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Follow the dark path or use the light

32: General Grievous and the Rookies

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 32: General Grievous and the Rookies

Chapter 5

A tracking station on the remote Rishi Moon, operated by a crew of clone troopers fresh out of  training, is the Republic’s first line of defense against Separatist invasion in the area.

Commander Cody and Captain Rex are on their way to carry out a routine inspection of the base -- but things are not always as they seem . . .

-- Opening Act --

As the mission opens we see that the enemy is aware of the inspection and is making planes of its own -- including a special droid attack group that is waiting for the officers to land.  The base has been compromised, this is clear.

As you take command of the Commander and Captain they are under attack by Ninja Droids -- Eek!

Your transport gets destroyed by the Ninja but you manage to fight them off, then build a platform from the wrecked pieces and grapple your way down!  The base is in flames and, oh yes, a giant worm beast has attacked and you must now defeat it.  Man this would be a good job for a Jedi Knight, that is all I am saying!


The turn of the worm


When the beast comes out with the hearts over its head it can be hurt, otherwise it is an idea to dodge it until it has hearts.  Eventually it will smash through the back of the area leaving building parts in its wake that you can use to construct a bridge, and move to the other side of the area where you can continue to shoot the beast.

Now that you have it down to just a pair of hearts, change to the Bazooka Trooper and use them to deliver the final two killing blows, and once it is dead, pick up any Studs on the ground before you build a bridge literally over its dead body and climb up.

Step on the switch to open the access panel and shoot the machine inside, then change to the rapid-fire Trooper to blow away the Gold section and swing across the gap using your grapple.  Use the rapid-fire gun to blow away the blockage and enter the cave to zone to the next area.

-- The Platform --

On the platform kill the Ninja Droids and then use the bazooka to blow up the crate, constructing the console from the wreckage before knocking the head off of the remaining droid and wearing that to fool the console into opening the doors.  Now head inside and you will then battle your way through two groups of Ninja until you get a CS of the troops below.

You come up with a plan -- not a very good one but a plan nonetheless -- and you split into two groups.  Each has a goal -- and the goal of the rapid-fire gunner is to take out the Gold crates and the like down that corridor!

To make this happen you must get the droid population under control, so literally battle your way to the spawn point killing them all then run back to the gold boxes and stand right next to them to shoot them to destruction quickly.  Rinse and repeat until you have them all destroyed, then get in the brown crate and ride it up to the place you entered from, onto the plate there and through the door once the force field drops.  Once inside you are prompted to switch to the other team -- so do that!


Getting your explosives lined up


-- Team Two --

Start shooting stuff until you uncover the building parts, then construct the switch and throw it to open the doors -- and battle your way along that corridor, and clear out the bad guys.  Use the grapple-point to open the door, kill the occupants of the back area and ride the crate outside to one of the pads there and park it!

Now head up the stairs and push the power unit into the receiver then throw the second switch, opening the second door -- head in killing the droids there and use the bazooka to blast away the gate blocking access to the back of the area.  Ride the second crate out and onto a pad, which shuts down the force field blocking your partner and his crate off.

Now ride the third crate onto its pad and you trigger a CS in which you run end up doing a suicide move but the move works -- the base is destroyed and the bad guys lose.

The fleet shows up and runs off the enemy fleet, and the mission ends!

You unlock the characters Echo, Fives, and Hevy, two Gold Bricks, a large amount of Studs, and the Achievements "We really said no prisoners" (10 GP) for destroying 100 Droids with the chain-gun, and "Not so tough now are ya Sparky?" (10 GP) for completing the level Rookies.

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