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31: General Grievous and the Lair of Grievous

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 31: General Grievous and the Lair of Grievous

Chapter 4

Viceroy Nute Gunray, on route to Coruscant to face trial for his many war crimes, has made a daring getaway in a stolen Republic frigate.  Jedi Master Kit Fisto has skillfully tracked the ship to the remote Vassek System.

On the mist-shrouded third moon, Master Kit Fisto ans arranged to meet his former Padawan Nahdar Vebb.  Together, they plan to apprehend the villainous viceroy. . .


An exercise in teamwork


-- Opening Act --

The CS starts with Fisto landing on a Clone Trooper -- no worries though, they will make more!  As you start this level go ahead and destroy pretty much everything that you see -- and you quickly unlock True Jedi.

Use The Force on the objects here and then use the Bazooka Trooper to destroy the Silver pillar on the right.  Switch to the Antennae Trooper and grab the squad by the shuttle and order them to attack the Gold pillar on the left, destroying that, causing a droid to come out and destroy the shuttle!

Kill the pair of droids (one on either side) then use Troopers to grapple the grapple-points, and then use The Force on the to move the yellow panels on top of the red ones of the same shape, and the door will open.

Using The Force, move the plates onto the pedestals in the lava pit to make it safe to cross -- use The Force to pull the segments from the pillar-like objects and then destroy them to collect them.  Use The Force to place the plates on the next pit, and cross, battle the droids, and then grab another collection item.

Battle the droids ahead for a CS, and then grab a few more collectibles.  Use The Force to plug in the power cables to open the hatch, and pass through.

You pretty much destroy everything here while killing the droids that spawn, and once you have destroyed everything you can and collected the Studs, use grapple to pull the droid parts out of the containers and then use The Force to assemble them on the hatch front.

After you assemble the droid General Grievous appears, and you have yourself a battle!

-- General Grievous Battle 3 --

This battle is a little different than the previous ones in that you are going to be tag-teaming him to do it...  Basically you beat on him with your saber and then throw the box of grapple points at him.  One of them will stick to him, at which point you quickly switch to a Trooper and grapple it, ripping off one of his limbs.  Rinse and repeat until he freaks and starts climbing on the cieling.

At this point you do three saber throws and he falls to the ground and starts scuttling around -- you hit him a few more times and he scuttles out the door.

Follow him to zone into the next corridor, where you smash some stuff, then you use the four switches to nearly get your team roasted alive.  Use the pieces to build a way up and put, and then zone to the next area where there are a lot of high-value Studs.

You are attacked by a nasty beast now, and as you will note that it has grapple-points, the trick is to use those with your two Troopers and then use a Jedi to take away a piece of the beast.  Rinse and repeat until you defeat it and get a rather funny CS of the General taking his medicine.

You now zone and face some more droids -- taking out the last two collection points to score a Minikit part -- and then proceed along the corridor to the outside.

Unplug the power and move the generator to the end of the path, then plug in the power to the left hand unit, then the right, then left -- now sure what that accomplished but when you Force Move the thing on top of the left to the one on the right you get a Minikit part!

Now assemble the parts and move the device to the top of the left hand machine, then move the dish on to it and plug it all in, and the signal is sent your droid to bring you your starfighter!  It also makes the General appear -- so you will have to fight him off until your starfighter arrives, and they make your escape!

You unlock the characters Commander Fil, Heavy Weapons Clone Trooper, and Nahdar Vebb, two Gold Blocks, two Kitparts, and a bunch of Studs, as well as the Achievement "R6 take me home" (10 GP)!

Resolute Battleship Hub Visit 17

There is nothing really for us to do at the moment -- just save the game and then load up and head for the next adventure for this story line!  So let's do that now!

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Comments for 31: General Grievous and the Lair of Grievous

14 comments, latest first.
Nov 8th 2014 CMBF
Basically they should all fit together with a light snapping motion - just keep placing them until you get the right order. Another option is to search the puzzle set out on Youtube so you get a video example of how it goes together.
ID #468750
Nov 8th 2014 Guest
Which peices go where?
ID #468740
Sep 30th 2014 CMBF
If the piece just falls off that means it is not the correct piece. Look for something you are missing?
ID #453300
May 27th 2014 Guest
my 2 sons are stuck and cant get the assembled part to attch to the left machaine it just keeps falling off, what can they do?
ID #389680
Feb 7th 2014 Guest
ID #352756
Sep 19th 2013 Guest
hhis is awsome! I was stuck on fighting Grievous with the box of grapple points and could not defeat
him. You saved my day and helped me to finish the game!

Yours sincerely, Slgface227inClubPenguin
ID #310314
Jan 23rd 2013 Guest
ha this game is class properly the best L
ego star wars there is thanx for the walk through it was help full
ID #245682
Jul 25th 2012 Guest
Thanks sooo much
ID #168383
Jul 14th 2012 Guest
Cool guides. how do you do it all?
ID #164139
Jun 11th 2012 Guest
thx XD
ID #151474
Feb 26th 2012 Guest
this is really helpful
ID #118617
Dec 17th 2011 Guest
Thanks! My son and I were going nuts!! This got us through the level.
ID #95888
Jul 24th 2011 Guest
do u have this 4 ds?
ID #60832
Jun 6th 2011 Guest
Playing in Free Play, I can only get the beast to appear when I activate the disco ball and then he keeps dancing after the disco ball is destroyed. How do I get around this?
ID #47378
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