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P07F: Bresha Ruins AF300

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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P07F: Bresha Ruins AF300

Once you have finished your grinding having captured the Monsters that there are to be captured and gained what levels there are to be gained in the time that you took in the doing of it, head towards the nearby Gate at the junction where the two dead-end tunnels are and use a Wild Artifact upon it to unlock access to Bresha Ruins AF300 -- and then step into the Gate!

At this point you will need to show better judgment -- if you have leveled up your jobs you can easily handle the combat here but if you have not you are better off avoiding and either riding a Choco or simply running from battles...  Either way it is time to make our way back to the graveyard in this time, and just ahead of us on the way we will encounter an NPC named Jonah who will give us the "Fragment: Platinum Ring" quest.  Go ahead and accept that, and then head the rest of the way to the Graveyard.

Jonah's Fragment: Platinum Ring Quest

Near the Choco that is at the entrance to the Graveyard there is a ghostly looking figure -- I actually had to use Mooglehunt to get the Talk prompt with him but I am not sure that was not a bug?  Either way once you talk to Lex he offers the quest "Fragment: Iridium Ring" and you may as well flag it.

Now head to the far end of the Graveyard and grab the Silver Petal there, then on the way out you will notice that the area here to the north we could not clear before is now open, and has a Gate in it!  Go ahead and clear it on the map but ignore the gate for now...  There is a Unicorn Horn in a Treasure Sphere here -- be sure to grab that!

-- A Chocolina Visit --

Inside the tunnels to the right here on the way out you can find a Chocolina deep inside and some new Monsters to battle and tame -- a Circuitron -- and as the Chocolina has some better weapons that you can obtain for Noel it is probably an idea to go ahead and do that :) 

I chose to go with the Rune Tooth because I liked its stats and it does better damage than the weapon we have (the one we started with actually) -- but you can also get the Howling Soul or Volatile Spark here as well.

Once you finish with the Chocolina head west and then south along the path here towards the Choco, and in the northeast corner of that dead-end area use Mooglehunt to reveal the Recording Device and take it!  Now head back towards the exit and south to the bend that turns east, but do not take the bend -- instead enter the southern tunnels here.

Lex's Fragment: Iridium Ring Quest

Head down to the left to find Brant -- Lex's joker buddy -- who will challenge you to a game of sorts!  Basically you need to pick the funniest phrase choice during the Live Triggers and then talk to him again for a total of three really bad jokes...  It turns out that Lex is dead!  Three years dead!  No wonder we needed to use Mooglehunt to talk to him!

After you talk to Brant head to the end of the area to the east and talk to Thurston to flag the quest "Fragment: Mythril Ring" which entails talking to a soldier back in the main area of the Ruins.  We will do that in a bit...

-- Return to Lex --

Now it is time to return to Lex with the message -- he takes it happily but it seems that he is aware of his fate even though we did not tell him of it.  After thanking you and rewarding you with the Iridium Ring Fragment he disappears, leaving a Wild Fragment in his place which you definitely want to grab since it nicely replaces the one that we used to get here...

Thurston's Fragment: Mythril Ring Quest

-- Return to Jonah --

Now it is time to return to Jonah -- but on the way as we reach the central area of the Ruins you will spot a soldier just before the stairs down who has a chat bubble -- that is the Commander -- and when we talk to him he tells us about the report that he has prepared and asks us to deliver it to his client (Thurston) -- and of course we will!

Now head down the stairs and chat with Jonah to complete his quest, turning over the Recording Device and collecting our reward.  With that done, it is time to wrap up the quests for this part of the zone and head back to Thurston to deliver the Commander's Report.

-- Return to Thurston --

After we hand over the report Thurston reads it -- and seems a bit disappointed with the conclusions but accepting nonetheless.  He cheerfully hands over our reward and here is the third quest completed -- well done mates!

If you want to grind a little in this area and even if you do not (assuming you are leveled enough to survive the battles that is) you can acquire the following loot items:

Cobaltite (Component)
Lightning Aegis (Accessory)
Potent Engine (Material)
Power Booster (Material)
Vitality Booster (Material)

You can also acquire the Monster Crystals for:

Circuitron (a ball-shaped monster) Mechanical / Ravager
Munchkin (a droid-like monster) Mechanical / Commando

Assuming that you can, after you have tamed those two head back towards the point where we entered this time/area and when you reach the gate enter it to return to the Historia Crux now, since we have done all we need to do here for the moment.  I had a few battles along the way and unlocked another Achievement for my troubles:

Unlocking the Wild Thing Achievement

-- Unlocking the Wild Thing Achievement

Another one that caught me by surprise is the Achievement "Wild Thing" (16 G) -- Successfully used Feral Link abilities a significant number of times -- which I unlocked

Wild Thing is unlocked for successfully using the Feral Link ability 100 times -- bear in mind that when it says "successfully use" it does not mean trigger it, it means trigger it and then complete the required combination of button presses or control movements so that the Feral Link executes, causing your monster teammate to deliver their damage or spell against one of the opponents in your battle. 

That distinction is important since you can actually trigger the ability but fail to complete it (which does not count against the required total of 100), so if you like unlocking Achievements and you want to unlock this one, it would be an idea to actually complete executing the attack each time, right?

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