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09: Count Dooku and the Defenders of Peace

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 09: Count Dooku and the Defenders of Peace

Chapter 4

Thanks to the daring intervention of Anakin and Ahsoka,  Aayla Secura has been safely reunited with her Republic allies.

But even as they find some little time to rest and prepare for the next stage of the galaxy-wide conflict, the Jedi know that Separatist forces, masterminded by the devious Count Dooku, can confront them at any time. . .

-- Opening Act --

The opening CS shows your ship still firmly locked into the landing bay of the larger star ship, while the crew has some little trouble properly disengaging from the locks and launching!  Still, you manage it even though you leave a droid and antennae mast behind, but sadly you crash-land on the planet, where you find a nearby enemy artillery piece causing havoc. 

When you regain control of the character you are standing by the wreckage of your ship -- be sure to grab the studs here, then use The Force to assemble the speeder bike at the front of the ship but DO NOT try to mount it!  If you do the electrical arcs will kill you -- instead head to the left and chop up the tall grass clumps for some studs and to reset the location of the speeder bike so it is no longer in the arc area, and then mount it. 

Note that when you start a new level you need to turn the multiplier bricks (and any other bricks you plan to use) back on, as they are not automatically turned on for each level!  Go ahead and do that now, right?

-- Free Stud Collection Spot --

There is an odd side-effect to the spot by where the speeder relocates -- a grass cluster should respawn here but, because of where the bike is, it is instantly destroyed, and a pile of studs erupts from the ground here.  If you are lazy you can place your character right where it erupts and leave them there to collect the studs automatically -- so basically you could leave them idle there and go eat or watch TV and come back later to a large bank of studs!

Whipping the Electrical Threat

-- Back on Track --

Along the edge of the area (towards the screen) is a palm-tree-like plant that is part of the collection for this level -- you need to collect 10 of them by destroying them -- so destroy this one (1/10) then using the Clone Trooper and the Lurmen to pull open the panel on the side of the ship with their whips.  With the panel open, assemble the speeder from the parts inside, and then use The Force to rotate the trio of latches to open the power core sections, and use The Force to move the power core away and assemble it in the distance!

Once you do that, the way is not clear to move past without the electricity killing you -- so head north and destroy the next collectible tree (2/10), then follow the edge along north to the next one (3/10) near the pair of speeders.  East from there is the next collectible (4/10) near the silver structure. 

Move towards the power core to reveal the large LEGO surface grid and pay 6,000 studs to deploy a cannon,  then use it to destroy the Silver structure!

Move past the now open entrance to the far area and follow the edge of the zone to get collectibles 5/10 and 6/10 nearby.  Collectible 7/10 is just past the enemy position along the edge to the east, then quite a distance away at the edge on the other end of the long building is 8/10. 

Take control of one of the platform sites close to the buiding and construct a Vehicle Generator, then order a small walker mech unit which you can use to destroy three of the large enemy tank units to unlock a kit part.

To help in combating the droid troops construct barracks to generate your own troops -- and build shield generators to protect your new buildings.  The basic system in place here is simple to follow -- you can start out building basic buildings and, once you build those, it adds new buildings you can construct.  Make those to unlock even more structures, and so on.  You will need to take control of several of the base spots and build your buildings in order to gain the capability to combat the different troops and threats.

After you build the 4th type of Barracks and enough time has passed you will unlock the Achievement "Attack of the clones!" (10 GP) for deploying 500 Clones.

The last two collectible trees are along the edge near the droid interface station that you can construct, and that pretty much accounts for the optional parts of the level!  All that remains is for you to shut off the enemy shields and destroy their emplacements, then destroy the Rayshield Generator that is protecting the Defoliator, and then destroy the Defoliator to save the village and end the mission!
Finishing the mission unlocks the character Wag Too, and two new Gold Bricks (one for completing the mission, one for True Jedi) for a total of 10 Gold Bricks, which means you can build the last door on the Hub!

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