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Follow the dark path or use the light

44: General Grievous Story Line Clean Up

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 44: General Grievous Story Line Clean Up

Now it is time to complete clean up on the General Grievous line of the game, so head to the first of his missions now!

-- Mission 1: Duel of the Droids --

You should already have two of the ten Minikit Parts for this mission.

(1)  The first thing you do after grabbing the Studs on the ground here is use a Droid to open the Droid Spot and a small character to crawl through the crawl-door.  In this area are three Battle Droids -- kill all three to spawn the first Minikit Part!

(2) There are five special Gold Super Battle Droid dispensers along the path -- activate all five to spawn a Minikit Part.

(3) Along the walls there are five machines that poke out -- destroy all five to spawn a Minikit Part.

(4) You will encounter Protocol Droid Consoles that open storage rooms with beach balls in them -- smash all of the beach balls to spawn a Minikit Part.

(5) Destroy five of the Mouse Droids that are in the corridors to spawn a Minikit Part.

(6) After you battle Grievous but BEFORE you switch back to the other team, use the jet packs to go to the far left and use the Electric Console here to move the Minikit Part from the cage to where you can get it.

(7) In the hanger build the flying saucer and then fly it over the plates on the floor to spawn a Minikit Part!

(8) After the evil R3 moves to the second area, you will see an opening above the console it used -- head through that to a mini-zone that turns out to be a bowling alley!  This is dead easy -- just line up the launchers and use the grapple-point to "bowl" the Droidika.  When you clear all of the "pins" a Minikit Part spawns!

You should have already collected the part from destroying the five Gold Crates along the path -- as your Gold Super Battle Droids will have done this for you in Story Mode.  After you blew up the bombs you should have assembled the Minikit part from the components on the purple table in that room!  If you did not do these things you need to do them on this play through.

You should save-and-quit and then go down to the Bacta Tank Compartment with a good character to release Han Solo (Classic) from the 2nd Tank on the left of the first row, purchasing him for 50,000 Studs.

-- Mission 2: Shadow of Malevolence --

You should not have any of the Minikit Parts for this mission as we did not locate any when we played it.

(1) Follow the green arrows to kill the marked ships -- two at the top area, then boost down and kill two more, and finally boost back up to kill the 5th and last to spawn a Minikit.

(2) Head down to the lower level and to the left end of the ship where you will spot a black and red marked box -- destroy that with a Separatist ship and then collect the Minikit that spawns there by doing a loop under it.

(3) The large cannon (it is huge and pink)  has a group of discs inside of doors that open when it is not firing -- destroy those with torpedoes when the cannon is idle to spawn a Minikit,

(4) On the first landing pad on the bottom is a building in the left back corner with a Minikit hovering above it -- use Jar Jar to jump up and snag it.


Swimming in Minikit Parts


(5) After you blow the top off on the right side using torpedoes land on the pad that is revealed and use the Protocol Droid console to access the swimming pool.  Use the grapple-point to drain the water and spawn a Minikit Part -- and use Jar Jar to jump up and get it!

(6) On the same pad as above in the back left corner is a storage crate with a grapple-point -- open it and ride one of the brown things in it to park it on the first plate in the series and then use the second brown thing to ride over the other plates until the Minikit spawns, then grab it!

(7) Use torpedoes to blow off the left-hand top of the ship, and then land at the pad revealed there, and on the back left side load the trash containers into the processor until a Minikit pops out -- then grab it!

(8) On the same pad as above, on the right is a disabled escape pod.  Break loose the connector and grapple it into place to power up the pod -- then launch it and get back in your ship and launch IT.  The Pod will be floating nearby -- just destroy it for a Minikit Part.

(9) In the bottom right rear of the ship on the inside side is a Gold object -- use a Rapid Fire ship to destroy it, scoring yourself another Minikit Part!

(10) On the bottom pad on the far right is another escape pod with a Dark Force box beside it.  Use the Force on it and then launch it, get back in your ship and chase over to it and destroy it, gaining the last Minikit Part!

Back on the Hub head directly for the Bacta Tank Compartment and release the character Lando Calrissian (Classic) from the 5th Tank from the left in row 1, and purchase him for 50,000 Studs!

Now head back to the Bridge and then return to the mission that we just finished getting the kits to unlock Lando from -- and fly to the bottom pad and land your ship.  Now get back in the ship and take off, unlocking the Achievement "Land-o Calrissian" (10 GP).  Nice one!  Quit-and-save and head for the next mission now.


-- Mission 3: Destroy Malevolence --

You should have one of the ten Minikit Parts for this mission.

(1) To the right in the first room is a Trooper Console that opens a door -- go inside and use the Force control object in the back of the room to tilt the big game table under the glass, rolling the ball inside to the center, where it is ejected.  Use the Bazooka Trooper to blow it up revealing the Minikit part, which you then collect.

(2)  There are five Dark Force Boxes in the mission area -- find all five and destroy them to obtain the Minikit.

(A) In the same room as above is the first Dark Force object -- pick it up with The Force until it explodes.

(B) At the first Droid Spot to stop the train in the next area, after you use it, use the Bounty Hunter to jet pack over to the platform to the back right and destroy the red box on it to reveal the next of these objects.  Destroy that with The Force.

(C) After deploying the train car as bridge using the crane, cross over the tracks and then jet pack towards the camera to reach another platform with a bridge folded up on it.  Step on the button there to deploy the bridge and then go to the back and destroy a crate with the Dark Force object it it.  Now destroy the object.

(D) On the path in the room with the Torpedo targets.

(E) On the Bridge in the back is the final Dark Force object -- destroy it to spawn a Minikit above where it was located.

(3) Zone into the next area and drop down to the ledge before the bottom, then pull the two grapple-points to release a Minikit Part -- jump down on to the ledge and grab it.

(4) On the platform in the back of the train area after you use the Droid Spot to stop the train and the Bounty Hunter to reach the platform, use the Protocol Droid console to deploy a Gold object -- then use the Rapid Fire Trooper to destroy it and obtain the Minikit Part!

(5) Stop the second train in the train area using the console, and then destroy the box on it using the Bazooka Trooper, building the console from the parts and then using the console to raise the container in the back with the Minikit in it.

Now fly over to the next platform, stop the train and build the crane, then use the crane to smash the container -- now use the Bounty Hunter to fly over and get the Minikit!

(6) Use the crane to move the train car into position as a bridge but, before crossing over, go to the back of the bridge car and climb up on the edge, then jet pack over to the far platform.  Use the Bazooka Trooper to destroy the Silver cap on the fan, then press the red button and stop onto the fan to be blown up to grab the Minikit here!

(7) In the next area (with the torpedo targets) destroy the five Silver objects with the Bazooka Trooper to obtain a Minikit.

(8) During the battle with General Grievous, you need to use your saber to break the shield on five of the Droidikas and then toss each at the general.  When you hit him with the 5th Droidika the Minikit spawns!

(8) On the Bridge there is an electrical console you need to charge, and then a grapple-point next to it that you pull to reveal a Minikit Part.

You would have received the one we got on this level automatically when you completed the colored light matching to progress so no worries there.

Save-and-quit and head to the Bacta Tank Compartment to release Wedge Antilles (Classic) from the 3rd tank from the right of the first row, purchasing him for 50,000 Studs.


-- Mission 4: Lair of Grievous --

You should have two of the ten parts for this mission already.

(1) On the outcropping to the left of the ship there is a Gold rock -- use your Rapid Fire Trooper to destroy it, then jet pack over to grab the Minikit.

(2) After the rocket blows up the ship use the Dark Force on it to build an electrical console, then use that to zap the flying bug and score yourself a Minikit!

(3) Destroy ten Dark Force objects on the walls along the corridor as you progress to spawn a Minikit.

(4) Destroy ten ceiling lamps to spawn a Minikit.

(5) In the room with the ceiling lights use the Bounty Hunter console on the left and enter a dark room with a pool table.  Turn on the light and put the colored balls in their respective color-matching pockets to spawn a Minikit!

(6) In the long hall use the different consoles to obtain the parts to build objects and build them -- drive the cart onto the pad to spawn a Minikit and collect it.

(7) In the lava room, after you fall down the trap use the Dark Force to raise platforms in the lava and jump from one to the other to get to the Minikit and grab it.

(8) Destroy the Gold light objects to spawn a Minikit.

(9) Use the electrical pad in the large room with the Gold lights to spawn a large dancing mob, then use a rocket to take out the disco ball above and spawn a Minikit!

When we did the story mode you should have obtained the Minikit that spawn when you move the revolving yellow object from the left pedestal to the right and powered it up.  If you did not, you should do that now.

Save-and-quit and head to the Bacta Tank Compartment and release the Rebel Commando (Classic) from the first tank on the left of row 2, purchasing them for 50,000 Studs.


-- Mission 5: Rookies --

You should not have any of the parts for this mission as we did not find any when we played it on Story Mode. 

(1) Immediately do a Bazooka attack to clear out the zone, build the grapple-point and go down it, and battle the worm until it crashes through the panel and moves to the back area of caves.  Use the Bazooka to open the Silver blocked cave and Dark Force on the other then enter the Dark Force one to zone to a new area..  Inside use The Force to put the eggs-into the incubator and then use the electrical console to hatch them.  Grab the Minikit that spawns.

(2) Use a high-jump character to get into the second cave to zone, then use the three grapple-point to spawn a Minikit and collect it.

(3) After you kill the work, build the bridge on its carcass but do not go up.  Instead go to the right hand cave and use the Jedi Spot to cut your way in, then zone in and you will find a worm in here and the pieces of a Minikit on the ground.  Throw them into the worms mouth and it will assemble them into a complete Minikit Part that you can then collect.

(4) Use the pair of consoles on the platform above the dead worm to spawn a Minikit, and collect it.  Head up the stairs and zone to return to the original area where we started.

(5) As soon as the level starts, change to the Bazooka Trooper and blow away everything in site.  Construct the grapple-point, then ignore it.  Use The Force on the large crate and, using the building materials that pop out construct street sweeper and ride it over the glowing green spots.  Grab the Minikit that spawns as a result.

(6) Construct the access panel at the end of the path and use it.  Inside work your way along the path and, as you reach grapple-point on the walls grapple them to spawn a Minikit.


A crate within a crate hides a Minikit Part


(7) There are six Gold crates with wooden crates inside of them -- destroy the Gold crates then the wooden ones to spawn a Minikit.

(8) After you obtain the first crate and change teams, destroy the Dark Force grate and zone into a new zone.  Now change to the other team and move to the silver box with the antenna that is right beside the collapsed crate that you obtained the first mobile explosive crate from, positioning them there .

Now switch back and step up to the switch, throwing it to spawn a Minikit across the gap and, quickly, change back to the other team and grab the Minikit Part before the box closes back up!

(9) Us the electrical console on the hot tub to spawn a Minikit and grab it.

(10) The last and most likely most annoying is the task of replacing the five valves found in the various areas into their slots to spawn a Minikit.

You will find them in the following locations:

(A) To the left of the hatch at the end of the path where you first spawn, after taking out the barricade and the enemy here, move forward and you will spot the valve wheel on the deck to the left of the hatch.  Use The Force to pick it up and place it in the valve that is shooting steam off to the left.

(B) After slaying the worm and building a bridge on its body, head up the bridge to the platform and you will find the valve wheel laying on it, and the steaming valve above.  Use The Force to put it into the valve.

(C) After you use the grapple-point to get past the gap, on the other side of the console is the next valve wheel and leaking valve.

(D) On the main console after you change back to the other team, the valve wheel is laying on top of the right side of the center console, and the valve is on the far right side of the area.

(E) The final valve wheel is in the area where the hot tub is, with the wheel sitting on top of the pipe entrance and the valve above and to the right of it.  When you insert the valve wheel in the valve, the actual Minikit spawns outside of the zone back in the main area.

Save-and-quit and then head for the Bacta Tank Compartment with a Separatist character to release  Darth Maul (Classic) from the 4th tank from the left of the 2nd row, purchasing him for 275,000 Studs.


-- Mission 6: Grievous Intrigue --

You should have one of the ten parts for this mission already.

(1) When the level starts switch to the Bazooka Trooper and go nuts shooting the glass between your character and the screen to collect five fracture points and a wicked easy Minikit Part!

(2) Midway down the hall from the bridge where you got the one above is a Gold box -- do NOT fight Grievous if he appears until AFTER you overheat it with Rapid Fire Trooper and assemble the parts to score another Minikit.

(3) After you defeat Grievous your team splits -- as soon as the split happens spam the Silver basket with Bazooka rounds to smash it open, kill the snake in it, and spawn a Minikit!

(4) Steam Valves -- as you work your way through the level you will encounter valves spewing steam -- and where there is steam, there is a valve wheel waiting to be Forced in (see how I did that?  Forcer in?  Get it?)

(A) On the left up the sloping corridor at the start of the split.

(B) In the round area at the top of the sloping corridor on the left after you smash the crates and objects.

(C) After you destroy the three balls and drop the shield, on the right up the next sloping corridor is a valve wheel, and on the left the broken valve!

(D) At the top of the sloping corridor we just did the one above in where it meets the next circular compartment, on the right.

(E) On the right at the start of the last sloping corridor -- WARNING: Do not give up on this just because you cannot find the valve wheel!  You did not destroy it by accident (seriously, cannot happen) you just cannot see it... Unless you look up!

(5) Three Gold corner pieces over the doorway arches in the second round compartment -- overheat them with your Rapid Fire Trooper.

(6) In the prisoner area use your Rapid Fire Trooper to over heat the Gold hatch cover on the right-hand side.

(7) Also in the prisoner area, close all four of the Droid spawn points to spawn a Minikit part.

(8) Outside when you are piloting the ship follow the green arrows and shoot the marked ships to spawn a Minikit Part!

(9) In the rear right of the second landing pad is an electrical console that you charge up to launch an escape pod -- launch it then when you are back in the ship destroy it and collect the Minikit Part!

During the Story Mode play through we stacked the purple boxes up on the second landing pad and spawned the Minikit -- if you failed to do that then do it now.

Save-and-quit and head to the Bacta Tank Compartment with a Separatist character to release Boba Fett from the 6th tank from the right on the second row, and purchase him for 100,000 Studs.

You have now completed all of the clean up for the second story-line -- good on ya mate!  Well done!

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