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Follow the dark path or use the light

Part 41: Cleaning Up the Red Bricks

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 41: Cleaning Up the Red Bricks

Let us get started here in cleaning up the Red Bricks before we get to the rest of the clean up process, shall we?


Obtaining the x10 Multiplier


Head down the lift from the Bridge and pause by the lift and chop up the crates in the center there, and build the Console, then go to the Bridge and grab an electric character and come back and charge up that console, then use The Force to pull off the top of the protuberance to reveal the x10 Red Brick!  Purchase that for 40,000,000 Studs, adding it to your Red Brick Collection!

Now return to the Bridge and change to the Rapid Fire Trooper and come back down, use a Force character to plug in the power cable to the left of the lift and deploy the grapple-point, then use the Rapid Fire Trooper to climb up.  At the top step on the button to move the scaffold out, then target the Gold fitting on the wall and destroy it.

Now run to the door that leads to the Bacta Tanks and Medical area and you will see two more of these objects -- one above and one on the left wall.  Destroy them, then head to the right side of the room and destroy the 4th one, and that will cause the Stud Magnet Red Brick to spawn back by the lift to the Bridge.  Go purchase that for 500,000 Studs now, adding it to your Red Brick Collection!

Now head all the way to the right as far as you can go to the Turret Control Compartment, and you will see a speed bag hanging on the right-hand wall.  Punch it five times to reveal the Fast Build Red Brick, which you purchase for 500,000 Studs!

Now - IF YOU HAVE UNLOCKED THE GROUND ASSAULT MISSIONS -- and unlocked and played the Naboo mission, you will have a prisoner in the 5th cell of the Brig.  If you have not, head to the Vehicle Compartment (the right lift on the way to the Main Hanger) and spawn a tank, then shoot the Silver Lock on the read compartment and go inside.

You have now unlocked one of the missing main menu options -- Republic Assault.  Use that to select Naboo, and complete that mission by simply destroying all of the enemy bases in the time allowed.  Your best approach is to take the AT-TE in with you and destroy everything except the Gold buildings, which it cannot destroy.  Then switch to a Laser Tank and destroy those, winning the match.

Head back to the Bridge and grab Robonino and a Jedi, head down to the Brig area, and in the back of each cell smash the panel and use the force to turn on the valve -- use The Force on the switch above the 5th cell now that it is occupied, then use TX-20 to open it, and buy Nute Gunray for 50,000 Studs.

Now go inside the last cell and purchase the Character Studs Red Brick for 100,000 Studs.  This will also unlock the Achievement "The dark side I sense in you: (50 GP) for releasing all of the villains from the Resolute Brig.

Head to the Bridge and get Jar Jar and a Bazooka Trooper, then head to the Bacta Tank Compartment and, using Jar Jar, jump on to a tank and then up to the balcony above, head all the way to the right and smash the crate with the parts in it.  Construct the grapple-point, and bring the Bazooka Trooper up, then have him shoot the Silver Crate, revealing the Super Speeders Red Brick that you purchase for 40,000,000 Studs.  Now aren't you happy you were using the Stud multiplier bricks?

That just leaves Red Brick 1, and Red Brick 15 for us to collect.


Obtaining the Super Saber Cut


Grab a Sniper Character and head to the catwalk above the Main Hanger area and shoot the three green targets in the distance using your Sniper Rifle.  The Super Saber Cut Red Brick will then appear on the catwalk, which you purchase for 300,000 Studs!

Now head down to the Hanger and take a ship to the enemy Hub to get Red Brick 1.

Raise the access bridges on the right side of the hanger and then use the vehicle console to grab the Ice Cream Truck, and drive it all the way to the right onto the pressure plate there, opening the hatch to the right, inside of which is a giant Silver trophy.  Demo the trophy to reveal the Perfect Deflect Red Brick, which you buy for 100,000 Studs.

You have now completed the Red Brick Collection, and unlocked the Achievement "Cheat!" (70 GP) for doing this.  Good job mate!  Now we are ready to do a proper clean-up on the rest of the missions!

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Comments for Part 41: Cleaning Up the Red Bricks

3 comments, latest first.
Nov 9th 2014 Guest
you know the red brick in the prison and you have to destroy that weird red flashing blue panel thing
I tried to do that and it didnt work can some1 help me out?
ID #469321
Jul 3rd 2012 Guest
In addition to doing the Naboo Republic Ground Assault you have to do the Christopisis Ground assault so that you get a person in the 6th cell. After that you can use an electric character to open the force field on the cell.
ID #160205
Mar 22nd 2012 Guest
i can not seem to get the cover off from the port to get into the last ceel i don't know how to do it?
ID #125178
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