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43: Count Dooku Story Line Clean Up

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 43: Count Dooku Story Line Clean Up

To make this process more orderly the six missions for each story line are grouped into a single section, with the idea being to jump from mission to mission.  The order of the Kitparts is purely random to the process of discovery; you can do them in any order you like.

-- Mission 1 -- Battle of Geonosis --

If you have followed the guide you already have two of the Minikit Parts for this level -- when there are already Minikit Parts obtained in a level the guide will cover the remaining kits first, and then the ones that were already obtained at the end of the section just as it did in the Arena level, just in case you did not unlock the ones that I did when you played the Story Mode.  If you already have some that I did not get, no worries.

Be sure to turn on the Multiplier Bricks and Invincibility at a minumum.

(1) In the lower left corner there is a Bounty Hunter Console -- use that to start a timer with 01:30 on it -- and then quickly kill 50 Battle Droids to unlock this Minikit Part!  The fastest way to do this is to jump on the nearby Speeder and use its guns to kill them.

(2) In the upper-right corner is a building with a Droid Console -- use that and a Minikit Part will pop out of the roof for you to grab.

(3) In the upper-left corner of the battlefield is a pile of parts that you build into a Droid Console, then use it to summon the delivery of a sports car.  A ring of Blue Studs appears around the console area -- jump in the sports car and collect the Studs to spawn a Minikit Part, and then collect that!

(4) Behind the rocks on the left-hand side of the Battlefield is a small-crawl door -- use that to reach a hidden area that has one of the boulders you have to smash for another collection -- and a slope with switches.  Smash the boulder and then slide down the slope, closing all of the switches to spawn a Minikit Part!

(5) On the far right-hand side is a Droid Console that summons a lit path of pads that you need to race over with a Speeder -- just follow the lights to unlock the Minikit part at the end of the course.

(6) After you smashed the collection rock in the hidden area, you then need to smash the rest of them on the Battlefield to unlock another Minikit Part.

(7) In the upper left-hand corner is a Dark Force Rock that you smash to obtain a Minikit Part.

(8) Collect five tree-like plants that are all on the Battlefield (the hardest one to find is the one in the bottom on a ledge that pokes out over what looks like the edge.

That should get you the full set -- if you did not collect the Minikit Part that is on the bottom-left edge of the Battlefield partly concealed by the rocks get that, and if you did not kill three of the Big Wheel droid thingies, do that!

Now quit-and-save and head to the Bacta Tank compartment and step on the third pad from the left in the first row to release Princess Leia (Classic) for 50,000 Studs!

While you are down on this level head to the Brig with a Bounty Hunter Character and release Dr. Nuvo Vindi from his cell, and buy him for 50,000 Studs.

-- Mission 2: Gungan General --

You should have three of the Minikit Parts for this level already...

(1) In the bottom-left is a building with a Droid Console -- use that to get the Minikit Part from the roof!

(2) Nearby is a Dark Force Rock you can smash to get a Minikit.

(3) In the upper-left is a Bounty Hunter Console you use to get a Minikit.

(4) At the top are three geyser vent holes you need to quickly cap to spawn a Minikit.

(5) On the far-right is a Bounty Hunter Console that spawns a lit path you need to ride one of the beasts over the pads on to spawn a Minikit Part at the end!

Saucy for a Minikit Part

(6) Nearby the console above are building parts to build a Droid Console you can use to summon a Pirate Saucer, which you then use to pick up a trail of nearby Blue Studs for a Minikit Part.

(7) Use the Rapid Fire Trooper on the bottom Torpedo Dispensor to blow it up and reveal a pit with the last Minikit Part in it!

If you have not already, destroy five enemy Speeders to spawn a Minikit, destroy the ten tree-like plants to spawn a Minikit Part, and pick up the Minikit Part that is just sitting there on the Battlefield.

Now save-and-quit, and head to the Bacta Tank Compartment to release Admiral Ackbar (Classic) from the last tank on the right of the first row, and pay 50,000 Studs to purchase him.

-- Mission 3: Jedi Crash --

You should have one of the Minikit Parts for here already...  To make this level a little easier turn on the Minikit Detector Brick now.

(1) Land at the farthest flaming landing pad and run into the corridor in the side of the ship and use the Rapid Fire Trooper to unblock the crawl door, crawl through and grab the Minikit.

(2) Land at the next pad to the left and use the Rapid Fire Trooper to destroy the three Gold Toilet Stalls in the back of the pad area.

(3) Land at the first pad and go inside the area and grab the Minikit in the flames in the back of this area.  Use the Bazooka Trooper to blast the pipe above to put out the fire first.

(4) Shoot down five saucers to unlock a Minikit Part.

(5) This one is a major pain in the butt -- the ship in the far left has three Gold balls on either side of its hanger -- explode them to reveal a Minikit Part that you can then collect.

(6) You need to be using one of the enemy ships to do this -- at the rear of the ship from #5 is a glowing red panel that you need to shoot off.  I used the Xanadu and it worked great.

(7) Put out the three fires and then land on the ship that grabs the other ship in its tractor beam, and use the Rapid Fire Trooper to destroy the Gold box on its landing pad.  Construct the grapple point and lower yourself to the ledge below, and grab the Minikit here.

(8) Probe Droid Massacre -- at each of the landing pads there is a Gold Crate that contains a Probe Droid -- destroy the crates and then the Droids to unlock a Minikit Part.

(9) After freeing the ship from the tractor beam land in the landing bay and use Jar Jar to high-jump and grab the Minikit in the corner on top of the building roof.

If you have not already done so, destroy the five flying probe thingies to unlock a Minikit Part!

Now quit-and-save and head to the Bacta Tank Compartment where you will release Obi-Wan Kenobi (Classic) from the 2nd Tank from the left in row 2 for 50,000 Studs.

-- Mission 4: Defenders of Peace --

You should have three of the ten Minikits -- or not -- but you do if you were following this guide.  So we have seven to unlock!

(1) In the second area on the left is a Droid Console that you activate a timer with, giving you 01:29 to kill 50 enemy droids.  Grab a Speeder and run-and-gun the droids.

(2) In the top-right corner is a Dark Force Rock that you destroy to obtain a Minikit Part.

(3) On the far right is an Electric Console that you charge to deploy a grapple point -- then grapple it to obtain a Minikit Part.

(4) On the lower-right you will find a Protocol Droid Console, and using it will deploy a lit race route -- grab a Speeder and cross over the pads to complete it and spawn a Minikit.

(5) In the center back area are building parts that you use to construct a Droid Panel -- using it causes a riding lawn mower to be delivered, and you use that to mow a trail of Studs, at the end of which unlocks a Minikit Part.

(6)  Get a Minikit from the Minikit Dispenser you build once your buildings reached Level 8.

(7) Using the Minikit Detector to point the way, grab the Minikit to the far right of the first area you started in.

You should have already obtained the Minikits for destroying the 10 trees.  If you did not already do it, the lower-left base has an odd plate on it -- once you take that base, build three buildings on the base but NOT on that plate, and it will open revealing a Mininkit.  The last one you get for destroying three of the tanks (AAT's).  If you missed any of those do them now!

Now save-and-quit and head to the Bacta Tank Compartment with a Separtist Character to release Vader's Apprentice (Classic) from the 6th Tank from the left of row 2, and pay 275,000 Studs to purchase them!

-- Mission 5: Weapons Factory --

You should already have three of the ten Minikits for this level.

(1) A pile of building components in the right side of the battlefield allows you to build a Droid Spot that delivers a sports car -- use that to drive over the trail of blue studs to unlock  a Minikit.

A Battle Droid Massacre for a Minikit Part

(2) In the right rear of the first area there is a Bounty Hunter Console that spawns a timer -- you need to kill 50 Battle Droids to unlock the Minikit.

(3) In the left-rear base there is a special plate -- build three buildings at the base (but not ON the plate) to have it reveal a pit with a Minikit.

(4)  On the far-right side of the battlefield is a hill with a Minikit floating on top -- use Jar Jar to high-jump and grab that next.

-- Play through to spawn the CS, then take out the three enemy bases to spawn the next CS and keep doing that until you change to the second team of characters and enter the caves --

(5) Inside the first section of caves use your Bazooka Trooper to destroy the Gold web and zone out there, and use The Force to raise the egg on the ground straight up (literally) and then over to the nest by the large bird.  Use the saber walls to reach the nest and claim your Minikit!

(6) Open the doors and enter the right-hand side, using e Droid to release the Minikit thingie, and then after it completes its dance, claim your Minilit!

(7) Open the next set of doors and again, on the right-hand side, go in but this time use the grapple-point to open the shower curtains, exposing more than just your next Minikit!

When we did the story mode you should have already unlocked the Minikit Part for raising your buildings to Level 8 and then building the Minikit Dispenser Building.  You should have smashed the five red crystals (balls) in the cave when we went through in Story Mode -- if not do that again.  In the last part of the mission you turned five valves, scoring a Minikit -- if you did not, than you need to do that to wrap up this area!

Now save-and-quit and head to the Bacta Tank Compartment with a Good Character to score Luke Skywalker (Classic) from the 5th Tank from the left of the second row and purchase him for 50,000 Studs.  Good on ya!

-- Mission 6: Legacy of Terror --

You should already have two of the ten Minikits for this mission.

(1) Silver Rocks -- strewn throughout the area of the mission are five Silver rocks -- use the Bazooka Trooper on them to reveal parts, which you build into a demon creature who dances then explodes.  Collect all five. 

(A) The first is in the area above the stairs you built and which you got a Minikit in. 

(B) The second is inside the zone opened up by the drill carriage further in the cave.  When you find this, blow it up and assemble it for another dance.

(C) The third is inside the side-path you open with the mech suit.

(D) The fourth is just parts inside the area to the left after you drop down into the Zombie area and use the Electric Console top access the zone with the balloons and glowing crystals.

(E) The dancer is on the upper left side of the final area, that you reach using the saber walls.  Simply assemble the parts to spawn a Minikit Part!

(2) At the top on the right-hand side of the first area after you push the second statue parts down, use the grapple-point above to release another Minikit!

(3) In between the 2nd and 3rd statues is a Droid Spot -- activate that to release a drill carriage that will break through the wall, opening a passage for you.  Head inside to zone into a new area, where you will find the second Silver rock.

Assemble the parts here to make one section of trans, then use the grapple-point to deploy another, and finally use The Force to push the last one into place, revealing the switch.  Throw the switch to have the train that is whirling past above deliver a car with a Minikit on it!

(4) In the main area now, pull down the wall and use your Rapid Fire Trooper to destory the Gold Triangles on the walls, revealing parts to build a mech suit.  Mount the mech suit and walk to the back of the cave, stepping on the pad to blow open a side path.

Inside the side path is the next Silver rock and a Minikit for you to collect!

Note:  Chances are very good that it is at this point in the game as you destroy the Gold tringles that you will unlock the Achievement "Goldie Blocks" (10GP) awarded for overheating 50 fold brick objects.

(5) An Electric Console on the left-hand side of the Zombie area you drop into after building the statue opens a new area -- head inside and use The Force to light the crystals, and then the Bazoola Trooper to blow up the Silver Cake in the center of the area to reveal a Minikit!

(6) To the right-hand side of the Zombie area is a silver web -- clear away the rubble at the foot of it with the Bazooka Trooper and then using a combination of The Force and the Dark Force, place the purple objects on the ground onto the web to spawn a Minikit!  The Spider can be ridden as a vehicle.

(7) After you battle the boss mob and have defeated them, you start to run towards the camera -- when you do that, there will be five silver eggs on the path that you need to destroy with your Bazooka Trooper.  Destroying the fifth egg releases the Minikit.

This is probably the most difficult of the Minikit challenges to unlock in the game, mostly because you have to kit the eggs on the fly -- if you stop, you die -- and you are forced to play through the entire level to get to this point to try again.  Your best approach is to spam shots with the Bazooka Trooper literally the entire way along the cave in the hopes of getting all five as you pass them.  We found this to be one of the more frustrating ones due to the buggy nature of it -- which we warn you about below.

When you destroy the 5th egg be sure that you actually STOP and grab the Minikit, as it will appear where the last egg was.  If you do not take it before the swarm catches up to you, you will have to start  over...

WARNING:  If you try to head back if you miss one, you can get stuck into a death loop regardless of whether you have Invincibility turned on.  If that happens you have no options but to save-and-quit and start over.

(8) At the very end of the run you will find a Minikit above a set of saber walls -- just jump up and grab it to finish this mission and the story line!

At the mission start you will have built a set of stairs up that will release a Minikit -- the Dark Force object on the wall is simply a diagram on how to properly place the blocks but you should have figured that out easily on your own!  Moving through the cave five statues will pop out of the walls and you destroyed all five to get another Minikit -- if you did not, you need to do that this time through.

Now that you have all ten, quit-and-save, then head to the Bacta Tank Compartment with a bad character to claim Darth Vader (Classic) from the second tank from the left in row two, purchasing him for 275,000 Studs.

Good on ya mate!  That is all of the Minikit Parts for one entire story-line completed!

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Comments for 43: Count Dooku Story Line Clean Up

3 comments, latest first.
Nov 3rd 2014 CMBF
Odd? Yes. But still.
ID #466756
Oct 19th 2014 Guest
"...then head to the Bacta Tank Compartment with a bad character to claim Darth Vader (Classic)"

The minikit looks like Darth Vader when it builds it after exiting the level, but when you go to the tanks, it's actually a classic Stormtrooper. Weird.
ID #460649
Oct 24th 2011 Guest
could you please tell me where the statues that pop out of the walls are as i am pretty stuck-i only need that one to complete it.
also,i think you unlock the mech suit in the bonus vehicles menu-is this the case or not?
ID #82755
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