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Follow the dark path or use the light

02: Resolute Battleship Hub Visit 1

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 02: Resolute Battleship Hub Visit 1

The level concludes with your escape, and arrival at the game hub, which in this case is on board of a battleship in deep space!  When you arrive you will find that there are some studs to be picked up and some objects to be built -- go ahead and collect the studs and then build the object in the center, the console interface from which you will be choosing your adventures and interfacing with the game!

The Console Interface

There is a Gold Brick door object to be built as well, but unless you obtained all of the Gold Bricks required (unlikely) you cannot build it yet.

-- The Battleship Resolute --

You are standing on the Bridge of the Republic’s Battleship -- it is called the Resolute -- but this is not the only level of the ship, it is just the only one you can get to right now.  The ship consists of the following levels:

Level 00: The Bridge (Where you are now)
Level 01: Engine Room (Requires 3 Gold Bricks to access)
Level 02: Medical Bay (Requires 6 Gold Bricks to access)
Level 03: Bacta Chambers (down lift from the Med Bay)
Level 04: Brig Area (Right exit from Engine Room)
Level 05: Hanger Bay (Take the lift from the Brig)
Level 06: Turret Control Compartment (Left lift from Hanger Bay)
Level 07: Flight Deck (Requires 10 Gold Bricks to access)
Level 08: Assault Deck (Requires 15 Gold Bricks to access)

Since we do not have enough bricks to build the first door, we cannot explore these areas yet, but soon we will!  For now though, head to the console.

Stepping on to the red plate in front of the console and pressing 'B' gives you access to the Menu System -- but at the moment the only thing you can select is the Mission Select option!

Selecting that reveals that the missions from here split into the three separate areas of the game: Christophsis (The Hidden Enemy), Ruusan Moon (Duel of the Droids), and Geonosis (Battle of Geonosis).  We just came from the Arena of course, and if you select that on the console you will see that it brings up a status display that shows you if you have completed the True Jedi stud collection, and how many Kit Parts you have acquired.  It also allows you to select between Story Mode and Free play if you select it, should you want to replay that mission!

When you select Free Play you choose the characters that you want to take in with you -- but as we do not yet have any of the special characters needed to unlock the other areas of the Arena available, it would be an idea to hold off on this for now!

So, that leaves us with deciding which of the three paths we want to pursue first -- and as we are literally right here at Geonosis, well, that makes the decision very easy!

So select Battle of Geonosis and hit the Action Button now!

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