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04: Resolute Battleship Hub Visit 2

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 04: Resolute Battleship Hub Visit 2

After the mission you return to the hub, but when you access the console this time there are two new selections available -- Characters and Arcade Mode.  Those are just what they sound like -- a menu from which you can select your active characters, and the 2-Player-Only Arcade Mode.

As you can see the studs for here have reappeared -- you can grab them if you like as after all they eventually add up -- and you are going to need lots of studs!

Buying New Characters

-- Saving Your Progress --

Now that we have actually made progress, there is something that we need to cover: Saving. 

As you know, the game uses an auto-save feature, but that can be a bit misleading because while it saves some stuff, it does not save your over-all progress!  To do that you need to save when you quit the game -- and to keep from costing yourself time and progress you should develop a habit of doing a quit-and-save every time you return to the hub!  In fact it should be the first thing that you do when you arrive at the hub -- just quit-and-save!  You do not lose anything by doing it that way, as when you resume the game you start right there, having arrived at the hub.

This is a really good habit to get into when playing LEGO games.

The next thing we should cover is additional characters -- as you can see there are new characters running around on the ship -- you can actually buy them!  As illustrated in the video, to do that all that you need to do is walk up to any you do not already own and you will see the prompt to press 'B' to buy them -- just do that and there you go!

Finally if you switch to Padme and run around you will see that there are objects that can be pulled on or destroyed to gain more studs on the ship!  Have fun with that!

Before you begin the next mission we need to talk about the Multiplier Red Blocks...  Having those will help you a LOT -- but to get them you need to collect Gold Blocks in order to repair the doors that lead to the different areas of the ship -- you need 3 to repair the first door here, so this next mission will get that done. 

To get to the 2x multiplier you will need a total of 10 Gold Bricks and 500,000 studs, so you should concentrate upon obtaining as many studs as you can as you work towards that 10 Gold Blocks so that when you get there, you already have the studs you need to buy the multiplier.  I don't have to tell you that once you have that first multiplier everything is going to get a lot easier!

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