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Follow the dark path or use the light

27: General Grievous and the Duel of the Droids

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 27: General Grievous and the Duel of the Droids

Chapter 1

Anakin's faithful astromech droid R2-D2 has been captured and delivered to General Grievous, who intends to extract secrete military information from the droids memory.  Assisted by his Padawan Ahsoka  and a replacement droid, R3-S6, Anakin leads a mission to destroy the Separatist base where R2-D2 is being held.

Together with a small detachment of clone troopers, the Jedi launch their attack on Grievous' secret base. . .

-- Opening Act --


Planting Bombs


We begin the third and final story-line with a CS depicting the rescue team approaching the base, and "dropping in" -- some with better effect than others, but hey, at least the replacement droid provided a way into the base, right?

Inside the force splits into two groups, each with their own part to play in the mission -- and we almost immediately end up in combat (go figure?).

The first order of business is to obtain the Gold Battle Droid from the storage pod on the left side of the hallway and set it loose to blow things up.  The first area contains plenty of Studs to unlock True Jedi straigt away, so we may as well do that just to be done with it.  Then switch to the R3 Droid and use the console here to open the hatch.

Inside are some droids to kill and a console that your bomb-carrying Clone Trooper can use to place his bomb.  Excellent, you have half the current mission requirements completed already!

With that done, go to the right of the large hole in the floor here and smash the crates to get the parts you need to make a grapple-point, then have your Trooper grapple that and pull it out to call the lift.  Climb on and place the next device to shut down the force field that was blocking your path, and continue on past the mouse droid.

Use the left or right force points to engage a Battle Droid and then pick it up using The Force and use its rapid-fire gun to break the items in the area ahead, including the Gold collection item (2/5).  Kill it and the one you did not use, then use The Force on the left of the main room to raise the power module.  Go ahead and clear out the corridor ahead before you use the Jedi Spot here to cut open the controls and have your Trooper grapple the lift up so he can place another device on its console.

Switch to R3 and open the hatch, then use your Jedi to plug in the cable and your Trooper to place another bomb.  With that managed, head up the corridor to the droid spot and open the hatch to reveal a red-shield Droidika.

You cannot kill this using your saber or blaster, and you have nothing to throw at it -- but if you look above you will see that there is a grapple point there!  Use that to crush the Droidika with debris, then go in with your Trooper and use the console here to place another bomb, shutting down the force field and completing the third of our present tasks!  Excellent!

Grab a droid off of the wall and use it to destroy the Gold collection box, and throw it at the lift controls to smash them as well.  Take care of the other wall droids and smash pretty much everything that you can for Studs, then grab the Kitpart in the main area. 

-- The Third Lift --

Use The Force to raise the lift control and your Trooper to grapple it, then your Jedi to kill the pair of regular-shield Droidika on it, before having your Trooper plant his device on the lift.

Open the hatch with your R3 and use the force to crush whatever that is inside by pulling the object on the ceiling down onto it.    Plant another bomb and you have half of our current goals met!

Clear away the objects in the corridor, taking special care to smash what you can as there are three different collection elements to this level.  The Gold Super Battle Droids are one, so after you assemble the second one and notice that the third is a Dark Force object, this is a great time to try out your Dark Force Red Brick!  Do that and you score your third Gold Super Battle Droid!  Good on ya!  You are assembling quite the team mate.

Using the Droid console closes the one hatch but opens the two others -- so let's start with the left-hand corridor -- clear that including the Dark Force Spots, and then have your Trooper place his bomb before you backtrack to the right-hand corridor and do pretty much the same.

Placing the final bomb causes your R3 unit to go a little nuts -- and then you have an encounter with the Gerneral and a split screen view of the different teams.  


A General Battle


-- Battling General Grievous --

First, understand that you cannot take him in a one-to-one saber battle.  Oh, you can get him to the point that his sabers go off, but those hearts you are looking at are armored hearts, so unless you have a cannon in your pocket, you ain't hurting him!

The trick to this is to use the crates in the room on him -- Force throw them -- and when his RED hearts appear, hit him with your saber!  After you do that three times he jumps up where you cannot reach him, and at that point you should assemble the pieces of the Gold Super Battle Droid on the purple pad and wait while it blows away the Gold Box that is sitting on the Jedi spot there.

With that now accessible, stand on it and hit 'X' to hit him one more time before he gets pushed into that area behind a now locked and blocked door!  Using the force, pick up the bomb-thingy and stick it to the lock on that door for good measure, and then you are prompted to change to the other team by holding down 'Y' until it cycles.  Do that now.

-- Anakin's Team --

You know the drill by now -- kill the droids, smash the objects, use The Force on the Force spots.  At the end of the corridor is a Jedi Spot that allows you to cut through and open the armored hatch -- do that and then battle the next pair of uber droids before you assemble the device on the left side and short out power to another area.

Now grab all of the bits and assemble R2-D2 and add him to your party!

Use your Dark Force powers to remove the Minikit parts from the locker here and assemble it to add another Minikit Part to your collection!  Nice one!

Now use R2 on the data console to detonate all of the bombs you planted, and open the exit hatch!  Ecit through the now open hatch on the left for a CS, and watch R2 do battle with the evil R3, as your team reforms!

Now you get to use R2 to pursue and battle the evil R3, first using the Droid spot to go up the lift and flying across to engage it then using another Droid spot.

Switch back to your Jedi and use the Battle Droids to destroy the large ones by throwing them at them, and then you can either use your Dark Force power to pull up the parts ot a saucer, or your regular Force power to get the parts for a starfighter -- or both, what the heck!

Using the Vulture Droid walker shoot the metal boxes to reveal the parts for a torpedo generator -- you getting the picture here?  That is right -- use the starfighter you just made to grab some torpedoes and destroy the barrier that is preventing R2 from giving R3 the ass-whipping it so richly deserves!

Switch back to R2 now, and get with the whipping!

After you take out the attacking droids you jump into your starfighter and grab some torpedoes, then take out the bridge that R2 is fighting on.  You will then need to fly over and rescue R2 -- but that is cake compared to the long mission you just finished, right? 

The mission ends here with a funny CS -- and you unlock the characters  R2-D2 and R3-S6 as a result, along with two more Gold Bricks, 2 Minikit Parts and a lot of Studs!  You also unlock the Achievement "Follow me boys!" (10 GP)  Woohoo!

Resolute Battleship Hub Visit 14

There is nothing really for us to do at the moment -- just save the game and then load up and head for the next adventure for this story line!  So let's do that now!

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Jun 23rd 2011 Guest
How do you get all of the 10 minikits when playing Ruusan Moon in free play mode? We can't get the last one in the last scene. Thanks.
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