, and then the button on the floor to have Indiana jump over the five gaps.  When you reach the far right after the 5th gap a Minikit Spawns!

(10) Finally, on the far right side near the hatch to the head area is a Jedi Spot at which you cut open the wall to reveal a switch.  Throwing that switch opens the outside windows of the area, allowing you to jet pack out to grab the final Minikit Part!  Good on ya mates!

It can be a bit tricky judging when you are over the platform with the last Minikit so watch for your shadow dot to tell you when to turn off your jet pack.

Now you just save-and-quit and head to the Bacta Tank Compartment with a Separatist character to release the Tusken Raider (Classic) from the 2nd Tank on the right from the 2nd row, purchasing it for 50,000 Studs!

Now, that does NOT complete the character collection, sadly, as there are still 4 left to find, but it does unlock the Achievement "A presence I've not felt since" (70 GP) so well done!

The last three characters include one that requires a special promotional code -- called Savage Oppress -- which you unlock with the Savage Opress Code MELL07 (the last two are the numbers zero and seven) which you may as well do now!

The final three characters left are Grand Moff Tarkin, who you get for having the Separtist control the Galaxy, Chancellor Palpatine, who you get for having the Republic control the Galaxy, and Whorm Loathsom, who appears on the Bridge after you complete the Assault on Christophsis battle.

So you now know what you need to do next, don't you?  So start turning the Galaxy into controlled space!

Note:  You may be tempted to just use the cheat codes for those characters -- and you could do that, sure, but it will not get you the Gold Bricks you need for winning all of the battles will it?  And that means you do not get the coveted 100% do you?

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Comments for 45: The Extra Missions Clean Up Campaign

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Apr 13th 2013 Guest
on the front side you see at the background General Grievous and Darth Vader
so that means there must be mission from the movies.
ID #273159
Feb 21st 2012 CMBF
Las dos misiones adicionales se encuentran fuera de las naves en espacio. Si usted lee cuidadosamente la guía (o su traducción) usted debe poder a los suss que hacia fuera.
ID #117145
Feb 21st 2012 Guest
hola ya termine la bestia de zillo, y despues? donde encuentro las otreas dos misiones?
ID #117081
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