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P08A: Yaschas Massif AF010

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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P08A: Yaschas Massif AF010

After we arrive we get another CS introduction from Lighting, and then a long CS in which Noel briefs us about the events of his past -- namely the Eclipse -- and Serah speculates that this is a Paradox event, unlocking the Achievement "Future Espier" (15 G) Visited the place were clues to the future lie waiting to be discovered.

After the CS concludes scan the area and you will see a figure ahead -- this is the Researcher -- and when you chat them up they give you a map of the region.  Chat him up again to get more background information on what has happened here -- that triggers an LT -- after which you can grab 500 Gil from the nearby Treasure Sphere and then head directly across the area to the far wall where there is a Mooglehunt Treasure Sphere containing a Metal Armband.

Now head back across the clearing past the first Treasure Sphere to the jump-down point and, well, jump down!  Following the path here east and then north where you will find a woman who will advise you to take the path with the searchlights since the monsters will avoid that -- but do we actually want to avoid the monsters?  Actually since this is where you encounter the Feral Behemoths and as you need one of their Fangs for a quest coming up, it would be an idea to grind them to get it now...  And as they are a tameable monster you should get one to add to your Monster Crystal collection too!

The Fal'cie are Bored and a Pearl Necklace

Grab the 960 Gil from the Treasure Sphere on the left of the dark area and then continue along the left (west) wall of the canyon to find another Treasure Sphere with x8 Mana Slivers, and then search along the east wall for an alcove in which you will find a Treasure Chest containing a Tablet of Paddra, and a Treasure Sphere with x8 Mana Bolts!

Ahead in the light at the narrowed opening to the next area is a Chocolina -- and if you check the Accessories you will note that she has some interesting ones that you may want...  Check it out.

Around the next bend is a Treasure Sphere with a Gysahl Green -- nice one!  Just out of the light here is your first opportunity to battle a Spiranthes and a Mandrake -- you may as well add their Crystals to your collection right?  In the next narrow path there is a Treasure Box with a Key Item: Scar's Gate Seal in it -- so grab that.

-- A Significant Monster Adjustment --

Chances are pretty good that you have been using your Cait Sith as your MED pretty much all this time -- and that makes perfect sense as it was the best MED you had access to -- but now that we have reached this area that is no longer true...  The Spiranthes you can capture here has certain strengths that the Cait Sith does not -- starting with the fact that it learns Raise quickly, and has the Item Hunter ability.  Basically what you want to do is Infuse your Cait Sith into the Spiranthes IF your Cait Sith has learned Curasa -- then do the Infusion and switch to the new Monster as your healer -- or not, your call...

-- Grinding Opportunities --

If you want to grind a little in this area  you can acquire the following loot items:

Mana Sliver (Material)
Molted Tail (Component)
Potent Droplet (Material)
Potent Sliver (Material)
Power Chip (Material)
Power Sliver (Material)
Remedy (Aid)
Shattered Bone (Component)

You can also acquire the Monster Crystals for:

Feral Behemoth (large cat) Organic / Commando
Gahongas (large dancing bird-thing) Organic / Synergist
Gandayaks (large dancing bird-thing) Organic / Commando
Mandrake (hovering flower) Organic / Commando
Spiranthes (a slug-like monster) Organic / Medic

Ahead at the next light is a Treasure Sphere with 540 Gil in it -- there is really only one path you can take from here as the path to the right is blocked, so continue around the rock here and use Mooglehunt to find a Treasure Sphere with a Pearl Necklace -- and if you look at Noel he has a chat bubble active -- talk to him for a CS and LT in which you discuss the motives of the fal'cie here -- I decided that the fal'cie was bored but Noel did not think much of that suggestion...  Go figure!

With any luck you will battle your first few Gandayaks here and obtain their Crystal -- well done!

Aloedidai Battle and Fragment

-- Aloeidai Battle --

Ahead is another Chocolina and a marked Researcher who triggers a CS in which you are forced to battle Aloeidai, who in addition to having over 52K in HP also has a pretty high Chain Resistance...  But I found that the best tactic that worked on him was a combination of RAV/COM/COM and RAV/COM/MED which easily resulted in a 5-Star battle.

After the battle you are nearly sucked into the time vortex but at the last second you get saved -- by Hope!  What a reunion!  Hope fills you in and though the story that he relates is a rather sad one, still a reunion is a reunion!

After Hope's assistant arrives you receive the Aloeidai Fragment and 3,500 CP, and then Hope asks you to come with him as there is something that he wants to show you...

Follow Hope up the stairs and chat with him and his assistant Alyssa, then chat with the Guard to open the blockade.  Follow Hope again and when he stops have an LT event with him -- I chose to talk about Lightning since that would clearly be what Serah wanted to discuss with him...  Talk to him again for the next LT -- I asked about Snow next -- then talk again and ask about Sazh and Dodge.  Lastly discuss the ruins for the final LT event that triggers an extended CS in which you learn more about the city and ruins around you.

Now follow Hope to the top of the platform and talk to him again to get another CS in which you learn the fate of this civilization.  Alyssa goes spastic to show you the Oracle Drive, and Hope tries to explain what it is to you -- and then Noel triggers the device and you see a projection of a very dire battle indeed.  Hope now shows you the projection that has them concerned -- look familiar?  It should!

Hope gives you the Hollow Artifact and then you get another reminiscence from Serah, then the Datalog and Fragments entries are updates -- so go ahead and read those to learn more about the Oracle Drive and the Farseers -- and about Hope, Sazh, and Alyssa!

Obtaining the Misery's Bead Fragment

-- Search the Area --

Before we go off looking for the Gate that Hope was talking about we need to do some basic searching here for the various items that the area will provide to us -- so head all the way back to where we entered it from and you will see a Researcher near the Chocolina -- talk to her twice and another MPC named Brenda will appear -- talk to her and she gives you the quest Fragments: Misery's Bead which is the one that requires you to obtain a Behemoth Fang -- which we already have!  Excellent!

Accept the quest and then talk to her again to complete it -- she is very happy with you -- and hands over your reward: Misery's Bead Fragment and 300 CP!  A quick read of the new Fragment Page tells us about Lenora's Garage.  Cool that.

-- Pathos Jewel --

Up the western ramp is a deck and a well-lit platform with a ghostly chest on it -- use Mooglehunt to reveal the chest, and then toss your Moogle over to it to collect it, gaining yourself the Pathos Jewel and 200 CP for your efforts!  Pathos Jewel is one of the Fate's Recollections Fragments, and offers more info on Lenora's Garage on its Fragment Page.  Good on ya mates!

Nearby is a Treasure Sphere with a Carbuncle Figurine -- grab that and backtrack down below and grab the x3 Remedies from the Treasure Sphere on the lower deck if you did not get it on the way up -- then head back to the lower level.  There are a lot of people you can talk to here -- and you should since some of them offer quests!

Talk to Shannon to flag the Fragments: Innocence's Sacred Sphere quest, which has you finding her lost watch for her -- nearby her is a shadowy Treasure Sphere that contains Serenity Sachet, an Accessory that increases Deshell resistance by 66% which is a good find mates!  So use Mooglehunt to reveal it and then grab the Sachet.

In the northeast corner of the area up the stairs is a Mooglehunt Treasure Sphere with Gysahl Greens in it -- in the opposite corner of that area is a Treasure Sphere with a Warding Talisman in it -- and near the stairs going up in the adjacent corner is a bloke named Cole who needs you to find him a battery for the Fragment Quest: Amur's Sphere so flag that now and then head up the stairs to chat with Hope again for another LT.

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