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Follow the dark path or use the light

45: Asajj Ventress Story Line Clean Up

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 45: Asajj Ventress Story Line Clean Up

Now it is time to complete clean up on the third and final story line -- that of Asajj Ventress -- so head to the first of his missions now!

-- Mission 1: The Hidden Enemy --

You should already have one of the ten parts for this mission.

(1) Deployed computer displays -- salted throughout the zone are dual computer displays on purple workstations that you can activate using the force.  Once you activate them and they drop down, destroy them with a saber slash!

(A) In the starting room on the rear right corner.

(B) Use the crawl-door to head to the room to the left of the starting room, and destroy one of two in this room.

(C) Destroy 2 of 2 in the room to the left of the starting room.

(D) In the room across the gap on the left side.

(E)  In the room with the cannon on the back right.

(F) In the area after the ship, where the plates have to be Forced to open the door, on the left hand side of the area.

(G) In the mess hall after using the Protocol Droid Console after the ship, along the rear wall.

(H) In the area where you fight Ventress on the upper right platform.

(I) In the area where you fight Ventress on the upper left plaform.

(J) In the second Ventress battle area along the left rear wall.

(2) In the room to the left of the starting room, plug the power cable in to the first plug to spawn a Minikit part.

(3) On the room with the cannon, step out onto the ledge and jet pack around the side to another ledge to score a Minikit!

(4) On the roof use the Droid Spot on the left read to summon a Probe Droid that will destroy a tank in the distance and then return, morphing into a Minikit Part.

(5) On the roof use The Force and The Dark Force to turn the four valve wheels and spawn a Minikit!

(6) On the roof along the back edge in the distance are three green sniper targets -- one on the left, and two on the right -- use a Bounty Hunter with a Sniper Rifle to take those out, which will spawn a Minikit Part on the platform where the shuttle lands.

(7) Use the Protocol Droid console in the area after the ship where you have to Force plates off of the walls and floor to open the main door -- go into this mess hall and plug the gas line into the center plug, saber slash it, and a Minikit spawns.

(8) In the second Ventress battle area, stack the four purple books on the purple shelves on the left and right side in the back to spawn a Minikit!

(9) When Ventress leaves the library follow her, and build the steps using the computer displays to cause her to leave that room -- but DO NOT follow her outside!  Instead use The Force on the red cranks on either side of the upper area to open two garages below with cars in them!

Now drive each car back into the library and park it on one of the plates there to spawn a Minikit!  If you missed the homage here, that was Indiana Jones and his father tied to the chairs that morphed into that Minikit!  How cool is that?

Quit-and-save now, and head to the Bacta Tank Compartment with a Separatist Character and release Greedo (Classic) from the 4th Tank from the left of the 1st row, purchasing him for 70,000 Studs!


-- Mission 2: Ambush! --

You should not have any of the parts for this one, as we did not find any on the Story Mode play through.

An Escape Pod Minikit Part

(1) As the mission starts turn to face the crashed escape pod and shoot off all four booster engines, then use The Force on the Force Object on it, and finally use the grapple-point to spawn the first Minikit!  Good on ya!

(2) Before you head into the next area kill the first of the five crabs that will spawn a Minikit!  Kill the other four as you find them.

(3) On the left side of the second area is a row of three odd-looking barrel shaped plants -- two of which can be raised using The Force.  Jump in to the air current generated by them and ride it up to the ledge above on the left, then jet pack across to the right and push the crate on that ledge down to the ground.  Now drop down and assemble the crab.

Ride it around the area, using it to squeeze the five Purple Crabs (small ones) to spawn a Minikit!

(4) At the back of the second area destroy all the Gold objects and then use the Dark Force on the spot to the left, and assemble the object that you use to climb up the wall to reach the upper cave.  Go in and you will find a crab that -- when you saber slice it -- plays three colored notes.

Double jump in the mushrooms in the back in the same color sequence to spawn a Minikit!

(5) Kill the seadragon in the cave with the musical mushrooms -- and the other four you encounter as you move through the zone to spawn a Minikit.

(6) When you enter the third area, from the center of the top ledge, jet pack to the right and use the Droid Console there to cause an avalanche of rocks that opens a cave above you.  Now jump into the cave to zone into a new area with a large crab!

Use the grapple-points to cooperatively spawn a Minikit Part!

(7) On the left-hand side just past the tank you destroy in the third area is a Gold object blocking a cave -- destroy that and go in to find a very strange monster thingy.  Use the Dark Force to light up the crystals, which forces the thingy on the ceiling back and, after the third one, you spawn a Minikit that a small crab carries to the ceiling, and spawns a switch.

As you approach the switch there is a plant on the right that if you saber slice it will spawn one of the Sea Dragons you need for the other Minikit Quest.  Kill that, then high-jump to snag the Minkit and then pull the switch a few times just for the fun of it.  Say, if you figure out what it is for, please let me know?

(8) Using the electrical console on the right as the canyon opens up, you will drop a bunch of purple building parts.  Assemble these into a platform and then put one of your characters on it, and raise it with the other.  Grab the Minikit above!

(9) In the right-rear corner is a group of purple barrel objects -- destroy those and then assemble a large crab, and it will bring you a Minikit.

(10) On the right side of the back area by the electrical console is a cave that is blocked by Dark Force plants -- remove those and enter to find a bunch of stuff to shoot up, including the last three Sea Dragon plant/animals.  Using The Force place the object son the three lights to spawn the Ark of the Covenant from Indiana Jones -- which you open by its grapple-point and find a Minikit Part.

Excellent job!  You have them all now, so save-and-quit and head to the Bacta Tank Compartment and release Darth Vader Battle Damaged (Classic) from the 4th tank from the right in row 1.  Purchasing him for 275,000 Studs adds your second Vader Character to the collection.


-- Mission 3: Blue Shadow Virus --

You should have one of the ten parts for this mission already.

(1) Using the Dark Force pull objects out of the swamp and destroy them to spawn a Minikit Part.

(2) Using The Force, pull five carrots out of the ground and destroy them to spawn a Minikit Part.

(3) Using the Rapid Fire Trooper destroy the large Gold statue in the rear-left of the area and then build the riding lawn mower, and then mow the plants to spawn a Minikit Part.

(4) As soon as you change to the airship, use the console to deploy the catcher and grab the Minikit Part.

(5) In the corridors there are four gates that you must close to cut off the enemy using The Force.  When you close them there is a purple latch that goes to the bottom -- you need to move it to the top in order to lock the gate -- and by doing that to the four gates, you spawn a Minikit Part!

(6) After you rejoin your companion and open the hatch to the next area you find a pair of consoles -- use them so that both display a picture of a Minikit Part and that will spawn one for you!

(7) At the end of the corridor instead of heading to the right and using the Jedi Spot to cut open the hatch continue forward and use the Protocol Droid Console to open the hatch here and then enter the right door into the Cantina.

In here, head to the bar and use the force to move the drinks tank from the right to its mounting on the left, and then Force-Push the mug on the far right to under the drinks tank.  Hop over the bar and use the switch to fill the glass, and then slide it back in front of the customer, who drinks it, then runs to the head to hurl, bringing out a Minikit Part when he exits!

(8) When you reach the room with the crawl-door in it, go through and use the saber walls to get to the top and grab the Minikit Part!

(9) When you reach the giant lift with the shuttle on it, change your two characters to Troopers and use the grapple-points on the shuttle on the lift to spawn the last Minikit Part!

When we came through in the Story Mode we destroyed the cameras that pop up out of the ground when the alarm sounds to spawn a Minikit Part -- if you did not do that you should do it now.

With all that accomplished you only need to head down to the Bacta Tank Compartment and release the Clone Shadow Trooper (Classic) from the 4th tank from the right-hand side of row two, purchasing them for 50,000 Studs.


-- Mission 4: Storm Over Ryloth --

You should not have any parts for this one.

(1) Land at the first pad and open the wall so that you can plug the power cable in to open the hatch and go inside.  Destroy the Silver crate and then assemble the console, pushing it to the end of the track to turn it on, and using it to spawn a Minikit outside. Go back to your ship, fly out, and collect that Minikit now.

(2) Move to the next pad forward on the right side of the ship and land, and use the crawl-door to go to the lower level below, and grab the Minikit here.

(3) There are ten Gold objects mounted on the front of the ship's hull -- change to your best Rapid Fire ship and destroy them to spawn a Minikit.

(4) Land on the pad on the left side of the ship near the center, and use the Protocol Console to arm deck plates, then take over the Vulture Droid and use that to trip the plates, spawning a Minikit.

(5) Follow the green arrows and destroy the five ships to spawn a Minikit Part.

(6) Using a Separtist ship, boost to the upper level of the battlefield and destroy the sparkling box on the right side top section of the Bridge Superstructure of the ship to spawn another Minikit.

(7) After you shoot up the gun turrets on the Separtist ships on either side from the turret controls on the Republic Battleship, boost up to the top of the battlefield and land on the Bridge tower. Use a high-jump character like Jar Jar to grab the Minikit from the front of the tower.

(8) Inside the Bridge use the Rapid Fire Trooper to remove the Gold hatch and take the Minikit from inside.

(9) On the Bridge use the grapple to pull open the grapple-point on the right near the main console; use Dark Force to pull the building materials out and construct the pad cor the main console; step in the main console to spawn a Minikit above the main console.

(10) Use one of the turrets to shoot down ten enemy fighters to unlock a Minikit Part.

Save-and-quit and head to the Bacta Tank Compartment with a good character to release Qui-Gon Jinn (Classic) from the 5th tank from the right in row 1, purchasing him for 50,000 Studs.



-- Mission 5: Innocents of Ryloth --

You should have four of the ten for this one, leaving only six for us to find!

Chimney Sweeping for a Minikit Part

(1) On the roofs there are five chimneys that you need to use The Force on to get a Minikit.

(2) Midway down the street is a Protocol Droid Console -- use that and then enter the door next to it to enter the school room.  On the board is an equation -- put the pegs in it to make the equation, and then wait while the students run to their desks and spawn the Minikit for you!

(3) In the very back of the village above is a Bounty Hunter Console -- use that to spawn the last  Minikit for this part of the mission.

(4)  Force Push the crate to the first turn, where you use a crawl-door to reach the fenced-off area ahead and grab a Minikit.

(5) In the area with the tanks use your Rapid Fire Trooper to destroy the gold wall to the left and grab the Minikit there.

(6) In the left rear area of the zone is a Silver object on the wall -- use the Bazooka Trooper to smash it and then construct the object from the building parts to cause the Minikit to be ejected form the large smoke stack and then parachute gently down to you!

When we went through this level in Story mode we picked up the Minikit from the five Pink Flowers.  After stabling the beasts and entering the castle, we grabbed the Minikit for using The Force on the water pipe in the first Jail Cell, and the one inside the area of the second cell we cut open to get the box out.  Lastly in the village we destroyed five shipping crates to get a Minikit.  If you failed to do any of those previously you will need to do them now.

As we now have all ten Minikits, save-and-quit and then head to the Bacta Tank Compartment and release Captain Antilles (Classic) in the 2nd tank from the right in row 1, purchasing him for 50,000 Studs.


-- Mission 6: Liberty on Ryloth --

You will have two of the ten for this mission already.

(1) A set of five palm tree like plants need to be destroyed to spawn a Minikit Part.

(2) In the upper left-hand side of the first area is a pile of building materials that constructs a Droid Console that you use to summon an elephant.  Using the elephant, ride along the trail of Blue Studs, picking them up to spawn a Minikit Piece.

(3) A collection of ten Grey boulders are dispersed throughout the battlefield -- destroy all ten to spawn a Minikit Part.

(4) On the right-hand side in the way back is a crawl-door that will take you to a ledge with a Dark Force object you destroy to get a Minikit Part.  One of the Grey rocks for that collection is up on this ledge as well.

(5) In the far lower right corner of the battlefield is another Dark Force Object you can destroy to obtain a Minikit Part.

(6) Using the Bounty Hunter Console on the far back right of the battlefield you start a timer and you kill 50 Battle Droids within the time limit to spawn a Minikit Part.

(7) Destroy three AAT's to spawn a Minikit Part.

(8) In the southwest corner of the Separatist side of the battlefield there is a Protocol Droid Console that summons a lit path for you to race a Speeder along, at the end of which there is a Minikit Part!

When we played through on the story mode we picked up the Minikit that was on the edge of the battlefield to the left of where we started the level, and then we upgraded our buildings to Level 8 and built the Minikit Dispenser Building.  If you did not do these two things, you will need to do them now.

Now that we have the ten Minikit Parts and we have completed the final story-line, it is time to save-and-quit and head to the Bacta Tank Compartment where we release Stormtrooper (Classic)  from the 5th tank from the right in row 2, paying 50,000 Studs.

Unlocking this character will also unlock the Achievement "Jango's Army!" (50 GP) for unlocking and purchasing all of the Clone characters in the game.  On your way back to the Bridge pause in the Medical Bay by the purple Droid here and buy it -- that is the Luxuty Droid -- and buying it unlocks the Achievement "Clanker collector" (50 GP)!

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