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08: Resolute Battleship Hub Visit 4

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 08: Resolute Battleship Hub Visit 4

The first thing that we should do now that we are back at the Hub is a quit-and-save to make sure we have all of our progress saved and get used to doing that.  Now that you have done that this visit to the Hub is going to contain something of a detour of sorts...  Actually it is going to be a significant detour, but I promise you that the extra time and effort you are about to put in will be worth it!

First to explain why: we are going to score a Red Brick multiplier early to make our lives a lot easier.  How you wonder?  Right, well first you need to grab your preferred Jedi character and head down to the Hanger Bay, then go to the left back section where you will see three red garbage cans -- use The Force to pick one of the red cans up, and move it to the garbage processor platform.

When you drop it, the processor will automatically pick it up and empty it, causing a Red Brick -- our first in the game so far -- to be ejected from the processor as a result!  This is the 4x Multiplier Brick! 

The problem we have now is that to obtain and use this brick we have to purchase it -- and purchasing  it requires us to spend 2-million studs --  so head back to the Bridge now and access the console, selecting the level we just did -- Jedi Crash -- and then choosing Free Play Mode rather than Story Mode.

You are now prompted to select your favorite character along with a vehicle.  Select a Jedi character and then the Republic Gunship as your choices and start the level.  All that you need to do here is milk this level for studs!  The beauty part is that you do not actually have to complete the level -- when you have the studs that you need all you have to do is save-and-quit -- and you get to take the studs with you as you leave the level!

-- Farming 2 Million Studs --

You should easily be able to get the studs you need by dog fighting here -- it will take a lot less time than you think, and way less time than if you tried redoing any of the other levels! So go ahead and get the 2 million studs (actually you should already have around 400K so you need between 1.6 and 1.7 million not 2).  Because this sort of play has a tendency to confuse the Xbox you may want to save every 200K or so, as that way if it does lock up or crash you do not lose so much...

The easy way to do this is to find a spot to hover -- you do not actually hover as there is a minimum amount of forward motion no matter what you do with the controls -- but hover-like positioning while holding down the 'X' button to fire your blasters will allow you to quickly rack up some impressive stud counts.  There are areas around the ships here that have a higher than average traffic rate, so just look for one of those and get to it!

There will be two different guide arrows on the screen as you play-- a blue one and a green one -- the blue arrows lead to the next landing pad in the sequence for completing the level, which we are not doing anyway so you can ignore them.  The green arrows point at each of five flying probe drones that you need to collect in order to unlock a kit part (which will float in the air at the point where you destroy/collect the 5th drone) and as this is something that we actually do want to do, you may as well  go ahead and collect the drones now!

After you take out the five drones and collect the kit part, concentrate upon studs and shooting down the enemy to get them...  Remember you need a total of 2-million, and you do not need to worry about getting more than that because once you have the brick getting studs will no longer be a concern.

Got them?  Excellent!


Scoring the 4x Multiplier Brick and using it


Quit and save to head back to the Hanger Bay, then quit-and-save from here to fully sve your progress.  Now load the game back up and head into the lift and down to the Hanger Bay, where you will use The Force to move the trash containers to the processor until you empty the correct one -- the one that contains the Brick -- and it will be ejected.  Now purchase the Brick and then open the Start Menu and select Extras, move to the 4x Multiplier line (which is now available!) and turn it on.

Turning on the multiplier bricks does NOT prevent you from unlocking Achievements -- though some of the Red Bricks do.  Once you have this turned on, all studs are worth four times their normal value, so:

Stud Color  /  Normal Value  /  New Value
Silver Stud          10              50
Gold Stud           100             400
Blue Stud          1000            4000
Purple Stud       10000           40000

As you can see the stud count is going to rocket upwards now -- and bear in mind that if/when you get more of the multiplier bricks the bonus stacks, and with all of them turned on you get 3,840 times the value!  While that is great, for now 4x is plenty!

-- Some Unfinished Business --

Before we go back to the story mode, remember the previous levels we completed to get here?  Yeah, we did not unlock the True Jedi for those -- but if we had, we would now have X Gold Bricks, which would give us access to new areas of the Hub, so why don't we quickly replay those levels in Free Play mode, concentrating just on unlocking True Jedi? 

This will be quick, I promise -- so head back to the bridge now, and access the console, moving the target to the very center of the system map, and selecting Geonosian Arena. 

Geonosian Arena:  As you can see we currently only have one kit part for here -- we got that for destroying the wooden stands on the Arena floor if you recall?  Select Free Play Mode, then pick Obi-Wan as your character, then enter the Arena!  Run to the stud pools on the ground and pick them up and you will score True Jedi in less than a minute!

Now quit-and-save and you will see that you get to keep the studs and True Jedi!

Back in the hub look at the Start Menu and you will see that you now have 1/18 Red Bricks, 9.2% complete, and 6/130 Gold Bricks!  Check the Arena again and you see that you have True Jedi completed on it!  Yay us!

Battle of Geonosis: Now select the Battle of Geonosis and Free Play Mode, with Obi-Wan as your character, and enter the level.  All that we are interested in doing is collecting the studs we need, and destroying the cannon walkers by each tower is the fastest way to do that!

After you destroy enough of those to get True Jedi, quit-and-save to return to the hub!

You now have 1/18 Red Bricks, 9.6% and 7/130 Gold Bricks!

Gungan General: Select Free play Mode and Obi-Wan, then enter the level and collect the 180K studs required to unlock True Jedi, then quit-and-save!

You now have around 500K in studs, 1/18 Red Bricks, 10% completion, and 8/130 Gold Bricks!

-- New Hub Areas --

Now that we have unlocked all of the True Jedi for the levels we have actually played, we have 8 Gold Bricks, which means that we can now build the door for the Medical Bay -- and that means we can edit and create custom characters in the Bacta Tanks if we want to!

Taking the lift to the left side of the Medical Bay takes us to the Bact Tank Bay, where we cannot actually use them yet, but you will notice that, for example, the one that is labeled "Battle of Geonosis" has the partially assembled character that is made from the collected kit parts!  Once we have a better variety of characters and can go after the rest of the kit parts in each level, we will be able to complete these characters and add them to our collection!

FYI each area in the game has a Tank that corresponds to it, and once you collect all of the kit parts for each individual area you can unlock their special character!

OK that wraps up our detour!  Return to the Bridge and continue the story from here -- being able to easily unlock True Jedi from here on!  To unlock the next area we will need two more Gold Bricks, which we will obtain in the next area for completing it, and getting True Jedi there, so after we finish the next area we will have access to the rest of the Hub!

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