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P10E: Yaschas Massif AF110

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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P10E: Yaschas Massif AF110

One of the reasons that we took these side-trips is so we can wrap up some outstanding missions as well as because we need to start unlocking and visiting the other timelines anyway...  When you arrive here you get a CS in which you learn about the hovering red orbs and the missing scientists. 

You can actually talk to the Orbs when they have a chat bubble over them -- and this one does!  So go ahead and talk to it to flag the mission Fragment: Gerhilde's Blossom -- then head up the nearby ramp to the tent where we first hung out with Hope and use Mooglehunt to reveal the hidden Treasure Chest that contains the Service Manual.

Check the map and you will see that the small section of canyon that was blocked off in the other timelines is open here -- head there and you will find a dark red woman you cannot talk to walking through the area.  Use Mooglehunt on her to bring her back into this timeline and spawn a chat bubble on her.  Talk to her to learn her story -- she gives you a message and a piece of Wedding Jewelry. 

The Three Orb Missions and Their Fragments

Finish exploring the area to clear the map -- which should give you 100% of the map!  Now head back to town to deliver the message and complete the mission, obtaining the Gerhilde's Blossom Fragment. 

Now head down the stairs and chat up the Orb there to flag the mission Fragment: Waltraute's Flower -- for the technician trapped in the Orb... 

Run down to the large clearing in the southwest and find the deep ravine on the northern end of it and look down and throw your Moogle at it to find Treasure Box inside of which is the Outdoor Watch we have been looking for since forever! 

To the east along the south wall is a raised area you need a Choco to jump up onto which is where the Technician is that we are looking for as well as a Treasure Sphere with Unicorn Horn (be sure to grab that).  Talk to the Tech to tell him about the error -- when he demands to know who told you this and denies it (you get an LT event) select 'The Manual' to properly complete this encounter.  After you talk to the Tech ride back to town and turn in the mission to receive the Waltraute's Flower Fragment.  Well done!

Now head up to the upper plaza and up the ramp past Hope's tent all the way to the top to talk to another Orb who will give you the mission Fragment: Ortlinde's Bloom -- who wants you to find proof of terrorism being involved in some of the disappearances.

Rent a Choco and ride back to the middle clearing in the southwestern side of the map and look for the crevice in the middle with the pole/tree trunk sticking out of it.  Look along the side for a hidden Treasure Chest and use Mooglehunt on it to reveal it, then take the Terrorist's Mark from it.  Rent another Choco and head back to town and turn this mission in to the Orb to collect the Ortlinde's Bloom Fragment.  Well done!

-- Spacetime Distortion --

After you turn in this last mission you are notified that a spacetime distortion has appeared -- check the map and you will see that it is marked in the bottom clearing to the southwest so rent a choco and ride there now!

When you arrive you will find the glowing pillar -- so select it and go in!

Chances are you are going to be hoping for a step-by-step solution to this series of puzzles -- sadly there is none because they are all randomly generated...  The deal here is simple though: each number pulls the hands of the clock into it, and then spreads them by whatever its number is.  When the number is a five it is going to place the hands opposite of it on the face.

What you need to do is plan out your moves so that you are always landing one of the hands on a number -- if you land on a cleared spot the puzzle fails and you must restart.  You are going to have to play this by ear -- but watch the video below to see how I did it, as that will likely help you to learn to do it yourself!

Completing the five levels of the Paradox rewards you with the Book of Avalon Fragment and 500 CP.  Good on ya!

Solving the Clock Spacetime Distortion

We are now done here -- but there is the matter of the lost watch that needs to be returned -- so jump to the Historica Crux and select the Gate for Yaschas Massif AF010, and head into town to the woman we flagged that mission from, Shannon. Your reward for completing this mission is the Innocence's Sacred Sphere Fragment (the 5th of the 5 Fragments for this location).

That wraps up the old business so head back to the Historica Crux now...

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