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P12C: Academia AF4XX

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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P12C: Academia AF4XX

As you will recall we only briefly visited this zone to grab the Silver Chocobo in order to proceed with mastering the Chocobo Racing mini-game -- but now it is time for us to return to this much brighter, much happier alternate reality so that we can strip it of all the good stuff it has to offer and maybe uncover a few more secrets in the process...

Before we do anything else (or think about heading to the Academy HQ again) take a look at your map and you will notice that there are areas (some very small) that are still dark and unexplored.  We need to make an effort now to clear those areas, so head through them and you will, in the process, obtain the following items:

-- Facts Gate Seal from a Treasure Chest in front of Academy HQ.
-- Gold Casino Ticket from a Treasure Sphere outside the Academy HQ Gate.
-- 1200 Gil from a Treasure Sphere in a shop off of Grand Avenue.
-- A Gold Gear from a Treasure Sphere inside a shop on the east side of the town.

On the left side as you leave the HQ you will encounter a half-formed Gate that you can examine for a hit at a future mission...  

-- Brain Blast --

The Academy-sponsored quiz game that can be found at terminals marked in purple on the map is just what it sounds like -- a quiz game!  There are several terminals and each one will award you with a special prize for getting all of the questions correct.

Each terminal has a large list of questions that it can ask -- I have included the ones that I was asked in the many times that I have played the terminals but there may be some that I was never asked...  I recorded the questions and answers until I played a match in which there was no new question and then called it a day mostly because there could be a huge list of questions -- if you run in to one that is not included below I suggest you Google it.

There are ten questions to the official quiz, and you should be aware that every so often they throw in a question that is purely luck based -- like guessing Odds or Evens -- and you really just have to be lucky to get the correct answer...  But I have found that more often than not when the questions are left and right, that 'X' is usually correct, and up and down, 'Y' is usually correct -- but that is not true all the time so don't blame me if you get it wrong mates.

The Academy HQ Brain Blast Terminal and Fragment

-- Academy HQ Terminal --

Your reward for getting all 10 questions right the first time with this terminal is 500 CP and the Stoic Virtue Fragment.

Each time that you answer all ten questions correctly, a Treasure Chest appears behind the terminal that can contain the following rewards:  Gadot's Red Emblem, Orange Beacon, Yellow Rimmed Glasses.  After you receive these you no longer get prizes for successfully playing at this terminal.

-- The HQ Terminal Questions and Answers --

During the Sanctum rule, the film 'Free Will' was banned due to a scene filled with what kind of questionable content?  Answer = Becoming a Cie'th by will.

In the cop drama 'Cactuar Files' what is the first line of the opening song? Answer =  A five-freger discount will result in a thousand needles.

In the popular holo-comic ''Bombtanian,' what is the secret phrase used by the main character and his friends?  Answer = Sacrifice yourself to save others.

In the proverb 'One ??? is better than a million l'Cie,' meaning one should take on a single task before taking on many, what goes in the blank? Answer = Crystal.

In the song 'Tiny Lulu,' to which city did the little girl's best friend move away?  Answer = Bodhum.

Lebreau is skilled in cooking and fighting. How does she train to be such a great warrior?  Answer =  She works out using kitchen utensils.

Many chocobos participate in the chocobo races. Which of the following does not exist?  Answer = Thunder Chicken.

Many flan make up the enormous Royal Ripeness. Which does not make up part of this creature?  Answer = Elderly.

Sazh is best-known for his abilities as a pilot, but what is his former occupation?  Answer = Train conductor.

The Eden Literary Award is handed out only to those who make a positive impact on society. Rodrick won this award for which novel?  Answer = Secrets of the Crystals.

The investigations around the mountain ranges of Gran Pulse revealed which children's story to be true?  Answer = L'Cie Extermination Mountain.

The l'Cie incident that occurred before Cocoon fell is sometimes referred to as 'Cocoon's dusk,' but is more commonly referred to by the media as what?  Answer = Sunset.

The weather controlling device in the Archylte Steppe can't do which of the following?  Answer =  Make it snow.

The Yellow Bird is a story about a chocobo living on Gran Pulse. What is the name of the heroine?   Answer = Coco.

There is a certain stuffed animal sold only in Nautilus. What is the name of the creature that possesses a gem on its forehead?  Answer = Carbuncle.

What act performed by the comedian Fl-Fl-Flan got him booted off of every TV station?  Answer = Wanna touch my shaolong gui?

What coat pattern does Serah's cat Snow have?  Answer = Calico.

What color are Serah's eyes?  Answer = Bluish.

What company became famous for their sales copy 'It's moogle o'clock, it's time to enjoy moogle bread'?  Answer = Stiltzkin's Bakery.

What color were the orbs that appeared in Yaschas Massif AF100 when a group of Academy staff members disappeared?  Answer = Red.

What did Serah get Lightning for her birthday?  Answer = A knife.

What disparity, only noticeable by outsiders transferring in, was revealed in the tall-all book written by a disgruntled former Academy employee?  Answer = Treatment of subsidiary organization graduates.

What do you call an incompetent person who climbs the corporate ladder?  Answer = A cactuar.

What does Serah do for a living?  Answer = Teacher.

What flan is the same color as a rust pudding?  Answer = Ferruginous Pudding.

What hobby became popular among the feeble elderly who moved from Cocoon to Gran Pulse?  Answer = Gardening.

What is Hope's unparalleled attack?  Answer = Last Resort.

What is Lightning's unparalleled attack?  Answer = Army of One.

What is one way Serah and Noel use Mog to retrieve treasure that's out of reach?  Answer = They throw Mog at it.

What is Sazah's unparalleled attack? Answer = Cold Blood

What is the bow used by hunters in the Steppes to protect themselves from wild animals?  Answer =  Wild Chorus.

What is the name of the book of photographs shot by photographer Mich Rockfit during his numerous visits to New Bodhum?  Answer = Meowillow Days.

What is the name of Maqui's shop?  Answer = Lenora's Garage.

What is the name of the movie about the friendship of a boy and his bot?   Answer = The Boy and His Bot.

What is the tallest mountain on Gran Pulse?   Answer = Mt. Fairne.

What sport is gaining popularity among the adventurous young residents living in the Steppes?  Answer = Ding dong ditch.

What was the name of the gambler who won the most number of coins at the slot machines in a single day in the casino Serendipity?  Answer = Gabbiani.

What was the name of the popular game show where eliminated contestant would get pushed off the stage?  Answer = To the Underworld.

What was the one famous dessert pastry chefs couldn't make because the couldn't get their hands on the creature?  Answer = Carmelized shaolong gui.

When Storm Motors was in danger of getting bought out, which corporation swooped in to save the day?   Answer = Blue Unicorn Inc.

Where is the one place Chocolina doesn't open up shop? Answer = Serendipity

Where on Serah's head is her side ponytail?  Answer = By her left ear.

Which creature moves with such grace and beauty that a dance was created mimicking its motion?   Answer = Stikini.

Which Eidolon is used by Vanille?  Answer = Hecatoncheir.

Which monster dons colorful garb?  Answer = Apotamkin.

Which of the following are not found in Oerba? Answer =  People.

Which of the following has not been observed in Sunleth?  Answer = Gold Ore.

Which of the following is not a nickname for the jet used by the former Sanctum army?  Answer =  Orion.

Which of the following is the Academy not responsible for?  Answer = Running Serendipity.

Who has scored the most points and is known as the king of Cocoon's Premium League?   Answer = Cazzaro 'The King' Mueller.

Who is not a part of Team NORA?  Answer = Cid.

Who is the mathematician behind Hart's last theorem, the biggest breakthrough in mathematics since the birth of Cocoon?  Answer = Smith Hartford.

Why can't Mog help Serah and Noel in Serendipity? Answer = Mog is off playing on his own.

The West Side Brain Blast Terminal and Fragment

-- West Side Brain Blast Terminal --

Located in the west side of the middle section of the city in an alcove up a ramp, this out of the way Brain Blast Terminal rewards you with 500 CP and the Academia Wisdom Fragment.

Getting all ten questions right also rewards you with Treasure Chests containing the following items: Behemoth Crest, Red PSICOM Spaulders, and Grudge Knife.

-- West Side Brain Blast Terminal Questions and Answers --

According to the philosopher Denrith, humans are merely an intellectual version of a certain monster, with the ability of looking innocent on the outside, but being conniving on the inside. Which monster was he referring to?   Answer = Cactuar.

Around 100 AF, a TV show based on the battle of the l'Cie was in production, but got canceled at the last minute. What was the name of the show?   Answer = Don't Mess with the Fro.

Around 100 AF, which test was proved invalid and superfluous by the Academy?   Answer = Role-based personality test.

Around 400 AF, the '??? male' became a popular phrase. What goes in the blank?   Answer = Armored.

BBQ Ben's is famous for their cheap, but delicious behemoth meat. Rumor has it they have close ties with certain government officials. How are they able to serve meat at such a reasonable price?  Answer = They got leftover beasts from research labs.

During the festival of the Day of Rebirth, which food stand gets the most business from children?   Answer = Microchu mousse.

How do people refer to the day of Cocoon's fall?  Answer = The Day of Rebirth.

How does Hope refer to Lightning?   Answer = Light.

How does Hope's time capsule work?   Answer = It slows down time within the device.

The Lumeritz singing competition began 100 years after the first paradox. What year was that? Answer = 103 AF.

The monster movie 'The Imp' was a big hit among the niche crowd that raved about its cuteness. What did half of the movie consist of?  Answer = Dancing imps.

The popular DJ DK sports thick sideburns and a mohawk. What is the name of this hairstyle?   Answer = Chocobo hair.

What accessory is considered to grant wishes, but is seldom used because of its smell? Answer =  Chocobo feather.

What advertising media was widely seen in Palumpolem as a result of energy conservation?  Answer = Blimps.

What coarse substance is known as a fast-acting cold reliever?   Answer = Microchu baby teeth.

What company's business has been booming due to the numerous deliveries required between Cocoon and Gran Pulse?  Answer = Chocobo Delivery Service.

What does the cactuar sign seen at amusement parks imply?   Answer = Emergency exits.

What happens to a l'Cie once they complete their Focus? Answer = They turn to crystal.

What happens to a l'Cie that's unable to complete their Focus?  Answer = They become a Cie'th.

What is someone who sits at home all day generally called?   Answer = Bear.

What is the acronym for the Academia Central Broadcasting Station?  Answer = ACBS.

What is the famous painting by Geraint, the artist representing the new way style of post-Cocoon?  Answer = Cosmos.

What is the full name of Professor Garnett, the editor-in-chief of the modern history textbook of 400 AF?  Answer = Micah Garnett.

What is the name of the elevator connecting Gran Pulse with Cocoon?  Answer = Gran Elevator.

What is the orobon incapable of doing?   Answer = Exploding into a pile of dust.

What meat is used in the popular hunter's dish, Chef's Grudge?  Answer = Cooked tonberry tail.

What mythology-based movie won the Tantalus award for Best Film in 328 AF?   Answer = From Etro with Love.

What popular game do kids play on the shores of New Bodhum?  Answer = Hopscotch.

What project is being criticized by reformist groups for pushing Academia to become a closed city?   Answer =  Elimination of foreign trade.

What topic is most touched upon in the modern history textbook of 400 AF?  Answer = Paradox.

What was Dajh's ability as a l'Cie?  Answer = Sensing power of Pulse origin.

What was the name of the device used by Sanctum's elite soldiers that allowed one to control gravity?  Answer = Grav-con Unit.

What was the name of the military squad led by Cid Raines?  Answer = Rapid Response Team.

What was the name of New Bodhum's soccer team, one of the few teams that participated in the first season on Gran Pulse in 4-5 AF?  Answer =The Enterprise.

What was the task of the government-operated PSICOM?  Answer = Protecting Cocoon from Pulse.

What was the name of the weapon used to shoot Cocoon's garbage into outer space?  Answer = Megajunk cannon.

What water sport requires athletes to wear floats on their legs as they fight over a flag?  Answer =  Waterstrike.

When the Academy discovered the crystal pillar was in bad condition, what solution did they come up with to try and secure living space?   Answer = Build a new Cocoon.

Where is the ideal place to raise a chocobo chick?  Answer = Humid plains.

Where was Proto fal'Cie Adam created?   Answer = Augusta Tower.

Which architect designed the congress hall founded in the capital city of Eden?   Answer = Augustio Camille.

Which invaluable ore is sought after by miners everywhere?  Answer = Uraninite.

Which monster wields the Centurion Blade?   Answer = Immortal.

Which of the following did not occur directly after the publication of Woolrich's novel 'Humans Belong to the Fal'Cie'?   Answer = It became a bestseller.

Which of the following is not programmed into the sunglasses of the Serendipity card dealers?   Answer = X-ray vision.

Which movie portraying a couple torn apart by the Purge won the Tantalus Award for Best Film?  Answer = My Gran Pulse Lover.

Who is the distinguished economist who said, 'Humans are merely animals that earn gil'? Answer =  Gilmay Erskine.

Whose life revolves around collecting data on monsters?   Answer = Dr. M.

Why was the piece 'Cocoon and the Five Moons' stripped of its title for first prize in the 35th Academia Photo Exhibition?  Answer = It was digitally altered.

The East Side Brain Blast Terminal and Fragment

-- East Side Brain Blast Terminal --

Located in the east side of the middle section of the city at the end of the wide avenue, this out of the way Brain Blast Terminal rewards you with 500 CP and the Epicurean Song Fragment.

Getting all ten questions right also rewards you with Treasure Chests containing the following items:  a Flower Pattern,  a Sky Blue Silk Hat, and a Carnival Mask.

-- East Side Brain Blast Terminal Questions and Answers --

Before the crystal pillar appeared, in what state was Cocoon?   Answer = Floating in midair due to the fal'Cie's powers.

Being oblivious to small, everyday occurrences is called a tonberry's what?  Answer = Stealthy walk.

How does Hope's Eidolon, Alexander, make his exit?   Answer = Breathes fire and flies off.

In 1 AF, an old flanbanero flower was discovered in crystal. The color was a cross between crystal and a flanbanero. What was the color?   Answer = Muddy Violet.

In 2 AF, an air shuttle became available in the Yaschas Massif. What are the condensation trails of the shuttles that were named after shooting stars called?   Answer = Comet trails.

In 20 AF, which region was crawling with bounty hunters due to the growing number of monsters in the area?   Answers = Bresha Ruins.

In Noel's world, the earth was barren and there was little sign of life. What did his people use to build their homes?   Answer = Scraps.

In what region of Gran Pulse can the ruins of Paddra be found?   Answer = Yaschas Massif.

Jones is an infamous treasure hunter who always seems to engulf his discoveries in flames and fail in his excursions. What kind of weapon does he wield?  Answer = A flamethrower.

Of all the chocobo toys sold in Nautilus, there are rare ones called Happy Chocobo. What creepy characteristic makes it different from other toys?   Answer = Its eyes are bloodshot.

On what part of his body does Odin wear his cape?  Answer = Over his right shoulder.

Since the massive relocation to Gran Pulse, a world much less peaceful than Cocoon, which item has considerably risen in sales?   Answer = Potions.

The annual Gysahl Cup that presents the winner with more gysahl greens than it can eat in a lifetime was held every year except for one. Why wasn't it held in 394 AF?   Answer = Lack of gysahl greens.

Two sisters work in Serendipity as casino staff. How does the younger sister describe her older sibling?   Answer = Shy.

What caffeine-filled snack was popular among the Academy scientists of 10 AF?  Answer =  Bobblicious.

What does Noel have equipped on his left hand?  Answer = Black armlet.

What does Yuj think of Serah's outfit that seemed to appear out of nowhere?   Answer = Stylin'.

What happens to Fang's Eidolon, Bahamut, in gestalt mode?   Answer = It flies with Fang on its back.

What is the creature shown on the giant roulette wheel in the central area of Serendipity?   Answer =  Carbuncle.

What move was invented by Cocoon's 13th boxing champion?  Answer = Goblin Roll.

What refreshment do chocobo race contestants drink before their race?   Answer = Chocobo XS.

What role is Serah capable of?   Answer = Commando.

What title was awarded to the winner of New Bodhum's swimming competition?   Answer = Speedy Sahagin

What was the name of the mission to drive out the inhabitants of Bodhum when a Pulse fal'Cie was discovered?   Answer = The Purge.

What weapon does Mog transform into for Serah's use?   Answer = Bowsword.

When Cocoon residents relocated to Gran Pulse, what dish became widely popular as a way to diminish the natural smell of Pulse ingredients?  Answer = Curry.

Where are Eidolons said to be from?   Answer = Valhalla.

Which Academy team was ordered to investigate the disturbance in the Vile Peaks in 10 AF?   Answer = Blitz Squadron.

Which creature has large eyes?   Answer = Neochu.

Which creature has the longest legs?   Answer = Shaolong gui.

Which creature has white fangs?   Answer = Ahriman.

Which event was the most popular at Nautilus Park?  Answer = The hologram dance parade.

Which monster is not found on the slow machine reels in Serendipity?   Answer = Flan.

Which of the following is coarse?   Answer = Scalebeast's back.

Which role allows you to heal yourself and your allies instead of attacking the enemy?   Answer =  Medic.

Which role allows you to strengthen your allies by infusing their attacks with elemental power?   Answer = Synergist.

The Southwest Side Brain Blast Terminal and Fragment

-- Southwest Side Brain Blast Terminal --

Located in the southwest side of the middle section of the city at the top of a ramp at the end of the narrow avenue, this out of the way Brain Blast Terminal rewards you with 500 CP and the Lyceum Knowledge Fragment.

Getting all ten questions right also rewards you with Treasure Chests containing the following items:  Snow Fairy Wings,  an Orange Pilot’s Badge, and a White Bushy Mustache.

-- Southwest Side Brain Blast Terminal Questions and Answers --

4D fireworks are used at ceremonies. Besides sight and hearing, what other sense does it stimulate?   Answer = Smell.

After the annual singing competition, people shower each other with an alcoholic beverage to celebrate the new year. What is the name of this beverage created using chocobos' favorite vegetable?   Answer =  Mimett.

Around 20 AF, higher-ups of the provisional government and the Academy butted heads, leading to the disappearance of a key person. How did they refer to this period?  Answer = The Dark War.

As Serah and Noel appeared in the past time and time again, what research project received lots of funding and donations?   Answer = Moogle throw simulator.

As the population on Gran Pulse increased, what business took off?   Answer = Private military companies.

During their journey, when did Mog decide he needed to go on a diet?   Answer = When Serah had trouble swinging her sword.

Located in the southwest side of the middle section of the city at the end of the wide avenue, this out of the way Brain Blast Terminal rewards you with 500 CP and the Epicurean Song Fragment.

Getting all ten questions right also rewards you with Treasure Chests containing the following items:  a Flower Pattern,  a Sky Blue Silk Hat, and a Carnival Mask.

How did the Academy revamp their program in order to provide more opportunities for the less fortunate?   Answer = They improved their scholarship programs.

In 2 AF, what did the civilians create to signify their independence from the fal'Cie?   Answer = An oath of autonomy.

In 320 AF, what city was voted the best place to live by Academy scientists?   Answer = Academia.

In Academia's popular woman’s magazine, what is the number one attribute to look for in a man?   Answer = Academy Job.

In Sazanbar Cape, one of the famous tourist spots in New Bodhum, what contest is held that is painful to watch?  Answer = Student poetry reading.

In the story Three Little Microchus, what did the youngest use to build his house?  Answer = Stone.

Many people gather at Yaschas Massif to watch the sunrise. What is a necessary item to have in your possession when walking along the dangerous monster-infested path at night?   Answer = Something that emits light.

Mythril Hearts Co. is famous for their mythril accessories. Which creepy-yet-fashionable accessory is the most popular?   Answer = Oneiric Bangle.

Subject Zero was the first experimental subject to undergo the duplicate creation process. Because they didn't have the technology to create synthetic flesh at the time, which of the following was used as the test subject?   Answer = A Behemoth bioweapon.

The baghorn is an instrument used in Nautilus's parade. Why is this instrument so hard to make?   Answer = The intricate carvings require too much work.

The Cocoon Firefly discovered on Pulse does not exist on Cocoon. How did it get its name?   Answer =  To remember Cocoon.

The Flying Tortise was Bodhum's most famous hotel that was booked till the end of time. What was the attraction that made the resort so popular?   Answer = An aerial hot tub.

The most common variety of cactuar is used for cooking. What color is it?  Answer = Green.

The National Weather Service controlled Cocoon's weather and what?  Answer = Seasons.

The Sabbath is an event where people gather to watch monsters dance and frolic. Which is the best dancer of them all?   Answer = Succubus.

The Sanctum army tried to create a bioweapon using a mu, but realized enemy soldiers wouldn't take it seriously for which reason?   Answer = They were too adorable.

The women of Academia are raving about a new powder foundation called Adam. What is the main ingredient of this product?  Answer = Adamantoise fang.

What is the common name for the Helix breshantha, a conch shell found only in the Bresha region?   Answer = Soilentoise.

What is the hit song of Bombtanians, Cocoon's all-violin band known for their melancholy sound?   Answer = Beautiful Ballad.

What is the main ingredient of phantom honey, a condiment with a rather pungent smell?   Answer =  Ochu flower honey.

What is the main ingredient of the exquisite maple honey, a sugary sweet condiment said to be developed from crystals?  Answer = Sunleth tree sap.

What is the relationship between the two runners who placed first in the 106th Eden Marathon thanks to their unbreakable bond?  Answer = Rivals.

What is the title of the dark fantasy show based on this world?   Answer = Highway to the Chaos Zone.

What part of the weapon does Mog's bobble become?  Answer = A decorative jewel.

What takes place at the annual Gran Pulse festival La Prettian, an event that celebrates the coming of spring?   Answer = People throw flan at one another.

What was the name of the scandal involving the provisional government and blank documents?   Answer = Blank sheet incident.

When a woman calls someone a 'chocobo feather man,' what does she mean?   Answer = Someone who won't commit.

When someone with a pure heart rides a chocobo, heavenly music rings in their ears. The sound comes from which part of the chocobo?   Answer = Chest feathers.

Where is hoax herb, a plant not readily spotted by hikers, generally found?  Answer = Yaschas Massif.

Which stupidly strong alcoholic beverage known to 'taste like death' is popular among the elderly?   Answer =  Cie'th Killer.

Who is the cute mascot of the popular game show Cue This?  Answer = Cuebat.

Who was the first female prime minister to represent the Sanctum?   Answer = Ivory Marilia.

Who was the girl that won the 41st Junior Sports Hunting Championship with a perfect score?  Answer = Elle Larskin.

-- Back on Task --

When you ace the last quiz to get the third prize you are informed that you have obtained perfect scores in all of the different quiz terminals and that your name will be added to the list in the Academy database.  Well done mates!  Well done indeed!  Not only did you get your name in the lists but you scored four Fragments and some nice prizes for your troubles!

You should have also cleared the map 100% -- if you did not look carefully on the east side of the center of the map, where there is a very shallow shop on the south side of the avenue that you might not have cleared as it is sort of on a narrow side strip running parallel to the main avenue as part of it...   Getting the map to 100% is one of our remaining tasks...

Obtaining the Wild Artifact and Opening the Vile Peaks Gate

Heading back towards the east side of the center area as you cross the bridge between the two sides be sure to access the data terminal in the middle to learn about the Thirteenth Ark...  There is a Chocolina here if you need her as well, otherwise continue to the east side and then head to the southeast corner of this area bottom-most (watch the video above if you cannot find it) to find a hidden Wild Artifact by a closed set of doors -- you should grab this as there is a Gate we want to open in this zone and this way you will have the Artifact to open it!

With that Wild Artifact in your possession, head north to the other side of the east side almost straight above you and open the Gate for Vile Peaks AF010.  You just need to open the Gate so that it is added to the Historia Crux and then head right back to Academia AF4XX.

-- Back in Academia AF4XX --

Now we have managed most of the mischief that we needed to manage here -- so it is time to head back towards the Academy HQ.  Enter the outer lobby of the HQ and look for a man with a chat bubble -- that is Dr. M.  Talk to him to flag the mission Fragment: Academic Rank: Monster Professor now.  Accept the mission and note that he wants you to show him your personal database on every Monster in the known worlds...  And times.  Obviously you do not have that in the bag now, and it is a long-term mission, so just be sure you try to capture / tame every Monster you can, and battle the ones you cannot to get their records completed!

Now we have dealt with everything we needed to outside of HQ, so head through the doors to the north and into the inner lobby -- ignore Hope for the moment and talk to Alyssa to learn about what Hope has been doing, and to learn about the battle with the Proto fal'Cie and all that did not happen because of Serah...  Talk to Alyssa a second time and she then tells you about the Time Capsule -- with maybe not as many details as you would like -- Alyssa and Serah have some girl bonding, and then another chat bubble appears over her head.

Your Meeting with Hope and Alyssa at Academy HQ

Talk to her again to learn about the Thirteenth Ark -- and about the Graviton Cores -- which you need to collect for them.  That was the good news.  The bad news is that Hope has determined that they need multiple cores -- but then we were going to find them anyway, right?

Now talk to Hope and he explains why they came to the future.  After you get the first Datalog updated notice, talk to Hope again for an LT event -- it does not seem to matter which of the chat choices you make -- but ask the question you are the most curious about since you get a specific response to your question.  When this conversation ends a Treasure Cube appears nearby containing the Crystal Star Adornment (the LT reward) so go grab that.

You will notice that Alyssa has a Quest Mark over her head -- that is to go to her to turn in the Graviton Core Fragments -- but if you check your Fragment Library you will note that you only have five of the seven cores at the moment -- so it is not the time to turn them into her just now.

If you run a little north of where you talked to Hope and Alyssa and look down to the next level you will notice a Treasure Sphere happily bouncing around down there -- toss Moogle at it to grab a Platinum Casino Ticket to go with the Gold one you got earlier outside...

You may have run across Captain Cryptic outside -- he also has quiz questions that he will ask and rewards Fragments for them, but right now we are not interested in dealing with that -- it will be dealt with as a separate section later in the guide, so just pass over that for now if you like -- or head to the section set aside for it and get it out of the way, either choice works for me!

You should also bear in mind that if you have been throwing Moogle around in the different sub-areas of the zone you will be obtaining some interesting loot -- I only mention that to remind you to do it, right?

And that nicely wraps up the zone!

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