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Follow the dark path or use the light

13: Count Dooku and the Legacy of Terror

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 13: Count Dooku and the Legacy of Terror

Chapter 6

Following a tremendous victory on Geonosis, Jedi Masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luminara Unduli have been charged with the task of capturing Separatist leader Poggle the Lesser.

Their quarry has taken Luminara deeper into the desert. . .

-- Opening Act --

The level starts with a CS of the two Jedi Masters confronted by a sandstorm -- while Anakin and Obi-Wan stay with the ship Luminara explores the desert, locating a large set of ruins in which something suspicious is happening.  Luminara contacts Obi-Wan, but in the process is attacked -- and seeing this, Obi-Wan orders the ship moved closer to the ruins as the sandstorm intensifies.

If this area is a bit confusing to you that is understandable as there really is no indication as to what you are expected to do here...  So start by doing a saber-jump next to the wall with the colored bricks to knock them down, and then use The Force to move them to the side so you can see the purple base, and then stack them so that they give you access to the ledge above.

Take your Clone Commander up and grab the Kitpart that you unlocked by properly stacking the bricks -- then grapple the very obvious grapple-point, pulling the top off of the pillar, before walking out onto it.  Your weight will cause it to collapse, dropping the build parts to the ground, where you can assemble them onto the statue-thing on the far wall.

Now you see that squad of troopers?  Change to the Clone Commander again and approach them, pressing 'B' to command them, and order them to attack the three sections of rubble on the far right, which clears away the saber wall.  Change to a Jedi and climb the saber wall to the top, where you will push the statue there off the edge of the ledge, acquiring the remaining statue pieces needed to open the door in the back wall.

-- The Tunnel --

With the door open, zone into the tunnel and use a Trooper to grapple the spider web and rip it off of the wall, then proceed into the cave, ripping down webs and clearing away rubble to score some major Studs. 

On the walls there are five statues that you need to destroy to score a Kitpart, and in the far back is a wall to grapple and pull down,  then head to the back and use a Jedi to cut open the wall there.  The yellow triangles on the walls can only be destroyed using a rapid-fire weapon or a group of clone troopers (if you are curious) and will be best done in Free Play later.

The fifth collection statue is inside here so smash that to get the Kitpart, then continue.  In the rear area smash up the objects on the floor and the three hanging from the ceiling, then build the statue for the parts you released on the pedestal here, one piece at a time, to open the door in the floor!


Battle of the White Worm


-- The Zombie Catacombs --

Zone down and you will find yourself facing zombies -- but you can pull down the pillars blocking the zombie generators on the left, and The Force to block the one on the right.  Doing this will cause the back wall to crumble, letting more zombies in but giving you a route to follow -- so head in there and hack, slash, shoot, and smash your way to the back, where you will find a Force Marker.

Use The Force on it, then smash away the rubble to reach the room where she is being held.  This triggers a CS, and then you face a boss mob.. err.. monster?  Either way you basically have to wait until the purple things drop from above, and use The Force to insert them into the wall on the right before you head up it and use the Force Spot there to strip-away the covering on the pillar before using The Force to knock it down.

It then begins tossing bombs at you -- so head to the Silver wall on the left so that the bombs blow it apart, revealing the saber wall that you then climb, use the Force Spot above, and take down the other pillar!

When the second pillar collapses a Jedi Spot appears on the ground -- and it begins throwing bombs at a faster rate.  Use the spot on the ground and then run like hell away, because theplace is coming down around your ears!  Just follow the Stud trail until you trigger the CS, and you will be ejected from the level, completing it!  Good on ya mate!

Finishing this level gives you two Gold Bricks, 2 Minikit Parts, and a bunch of Studs.  You also unlock the character Commander Cody for your efforts, and you have completed the story.

Select Finish Story for a CS of the end, and then the credits play for this first story-line of the game.  Well done!  Excellent job!  You are now one-third of the way through the game -- but only about a fifth through the contents.  Lots of work to do though, so be happy but determined, right?:

After the credits play you will be back at the hub!

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