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Follow the dark path or use the light

17: Asajj Ventress and the Ambush!

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 17:  Asajj Ventress and the Ambush!

Chapter 2

Master Yoda has been dispatched to Rugosa in order to convince the Toydarians to ally themselves with the Republic.  However, Asajj Ventris has learned of Yoda's mission, and has her own plans to force Toydarian King Katuunko into an alliance with the Separatists.

As Master Yoda's ship nears the small moon they find Separatist ships awaiting them. . .

-- Opening Act --

As the CS starts we see Yoda's ship under attack from Separatist Battleships, and it crash lands on the planet below, with the enemy instantly aware of its location.  Enemy forces close in and the ancient Jedi Master must defend himself!  Oh man, we get to play as Yoda!

With the x48 Stud multiplier collecting just the studs on the ground near the crashed ship is sufficient to unlock True Jedi -- cool -- so do that and then head towards the right along the obvious path, where you will quickly encounter more enemy units.

When you reach a point where there are five or more enemy on the screen at the same time, target at least five with your saber and throw it to unlock the Achievement "Saberang Master" (10 GP) -- you should be able to do this before you deal with the caves.

As you can see there are two caves from which the enemy is spawning -- and near each is a metal plant.   You likely have also noted that you have a variety of Clone Troopers with you, each having a different set of weapons -- and this is not a coincidence! 

First change to the Trooper carrying the heavy machinegun, and use that to destroy the gold plant, and then use the parts from it to build a cap for the left cave, thus blocking it off.  Now change to the Trooper with the bazooka and target the silver plant by holding the aim button and highlighting it -- then fire to destroy it, and again use the pieces to block the right cave.

After you do this the wall of shells explodes and enemy come through the opening -- at the same time you notice a crab-like creature has appeared.  The crab is the collection item -- you need to kill five of them -- so kill it and keep an eye out for more...

Those pesky Droidikas!

-- Down the Path --

A little ways in you will see a pair of plants you can use The Force on to raise, releasing Studs.  Further along is a cave blocked by Gold plant parts -- use the heavy gunner to shoot that and trigger an amusing CS -- after Yoda saves the day you have some new enemy to crush and then have Master Yoda grab one of the Super Battle Droids and use its laser fire (when you Force Lift it it starts to fire like mad) to blow the cave open and destroy the Gold rocks around you.

Head through the cave to zone to the next area, where you will see a tank hovering below.  Use the Force Spot to have Master Yoda chop it into pieces -- you need to do that to three of the tanks in total.

For the next tank Force Grab the Battle Droid and shoot the two side pieces off of the tank to spawn the Jedi Spot, then use that to dismantle it. 

For the last tank use a Trooper to grapple the side pieces off to spawn the Jedi Spot then have Yoda do his thing!

Some Droidika then appear -- be aware that the red-shielded ones cannot be hurt, so Force Push it into that crevasse.  The blue-shielded can be destroyed by saber, so do that and then clear out the rest of the droids and

You need to kill five Droidika to move on -- do accomplish this the fifth one will need to be Force Pushed to a spot under the rocks above, and then use the bazooka to drop them on it, killing it.  This triggers a CS and ends the mission!  Good on ya!

You unlock two more Gold Bricks, a bunch of Studs, and the Achievement  "Okay clankers, suck lasers!" (10 GP).  You unlock the characters Jek, Lieutenant Thire, Rys, and Yoda as well for a very nice set of rewards!

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