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37: Castle of Doom

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 37: Castle of Doom


Treachery!  In an attempt to sway the powerful Hutt Clan towards the Separatist cause, Count Dooku has abducted Rotta, the infant son of Jabba the Hutt, and blamed the Jedi for this villainous act.

However, news now reaches him that Anakin and Ahsoka have rescued Rotta and are trying to reunite the lost child with his father.

MagnaGuard starfighters force the Jedi to crash land in the desert wastes, but they are still alive.  Dooku must quickly stop them to ensure that his deception is not unmasked. . .


Escaping Jabba's Castle


-- Opening Act --

As you can see the opening CS shows a mixed bag of issues -- Dooku is naturally nervous because he has orchestrated the kidnapping of a child whose father is the most powerful crime boss in the galaxy and who will, should the deception be uncovered, do more than just kill Dooku.

Anakin and his Padawan have the child -- and Jabba is convinced that Dooku has the right of it -- Dooku clearly must act! Turn on your score multipliers to quickly gain True Jedi, then head to the right and smash the broken door consoles then rebuild them and use your companion to open the door and head inside.

Using your Dark Force powers you can move the object on the table to the pad just under the control console nearby, but that will cause the workers in the room to attack -- but you need to kill them anyway in order to spawn the next group -- and item -- that you will stack on the first one.  Do that a third time, and you have built a platform that will allow you companion to interface with the controls of the console, and thus open the nearby door, allowing you to continue your adventure!

After you collect what Studs you can by smashing the objects in the room, zone through the door and in the next area, you have a series of tasks to perform.

First have the Count throw the switch on the right, and his companion interface with the terminal on the right, and a speeder will crash into the broken vehicle on the left, providing you with parts.

Use those parts to repair the side of the vehicle, then smash up the workbench here and use the parts from that to continue the repairs.

See that cage hanging from the ceiling nearby over the tracks that would let you move to the barge if it were not hanging from the ceiling?  Yeah, saber throw it to knock it down, then push it until it locks into the open pad and explodes, providing the final pieces that you need to repair the barge!  Finish the repair job and then plug in the power cable to the console and have your companion use it.

The barge now slides to the center of the room, and you can mount it and then use it to smash through the obstacles ahead and get outside, triggering a CS.

-- Inside the Bastion --

Now that you are outside, first smash the nearby bone object for collectible 1/10 and then use the Jedi Spot to carve through the cliff and get the parts to build the speeder here -- and build the speeder!  Run around collecting studs and collection items for a bit, and you will notice a pile of wreckage on the rocks to the left.  Smash it to get the parts to build a skiff, then park that near the gate and move the speeder next to it -- you are going to need them both shortly to get out of here!

Head to the purple pad and smash the objects on the left stacked on the rocks then assemble them into a set of steps and your companion go up and use the console to reveal a pair of switches that you now park your two vehicles on top of!  The gate now opens and you zone out to the Desert!

-- In the Desert --

Your two vehicles are here waiting for you -- so ride them to the right where you find the crashed ship.  Smash the debris off of the console and have your companion use it and then use The Force to tear the read hatch open releasing the two Jedi Knights -- and you now kick their butts!

The strategy you use here is to beat on the Padawan to disarm her and remove a heart, then pick up her dropped saber and attack Anakin now that his hearts are exposed.  Rinse and repeat until you have them both beaten into submission, and trigger a CS on which you win but lose.

This ends the mission -- and unlocks the Achievement "What a Rotta!" (10 GP) and the character Magnaguard (if you do not already have it), the MagnaGuard Starfighter, and two Gold Bricks.  You also get some Studs of course.

With this mission managed, head back to the Main Hanger area and cross it to the left heading to the other mission terminal.

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Comments for 37: Castle of Doom

7 comments, latest first.
Nov 23rd 2013 Guest
How do i unlock the castle of doom..cnt seem to figure out how to help my kid find the second extra lvl..any help woukd be apreciated
ID #321310
Aug 19th 2013 ZorenZola9
Your lucky. My teammate will never fight for me.
ID #305614
Mar 21st 2013 aks628
Wow I thought kidnapping the little guy was evil but fighting Anakin and Ahsoka was even more evil.
ID #265798
Jan 3rd 2013 Guest
where is the castle of doom level
ID #236332
Nov 12th 2012 Guest
Can you help me? I did Zillo Beast first.
Now I cannot find this level.
ID #208180
Nov 7th 2012 Guest
How is this guy mean? He's helping a lot by making a walkthrough.
ID #206363
Oct 13th 2012 CMBF
OK you do understand that I did not actually make this game, right? I mean the whole kidnapping of the kid thing is an extension of the drama that laces through the stories -- which are based upon two of Shakespeare's most famous plays... The point I am making is that *I* am not mean :p

ID #195816
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