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Follow the dark path or use the light

03: Count Dooku and the Battle of Geonosis

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 03: Count Dooku and the Battle of Geonosis

Chapter 1

The attempt to thwart the Separatist plot to overthrow the Republic continues.  Vast core ships have been discovered deep in the Geonosian desert.

A few bold Jedi and their clone army muster for battle against apparently overwhelming Separatist forces. . .

-- Opening Act --

The CS that start the mission begins with the Jedi hopping off of their transport, putting you right into the battlefield,   There is a vehicle nearby to the right -- a hover cycle -- which you can use to scoot around the battlefield to destroy the collection items you need to collect your kit part.  There are actually two sets here --  ten small square machine devices distributed across the battlefield, and five plants that look like tall cactus' -- there is not much point in going after these right now because one of the ten can only be destroyed by a Dark Force Jedi.

Do not get frustrated by the fact that there are elements in each level you cannot access -- this is just how they do it -- you will be able to get to them later in Free Play Mode when you have the right types of character unlocked, so no worries, mate!

If you do have one of those Dark Force characters then look along the edges of the battlefield for the most part -- also there is a kit piece along the back left edge as well partly hidden by the landscape but you should be able to see it shining there, so be sure to collect that!

Winning the Battle

Jump on to one of the walker mech units and use that to destroy the three special units -- they look like two large ring-wheels with a frame between them -- then look for the kit part that is hovering in the air above the third one that you kill -- you will need one of the large cannon walkers to grab it -- and the main gun on those are also able to destroy the silver units that can be destroyed no other way!

There are Silver Units and a Silver Building on the battlefield you will want to destroy as well as the five buildings that are the main target for this mission.  To get to those you will need to walk through the red force fields that are protecting them and use their controls to turn them off before you can proceed with their destruction -- and you will find that one of the walker units will be much more effective in destroying the buildings as well as other buildings and units!

True Jedi on this level is 100K studs -- a target that you may have trouble reaching without one of the multiplier blocks active...

Once you have taken out the last building you see the ships try to lift off, but the clone army shoots them out of the sky, and then you get a CS of the end of hte battle, and the smoking ruins.

This completes the level and unlocks the characters Mace Windu, Ki-Adi-Mundi, and Kit Fisto.

You should have found two of the 10 kit parts, and you will receive your second Gold Brick for completing this level.

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Comments for 03: Count Dooku and the Battle of Geonosis

2 comments, latest first.
Jul 21st 2011 Guest
I think it is based on attack of the clones.
ID #59858
May 26th 2011 Guest
What episode is this level based on?
ID #45055
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