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Follow the dark path or use the light

10: Resolute Battleship Hub Visit 5

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 10: Resolute Battleship Hub Visit 5

Back on the Hub we have quite a bit to accomplish now that we can do it -- so bear with me while we go pick up some character capabilities and some new ships!

-- Flight Deck Areas --

After you quit-and-save and then reload the game, take the lift down and build the door to the Main Flight Deck, go inside and use the left-hand lift to reach the Lower Flight Deck, where you will purchase the droid R4-P17, which you will find wandering around here -- just walk up to it, press 'B' and then buy it for 35,000 Studs.

Now move to one of the Ship Terminals (there are two) and purchase the following by ordering them delivered then moving to them on the pad and using 'B' to buy them:

50,000 Studs -- Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter
50,000 Studs -- Republic Cruiser (Missiles Torpedoes)
50,000 Studs -- The Twilight

Finally move to the container on the far left corner and smash the crates in front of it and use the Commando Whip to open it.  Inside you will find the 2x Multiplier Red Brick.  Purchase it for 500,000 Studs.

Expanding our capabilities

-- Visiting the Invisible Hand Battleship --

Using the ship console, call up one of the ships you now own and board it, which will cause it to be launched into space.  Fly all the way to the right and dock with the large ship you find there -- this is the enemy (Separatist) Battleship the Invisible Hand.

As soon as you land on board you unlock the Achievement "Got a bad feeling about this" (10 GP) for landing on the Invisible Hand!

Purchase Count Dooku for 250,000 Studs, and then switch to Count Dooku and kill Anakin Skywalker to unlock the Achievement "Twice the pride, double the fall" (10 GP) for defeating Anakin with Count Dooku!

Find and purchase Cad Bane for 250,000 Studs next, and then  use the vehicle console to purchase:

100 Studs -- Vulture Droid
50,000 Studs -- Hyena Bomber

Make sure you are playing as Count Dooku and go all the way to the left here you will find a Dark Force activity -- use that to raise the platform, then jump on and buy the Red Brick for Dual Wield for 250,000 Studs.

Using the Bounty Hunter Cad Bane, cross to the far left side of the chamber and use the Bounty Hunter terminal to gain access to the next chamber, where you will purchase Jango Fett for 70,000 Studs, Turk Falso for 45,000 Studs, Hondo Ohnaka for 45,000 Studs, and Pirate Ruffian for 10,000 Studs.  You should unlock the Plate Saucer vessel here as well.

Using your blasters shoot down the four objects from the ceiling, destroying them after they fall to the deck to unlock another Red Block -- Regenerate Hearts for 400,000 Studs.  In the corner is a mission terminal (has the big red '!') that you should ignore for now.

Use the lift on the left side of the chamber to access the Turret Control Deck where you will purchase the Probe Droid for 6,000 Studs. 

Head back in the lift and then back through the area to the Main Hanger Deck, grab a ship and fly back to the Hub.  Grab the Droid and use it to return to the Bridge, and access the terminal at the front of the Bridge to engage the windscreen wipers (LOL).

Now take the droid all the way down to the Bacta Tank Compartment and use it on the Droid Terminal there to reveal another Red Brick -- this is the Minikit Detector -- purchase this for 750,000 Studs now!

Return to the Bridge and access the character selection screen on the console there, and change your active character to Wag Too -- who is a special "small" character who can thus pass through the low doors.  On the left side of the bridge is a door in pieces - smash the pieces then assemble the door and pass through it to reach the area on the left under the floor force field, where you will find the Red Brick that contains the Red Brick Detector -- purchase that for 125,000 Studs now!

You can also go down the door on the right side of the Bridge but all there is down there is Studs.  Your call.

Right, so you have made tremendous progress here in unlocking lots of content!  Good on ya!  There is still a bit more to be done of course, but that pretty much wraps up this visit to the Bridge!  Before we head off to the next mission though, we need to do a status check to make sure that you have everything you are supposed to have!

You should have 6/18 Red Bricks, 16.1% Game Completion, and 10/130 Gold Bricks

You should have the following characters unlocked:

C01 -- Obi-Wan Kenobi
C02 -- Anakin Skywalker
C03 -- Padme Amidala
C09 -- Ahsoka
C10 -- Jar Jar Binks
C14 -- Made Windu
C16 -- Ki-Adi-Mundi
C17 -- Kit Fisto
C18 -- Commander Stone
C19 -- Aayla Secura
C20 -- Commander Bly
C21 -- Wag Too
C24 -- Clone Trooper
C37 -- Cad Bane
C45 -- Count Dooku
C46 -- Admiral Yularen
C47 -- Jango Fett
C48 --  R4-P17
C58 -- Hondo Ohnaka
C59 -- Pirate Ruffian
C62 -- Turk Falso
C63 -- Probe Droid

V04 -- Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter
V05 -- Republic Gunship
V09 -- Republic Cruiser (Missiles Torpedoes)
V10 -- The Twilight
V18 -- Hyena Bomber
V19 -- Vulture Droid
V23 -- Pirate Saucer (Missiles)
V27 -- Slave I

You should have the following Red Bricks:

RB05 -- Minikit Detector
RB07 -- Score x2 Multiplier
RB08 -- Score x4 Multiplier
RB13 -- Regenerate Hearts
RB16 -- Dual Wield
RB18 -- Red Brick Detector

You should have the following Achievements unlocked:

Are all Jedi so reckless? (10 GP)
Attack of the clones! (10 GP)
Finders keepers (10 GP)
Got a bad feeling about this (10 GP)
Great shot kid (10 GP)
It ain't like dusting crops kid (10 GP)
Me'sa rescued you (10 GP)
That's no moon (10 GP)
The Force is with you (10 GP)
There goes my promotion (10 GP)
This is just the beginning (10 GP)
Twice the pride, double the fall (10 GP)

Check the above and if you are missing anything -- and you intend to keep pace with the guide -- you may want to double back and grab what you missed.

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