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Follow the dark path or use the light

15: Asajj Ventress and the Hidden Enemy

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 15:  Asajj Ventress and the Hidden Enemy

The next (second) story line we will do is the purple one, which is above Geonosis called Christophsis, and the first mission in this new line is called The Hidden Enemy.

Chapter 1

The beautiful world of Christophsis is held under siege by a Separatist Droid Army.  Hoping to save lives and prevent further destruction, Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker have planned a daring ambush to turn the tide in their favour.

With just a small detachment of clone troopers, the Jedi prepare to spring their trap. . .

Ventriss: The sequence of defeat

-- Opening Act --

The CS shows the prepared trap -- but it seems that the droids are well aware of the plan, and spring a trap of their own!  First, in the read right side of this room there is a purple machine with a level -- pulling the lever causes a set of screens to drop down.  Using your saber, destroy the machine and then pull the lever and quickly destroy the screens when they drop down to score collection 1/10.

Destroy the rest of the items in the room to unlock True Jedi (nice one) and then stand on the Jedi Spot and hit 'X' to slice up the glass and use The Force to remove it, then change to the Clone Tropper and grapple across to send the platform over.  Change back to Anakin and step onto the platform to cross, and then slice the glass here and use The Force to destroy it!

A few things to do here -- in the rear left side is a cable and plug -- destroy the stuff here then use The Force to plug the cable into the slot on the left wall.  Keeping the droid population under control all the while, move to the left front and destroy the purple machine, lower the screens and destroy them to score collection item 2/10, and then   use The Force to close the door in the back wall, cutting off that entrance for the attacking droids.

After destroying the rest of the objects in this room, move through the door on the left wall, using The Force to close the left-hand door (the right one is broken) then mount the gun and blow away pretty much everything in the room!

Move to what is left of the purple machine and lower the screens to score collection 3/10, then use The Force to unplug the cable from the gun, and destroy the gun with The Force, blocking the second door and halting the droid attack stream.

Lead your men onto the lift in the center of the rear wall and ride it up to a new area.

-- Second Level --

There are all sorts of items to be destroyed, and Force Items you can hit with The Force to get Studs.  After you work your way through those, hit the two red switches on the deck to close the doors to the droid spawn points, eliminating the flow of attackers, then take out the remaining droids to clear the area and make it safer.

Basically there is a transport above that needs to land but it cannot as long as the two AA cannon are firing.  After you thin out the droids crush the objects in the center of the roof to reveal the parts with which you can construct your own cannon, then do so and use it to take out the two AA cannon on either side!

You will notice that among the larger number of attack droids is a different type that you can knock the head off of -- you need to do that and then wear the head to fool the terminal on the transport -- do that and it carries you off.  In the CS that plays you receive a message and then it lands and dumps you on another roof.

Ventriss: It's not the fall that kills you

-- Building Two --

First, use The Force to place the plate above the rear door, then smash the purple machine for collection item 4/10 and smash the rest of the stuff up here.  Use The Force on the other four plates on the two walls and place them in their spots by the rear door to open it, and head inside.

You now battle Ventriss -- and the trick to this is to do the saber jump to disarm her -- this knocks one of her two sabers out of her hands, making her vulnerable to attack.  Just pick up the dropped saber so you have two, and attack her, removing one of the hearts above her head.  Now rinse and repeat until you have defeated her.

At that point she goes to the top of the stairs and begins Force-throwing objects at you.  Just stand at the bottom of the stairs and use your Force to grab the objects and throw them at her!  Keep doing that until she panics and escapes.

Before you give chase, destroy the stuff here and score collection 5/10 on the upper right deck, and 6/10 on the upper left deck. 

Now stop on the Jedi Spot and cut through the door to find her inside Dark Force Juggling. 

Same deal as earlier -- disarm her by doing the Jedi Jump, then hitting her until she runs away and you chase after her down a corridor, where she smashes the floor collapsing it and thus isolating you from her, whereupon she starts Force tossing things at you.  This is not the same as before -- you do not want to toss the stuff back but rather use it to build a set of stairs going up to where she is!

Once you build the stairs she smashes the back wall and runs outside, then stands their doing her best Dr. Evil laugh until you approach, at which point she jumps off the roof and comes back with a large nasty attack droid monster thingie.

To defeat that you throw your saber at its lasers to put them out of commission, and then battling the other droids that appear, you wait for the Jedi Spots to appear and use them to slice off two of the legs of this beast.  After that, you jump onto it and it promptly falls off of this very tall building!

The basic strategy is simple -- throw an object at her with the force and then attack with your saber, jumping close and swiping at her.  Eventually you will get the hang of it -- but before you finish her off, make sure that you kill 10 of the droids to unlock a Kitpart.  With your final attack she falls, and then you escape, ending the mission!

You unlock two Gold Bricks, and the Achievement "The pleasure is all mine dear" (10 GP).

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Nov 3rd 2014 CMBF
No worries. Cheers!
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Oct 14th 2014 Guest
Thx so much I could not figure out how to beat this level!!! This gave me info i need. This site is AMAZING. Will be coming back for info on other games.
Gave good info.
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Jan 16th 2012 Guest
Thank you, for the help. Me and my little brother were playing this and were growing tired and didn't know if there was anything obvious that we were missing.
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