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Follow the dark path or use the light

07: Count Dooku and the Jedi Crash

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 07: Count Dooku and the Jedi Crash

Chapter 3

Count Dooku's war against the Republic is waged on many fronts.

A fleet led by Aayla Secura is under heavy attack from Separatist Munificent-class frigates, and the Republic’s flagship is in danger of being over-run by the enemy.

Fortunately, two Jedi heroes are not far behind. . .

-- Opening Act --

The opening CS shows the attack in progress with enemy battle droid units boarding the ship through holes blown in the top and sides, as Republic troops defend each passageway.  Armed transports with the Jedi arrive and you take control of one of them, flying towards the landing bay of the ship.

Before you fly in and land, this is an opportunity for you to get True Jedi early on, and to unlock another Achievement -- simply tap the left joystick up, down, left, or right to make special maneuvers -- complete a total of 5 loops, 5 backflips, and 5 corkscrews to unlock the Achievement "It ain't like dusting crops boy" (10GP).  To get True Jedi you need to collect 75,000 studs.

You can collect the studs for True Jedi next by shooting down enemy fighters -- yes, I know you are in an armed gunship transport more suitable for attacking ground targets than other ships and not a fighter -- but is you fly it well and defensively and use your lasers you can get that 75,000 studs in around 5 minutes!  Each time you die (you will) you lose 2,000 studs, but as you will gain way more than that between deaths that is not a problem.  One thing though, you MUST stay inside the mission area -- if you leave it you will get around 10 seconds of warning and they your ship explodes if you do not return to the mission area within that warning period.  So don't stray out of the mission area, right?

Once you have your 75,000 studs and maybe a little extra for insurance, follow the blue arrow on the screen to the landing pad and hit the 'Y' button to land.


Earning your Wings


-- On the Landing Pad --

There are items -- and droids -- you can destroy, and search lights you can spin to get studs, but your primary path is towards the yellow and black checkered walls which you can climb using your light saber.  At the top of the wall the path continues, where you find a lever to pull to open the blast door, revealing a tank that you then push out along the path to the end, then left to plug it into the fire control system to help put out the fires on the deck!

As you can see putting out the fires is what we are supposed to be doing, as activating that fire control system ticked off one of the three objectives for the mission! 

In the back of the area where you got the tank is a kit part, but as it is in the flames you cannot get to it just now, so head back to your ship and fly to the next platform and land (look for the big red cross).

Follow the stud path towards you (towards the screen) to go down the steps and you will find a platform that you stand on to use your light saber to cut away a section of the wall, revealing circuits behind it.  To the left of here is a construction object -- build that to restore the tank, then return to the circuit you revealed by cutting away the wall and throw the switch on it to activate the second fire control system!  Good job!

Right then, so now we head back to our transport and fly a short distance to the right, where we find the next landing pad in a burning section of the hull -- and land.

Follow the stud path to the right and use The Force to deploy the bridge and then jump across to pull the lever and engage the final fire control system.  You may have noticed that kit part -- if we had a character who was small enough to crawl through the special door here we could get that but we do not -- it is another one of the items we get in Free Play Mode.

-- The Rescue --

Now that you have turned on the third Fire Control System, head back to our transport and take off to trigger a CS, and watch the events unfold as one of our ships is captured by a tractor beam.  Fly to the landing pad near that ship and land, exiting our transport and using the force to rebuild the torpedo dispenser here.

Once it is rebuilt, head to the right and throw the switch that activates it, and you will see that it is ready to begin dispensing torpedoes -- a good thing because as we can see, there are several marked spots that need torpedoes sent into them!

Jump back in the transport and grab a torpedo from the dispenser, then attack the three marked spots to trigger a CS in which you reveal the next target -- the open bay.  Fly to it and land, and you will note that we now have a new goal -- kill nine of the larger droids!  Well?  Go do that!

In the process of killing them you will encounter a different type of droid -- a round one that is floating -- and when you kill one of those you discover it is a collection set -- you need to kill 3 of that type!

Once we kill the 9th large droid our mates join up with us, and we switch to the commander and use his grapple ability to grapple the blinking red object to the left of the door in the center of the back, which causes it to open!  Inside there are lots of objects to destroy for studs, and at the very back a ship to replace our transport!  Excellent!

This new ship is already armed with torpedoes -- which is a good thing as it turns out -- because as we follow the arrow on the screen we see that there are three marked spots we need to shoot!  After that all that is left is for us to dock with the Republic ship by flying below it and hitting 'Y' to trigger the CS that ends this level!

You should have easily obtained your first True Jedi from this, and unlocked the characters Ahsoka, Aayla Secura, and Commander Bly, and a new vehicle -- the Republic Gunship!  That should brink our Gold Brick count to 5 (one for the level, and one for True Jedi)!

If you have not already done so this is likely to be the level that you unlock the Achievement "The Force is with you" (10 GP) for surviving a level without dying and of course you unlock the Achievement "Are all Jedi so reckless" (10 GP) for completing the Jedi Crash level of the game!

We hit continue to see another CS and then we are back at the Hub!

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