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Follow the dark path or use the light

29: General Grievous and Destroy Malevolence

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 29: General Grievous and Destroy Malevolence

Chapter 3

Republic strike forces are on the verge of complete victory over General Grievous and his stricken ship, The Malevolence.

However, Padme Amidala and her protocol droid C-3PO are about to become unwitting bargaining chips for the devious Separatists. . .

-- Opening Act --

In the opening CS Padme and C-3PO are flying through space and end up getting caught by the tractor beam of the General's ship.  They have effectively been captured, but not before sending out a distress signal which Anakin and Obi-Wan receive.

You begin the level with a brief droid battle, whereupon you should easily obtain enough Studs by picking them up and breaking things as you work your way to the end of the corridor and zone to the next area.

Climb down and use R2 to fly over the gap and trigger the console, briefly pausing the train and allowing you to use the train car as a way to get across the tracks to the middle platform, where you basically do the same thing to get to the next area, except this time R2 cannot cross on his own, so you need to Force Lift him over there.

On the pad R2 needs to step on the switch to open it up and then use the console to pause the train.

Force Move the bridge section to the glowing pad then jump across and saber throw at the droids by the other platform to lower it and kill them.  Now jump across and kill the droids waiting for you, then Force Push R2 to the switch platform and have him use the console there to stop the train.

This time it is a little different -- you use The Force on the engine to turn it into a crane, then get in the crane and use that to move the rear car to form a bridge that allows you to cross the gap!  On the other side, yes, more droids to kill, and then you zone into a new corridor and rescue the princess!  Yes Mario the Princess IS in this castle!

Putting out the fire

You split up now -- and you and R2 are in a burning area and you need to repair the fire control system so that R2 can turn it on to use it to put out the fire.  Here is the thing -- there are three pieces of purple pipe and FOUR spots they could fit into but one of the spots -- the one to the left rear -- cannot actually be used.  You will drive yourself nuts trying to get a piece into it so don't!

Place the pieces in the left, right, and TOP slots, and then have R2 turn on the water.  This puts out the fire, and you are prompted to change to the other team -- before you do that you may as well collect the studs down the corridor, right?

-- Team Anakin --

After you change over you find that Padme and Anakin are in much the same predicament that you were when this started -- so work your way down the corridor to the left smashing crates until you reveal a grapple slot -- then use The Force to install it on the console and have Padme grapple it to open the console and have C-3PO open the hatch using a simple puzzle solution.

Now kill the Droidika and then you get a CS and a Vulture smashes through the side glass of the corridor, forcing a team change.  As Obi-Wan take out the Vulture and then use the parts from it to assemble the droid console and have R2 close the blast doors.  Safe at last!

Use The Force to plug in the power cable and then have R2 line up the color-coded lock parts using the two consoles by the hatch to open it.  Now head in and kill the droids here then throw the objects at the droids on the far platform to remove them from the equation.

There is a Dark Force object (collectible) you can destroy -- but you should concentrate on getting R2 to that far pad, where he will turn on the torpedo dispenser.  Now use the objects to kill the droids on the right side pad and send R2 there, where he will turn on another torpedo dispenser.

Using Force Push, send the torpedoes to their targets, cutting power to the area, allowing R2 to use the console in the center and and triggering a visit from our good buddy the General!

-- Grievous Battle 2 --

Basically what you are going to be doing here is hitting him with an object and battling the Droidikas until you can throw the switches on the sides to open the rear hatch in the area.  Once you have the rear hatch open go inside with R2 and both of you step on the switches to open the final hatch... And then leave.

This was never about battling and defeating him, it is just about getting to your destination -- so do that mate!

As you enter the lift in the back it goes down and you change teams again!

A complicated lock picking exercise

-- Back to Team Annie --

Head down the corridor to the closed hatch and have Padme grapple open the kit locker -- not using The Force, plug the colored plug thingies in on the right side in the same color pattern as those on the left, and this will activate the droid spot for C-3PO to use.  Be sure to grab the Minikit part here before you have 3PO open the door.

Inside is a lift -- use it -- and you find yourself in a red-lit area and battling droids again :)

After you clear them away, have 3PO use the console to raise the thingy in the center, and then have Padme grapple open the plug locker, then you cut open the wall and plug the power in to that slot, then repeat that on the other side and you now have restored power to the systems.

All that is left is for you to use The Force on the helm control object in the center and align the ship with the planet on the center screen -- you will know that you have done this properly because the center screen will lock and then wave after wave of droids will attack.  Defeat them, then exit the Bridge by the left-hand door!

You now trigger a CS in which all are together again, you escape, and the ship slams into the planet.  Sadly the General escapes as well but what can you do?

You unlock C-3PO, two Gold Blocks, a bunch of Studs, a Minikit Part, and the Achievement "Abandon ship!" (10 GP).

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Comments for 29: General Grievous and Destroy Malevolence

6 comments, latest first.
Jun 27th 2015 Guest
What are achievements? We never get those on the Wii!
ID #576356
Mar 14th 2015 Guest
I did this with my brothers help... Easy Smile
ID #528512
Dec 28th 2014 Guest
Use the d pad and press a as you fallow the pattern
ID #491734
Apr 2nd 2014 Guest
yep , also stuck on the "simple" puzzle door for c3po.....
ID #370650
Apr 30th 2013 Guest
HELP! How do you open C-3pO's door?!???
ID #279034
Jun 26th 2015 Guest
That? The one with the pattern? We did that.
ID #575953
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