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Follow the dark path or use the light

38: Hostage Crisis

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 38: Hostage Crisis


The disgusting gangster Ziro the Hutt has commissioned Bounty Hunter Cad Bane to secure his release from prison.

Leading a band of deadly criminals, Bane intends to launch a brazen attack on the Senate Building on Coruscant, then trade the Senators' freedom for that of the Hutt. . .

-- Opening Act --

When you enter the room with the terminal, pause to purchase the Gamorrean Guard for 40,000 Studs, and then head over to the console and use it to begin the mission.

The CS for this mission starts with Bane presenting the plan to his gang, and then a long view of the Senate and the immediate targets of this attack -- the blue-armored Senate Guards.

One Shot, One Kill - Sniper!

You begin as Aurra Sing, who has a Sniper Rifle and is in  a fetch being piloted by HELIOS-3D.

Hold down the aiming button (X) and target the guards through the scope until you eliminate the required number, and then after you take out the last you get a CS of the team rejoining, and more guards approach.

Slay the guards until you have a helmet for each of your crew and put them on, unlocking the Achievement "Blending in" (10 GP), and then use your explosives to blow up the sliver pipes on either side of the door, and assemble the consoles, using your crew to unlock and open the door.

-- Inside the Senate --

Clear out the guards in this first area and wear a helmet to fool the console to get the next door open, and then go inside and smash the objects in the back to get the parts to repair the pipe system in the back. To get all of the pieces you need to bounce on the beds as well as smash stuff -- but once you have it all repaired,  head out and continue along the path,

Enter the next room and smash everything up -- blowing up what you cannot smash -- then construct the junction boxes in the back.  Now quickly push the four junction boxes in so that all are lit at the same time, restoring power, and then continue on the path.

Open the next door and then, using Robino (the electric one) access the panel on the right and then push the generator to the lock-plate on the other side, then use the center console which deploys the object in the center of the room. Now zone through the open door in the rear and confront the Senators in the chamber here, triggering a CS in which you make your demand and get upir way.

The Hutt is released and then you lay a trap for the Senators and make your escape -- right into the hands of the Clone Troopers.  You make your threat and they give in, and you fly off to freedom!

Completing this mission unlocks the characters Aurra Sing, Shahan Alama, HELIOS-3D, IG-86, and Commando Droid.  It also unlocks two more Gold Bricks and a lot of Studs, and the Achievements "Sure, as long as I get paid" (10 GP), and "Jedi Master" (70 GP) for unlocking True Jedi in every level!

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