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Follow the dark path or use the light

11: Count Dooku and the Weapons Factory

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 11: Count Dooku and the Weapons Factory

Chapter 5

The immense weapons factory masterminded by Count Dooku's henchmen, Geonosian warlord Poggle the Lesser, nears completion.  It threatens to unleash huge armies of battle droids and secret weapons to sway the balance of the Clone Wars.

Jedi Knight Anakin Sywalker and his Padawan Ahsuka are joined by Jedi Master Luminara Unduli with her Padawan Barriss Offee, to lead a Republic attack on the factory. . .

Damn the Torpedoes

-- Opening Act --

The level opens with a CS showing the fleet landing and the base camp for the expiditionary forces --  Ahsoka and Anakin spot the attacking droid force on the scanners, and battle ensues!

The first thing that you need to do is collect some studs so you can start building resources on the base pads -- so switch on the multiplier bricks if you have not done so already -- and go ahead and turn on the Minikit Detector as well...

Once you have the money begin building one of each type of Barrack so you deploy some troops to assist with the battle, then work through the buildings expanding your options and adding units to the force.  The fastest way to add the Studs you need is grab a speeder bike and simply ram the rocks and objects in the area and then ride over the Studs to collect them.

There is a console that you can build on the far right of the area, and then head once you have built up your forces and resources head over the land bridge and take out the first enemy base there -- which triggers a CS and puts you back on your side of the battlefield. 

Head back over and take out another base to create a foothold, and then deploy your own buildings on it to add to the confusion!  Build a torpedo dispenser and use a speeder bike to destroy the nearby base in one blow, then construct a Barracks and a Minikit Dispenser, using a Clone Trooper to grab the Minikit that it dispenses!

Now just grab a nearby tank and arm it with torpedoes to quickly take out the remaining bases, triggering a CS and then rinse and repeat, establishing a toehold and deploying a torp dispenser, then taking out the enemy bases -- some of which will require three torpedo hits to destroy now.

Succeeding triggers another interesting CS, and then you find yourself on a narrow ledge on the side of the mountain, cutting your way through solid rock to get inside!

-- The Mountain Entrance --

Remember, we are here to take out the Factory -- and to do that we have to be lean, mean, fighting machines!  Yeah!  Err...  Anyway, cut your way in and then before you follow the Stud trail you should see that the Minikit Detector has some targets for you -- those things with the glowing red ball on top -- so destroy them as you encounter them and when you take out five, you score yourself another Minikit!  Yay!

Inside of some of the larger rocks are crystals worth a lot of Studs -- and on the walls inside the cavern is a nod to the Zelda games -- cool.  What you need to do is hit the door with the yellow triangles to knock the ones with the purple bases down, then use The Force to insert them into the slots on the door on the left, causing both doors to open!

Inside the door on the right is a room with droid console, but as we have no droid ATM we should head into the one on the left and grab another collection ball and then cut open a hole in the wall ahead to get a piece to unlock the door! 

Smash the object on the wall to the left of the door for the second piece, and throw your light saber at the third piece on the door to the right to break it loose, then slot it to open the left hand door and pass through.

The 4thand 5th collection balls are in here so grab those and then the Kitpart that spawns.  You should be collecting massive amounts of Studs along the way as well -- always do that as you have lots to buy later!

Tanks for the Memories

-- The Upper Cavern --

It may not be very obvious to you but you need to smash all of the objects in the room here -- including the structures on the walls -- to harvest the pieces you need to build a large golden trampoline in that pool of light -- and once you have that build, bounce on up to the upper level where you get a nice CS and have you a battle!

The Gold vehicle in the room you cannot destroy with your sabers so do not bother trying -- but the five objects in the room that you can hit to turn into Force objects and then turn the wheels on will cause the vehicle to fire at the objects -- which are collection items -- so be sure to do that!

The strange way that they did the camera here makes this an especially awkward level section, but take your time and be patient and you will get through it!

That Gold vehicle is your key to completing this area -- you notice that there are some consoles that only the evil droids can use?  Yes, and there is a evil droid in the room!  Now, obviously you cannot simply ASK him to open the vent controls FOR you, right?  Ah, but you can knock his head off and wear it to fool the console into letting YOU do it!

The trick to this is to make your move when the Gold vehicle is not right on top of you.  You also need to clear out the enemy because if you get shot while wearing the droid head it gets knocked off and you have to start over.   So be quick, be good, get the job done!

Now that you have exposed the vents what is left is to hijack that Gold tank and use it to blow the core -- do that by targeting the flashing blue spots on it -- use your saber on the two side circles then throw your saber at the blue bar on top -- at which point you can now get in and shoot the core!

This triggers a CS of the core blowing and then you escaping -- quickly -- in the tank!  You almost land on top of your mates below -- and you complete the level, unlocking the Achievement "Tank 'n' Spank" (10 GP), 3 Minikit parts, 2 Gold Bricks, and a lot of Studs!  Good on ya mate!

You also unlock the characters Barriss Offee, Captain Rex and Luminara Unduli, well done!

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Comments for 11: Count Dooku and the Weapons Factory

5 comments, latest first.
Jul 14th 2015 Guest
Barriss Offee and Ahsoka are in the cave. I've destroyed everything. in the second cave I can't get the 3rd triangle to release from the wall. what's up with that?
ID #584381
May 23rd 2015 Guest
I can't get the characters I need when I'm playing a mission. Can you tell me why?
ID #559903
Jul 21st 2012 Guest
well i tried getting tanks on free play to? so, how many bases do you have to capture to unlock tanks?
ID #166920
Jun 13th 2012 Guest
If u keep capturing bases you can summon a heavy air support vehicle, and the second last one destroys gold objects
ID #152339
Aug 1st 2011 Guest
In the Weapons Factory level, there are no tanks available in story mode. You may be able to build/summon one once you beat the game in free play mode, but i tried twice in story mode and still no tanks.

So in order to blow up the shiny gold objects, what you have to do is use the clone trooper commander and command the troops to all shoot the gold objects all at once. Once you destroy all the objects you move onto the next stage.

Hope this helps! I was going mad looking for the tanks...
ID #63296
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