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Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Cheats for Wii

Cheats and Tips for Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide
Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Guide
This guide was written for the Xbox 360 version of the game, but it applies to all of the platforms and will be useful on them. The hand-held game ..

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What you need to do is get in a ship level and do free play.Then get in any rapid fire ship. When you are in the air, shoot other tiny vulture droid ships.For each one you shoot,you will get about 25 purple studs (which each purple stud is worth 10,000!)Enjoy!Hope I helped you!

Unlock Savage Opress

At the 'Character' select screen there is an empty spot at the bottom right. This is where Savage Opress should be. To get him you must enter the code MELL07 by selecting 'Enter Secret Code' at the 'Exras' menu and then pressing A.

How to get Cad Bane stuck in the floor (a glitch)

Go to the main room on the good guy ship,the one with
The glass that you can walk on,pick the two characters
"Yoda" and "Cad Bane." Now (with you as Yoda)go to the left side of the glass floors. Walk to the end that is closest to the window (but stay on the glass),
If you wait about four seconds, Cad Bane should be underneath you (with arms and legs waving wildly) and
As I promised...he is stuck in the floor!You do not
Have to reset the game to get him out again...just move (as Yoda) to the farthest right corner (you don't have to stay on the glass now)or go into the elevator...either way it works. (I don't know if this glitch works on the DS,but you can try...and I don't know if this glitch works with any other characters) =)

Unlock Minikit Characters

When you have collected ALL 10 minikit pieces in the indicated level the corresponding character will become unlocked for purchase at the Minikit Room.
Unlock Admiral Ackbar:
Gungun General
Unlock Boba Fett:
Grievous Intrigue
Unlock Captain Antilles:
Innocents of Ryloth
Unlock Chewbacca:
The Zillo Beast
Unlock Clone Shadow Trooper:
Blue Shadow Virus
Unlock Darth Maul:
Unlock Darth Sidious:
Geonosian Arena
Unlock Darth Vader:
Legacy of Terror
Unlock Darth Vader (Battle Damaged):
Unlock Greedo:
The Hidden Enemy
Unlock Han Solo:
Duel of the Droids
Unlock Imperial Guard:
Castle of Doom
Unlock Lando Calrissian:
Shadow of Malevolence
Unlock Luke Skywalker:
Weapons Factory
Unlock Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode IV):
Jedi Crash
Unlock Princess Leia:
Battle of Geonosis
Unlock Qui-Gon Jinn:
Storm over Ryloth
Unlock Rebel Commando:
Lair of Grievous
Unlock Stormtrooper:
Liberty on Ryloth
Unlock Tusken Raider:
Hostage Crisis
Unlock Vader's Apprentice:
Defenders of Peace
Unlock Wedge Antilles:
Destroy Malevolence

Cheat Mode

Pause gameplay and select the 'Extras' option and then enter the following case sensitive codes to unlock the corresponding effect.
Character Studs:
Enter the code 2D5GNM
Stud Multiplier X10:
Enter the code N1CKR1
Perfect Deflect:
Enter the code 3F5L56
Dark Side:
Enter the code X1V4N2
Fast Build:
Enter the code GCHP7S
Enter the code J46P7A
Minikit Detector:
Enter the code CSD5NA
Super Speeders:
Enter the code B1D3W3
Score X2:
Enter the code YZPHUV
Score X4:
Enter the code 43T5E5
Score X6:
Enter the code SEBHGR
Score X8:
Enter the code BYFSAQ
Score X10:
Enter the code N1CKR1
Stud Magnet:
Enter the code 6MZ5CH
Regenerate Hearts:
Enter the code 2D7JNS
Character Studs:
Enter the code QD2C31
Super Saber Cut:
Enter the code BS828K
Dual Wield:
Enter the code C4ES4R
Glow In The Dark:
Enter the code 4GT3VQ

Enter the code C9PRKP
Aayla Secura:
Enter the code 2VG95B
Aayla Secura:
Enter the code 2VG95B
Adi Gallia:
Enter the code G2BFEN
Admiral Ackbar (Classic):
Enter the code 272Y9Q
Admiral Yularen:
Enter the code NG6PYX
Enter the code 2VJ9TH
Anakin Skywalker:
Enter the code F9VUYJ
Anakin Skywalker (Geonosian Arena):
Enter the code 9AA4DW
Anakin's Jedi Starfighter:
Enter the code RCTFLV
Arc-170 Starfighter (rapid fire):
Enter the code ZY3AE2
Asajj Ventress:
Enter the code YG9DD7
AT-AP Walker:
Enter the code AA279H
Enter the code Z7H46T
Enter the code VBEZEZ
Aurra Sing:
Enter the code M2V1JV
Bail Organa:
Enter the code GEHX6C
BARC Speeder:
Enter the code YMWV33
Barriss Offee:
Enter the code BTVTZ5
Battle Droid:
Enter the code 5Y7MA4
Battle Droid Commander:
Enter the code LSU4LJ
Bib Fortuna:
Enter the code 9U4TF3
Bobba Fett (Classic):
Enter the code TY2BYJ
Enter the code Q5Q39P
Enter the code 2KLW5R
Enter the code 574226
Cad Bane:
Enter the code NHME85
Captain Antilles (Classic):
Enter the code D8SNGJ
Captain Rex:
Enter the code MW3QYH
Captain Typho:
Enter the code GD6FX3
Chancellor Palpatine:
Enter the code 5C62YQ
Chewbacca (Classic):
Enter the code 66UU3T
Clone Pilot:
Enter the code HQ7BVD
Clone Shadow Trooper (Classic):
Enter the code 7GFNCQ
Clone Trooper:
Enter the code NP5GTT
Commander Bly:
Enter the code 7CB6NS
Commander Cody:
Enter the code SMN259
Commander Fil:
Enter the code U25HFC
Commander Ponds:
Enter the code JRPR2A
Commando Droid:
Enter the code QEGU64
Commando Stone:
Enter the code 5XZQSV
Count Dooku:
Enter the code EWR7WM
Darth Maul:
Enter the code QH68AK
Darth Maul (Classic):
Enter the code QH68AK
Darth Sidius (Classic):
Enter the code QXY5XN
Darth Vader (Classic):
Enter the code FM4JB7
Darth Vader Battle Damaged (Classic):
Enter the code NMJFBL
Destroyer Droid:
Enter the code 9MUTS2
Dr Nuvo Vindi:
Enter the code MB9EMW
Dwarf Spider Droid:
Enter the code NACMGG
Enter the code JB9E5S
Eeth Koth:
Enter the c..

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