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P14B: Oerba AF400

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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P14B: Oerba AF400

You should be aware that this is basically a continuation of the side-story that we have been following in the previous zone -- the idea is to continue solving the Anomaly Puzzles that are part of the Labyrinth in order to help Moogle discover more of her memories.   This place looks very different than the previous zone -- much better weather :)

The first Anomaly Pillar is ahead on the left -- and it turns out to be a Crystal Puzzle with the disappearing tiles.  This one is on the tricky side so you will want to watch the video below to see the solution to it if you cannot figure it out on your own...  Your reward for this one is 800 CP and the Farewell Madeleine Fragment. 

The Crystal Puzzle Solutions

Continue east to the main avenue and then down the ramp below to the next Anomaly Pillar -- revealing itself to be a Shape Puzzle.  Resolving the Anomaly rewards you with 800 CP and the Bittersweet Chiffon Fragment. 

Head around to the ramp leading down towards the beach and descend, and at the bottom of the ramp look directly to the left in the corner where there are some large roots with a Treasure Chest at the top of the roots.  Toss Moogle up there to obtain the Hometown Gate Seal for your efforts.

-- The Beach Area --

Heading down to the beach go to the Anomaly Pillar on the right as you descend, which turns out to be a Clock Face Puzzle!  Completing the three stages earns you 800 CP and the Beloved Cinnamon Fragment.

Head west across the beach to the next Pillar and a CS with Moogle that adds to the story -- then you find yourself facing another Clock Face Puzzle.  This one has six (SIX) levels to it!  Resolving the Anomaly delivers 1000 CP and the Pink Parfait Fragment.  We get a lengthy CS after we resolve the puzzle in which more is learned about Moogle -- and then a decision is in the offing.  We do not learn the result of the decision until after we leave the labyrinth and re-enter the world.

Head along the beach to the stairs leading into the building there -- head all the way up to the roof and then use Mooglehunt to reveal the Anomaly Pillar located here which contains a Clock Face Puzzle.  Resolving the Puzzle earns you 800 CP and the Teatime Mont Blanc Fragment.

Head back up the stairs and along the path west to the next Pillar which contains a Pattern Puzzle.  Resolving this delivers 800 CP and the Selfish Pancake Fragment.  Head up the nearby stairs to find another hidden Treasure Sphere with a Hypnocrown in it.

Back down the stairs continue along the path to the far stairs and head up to the street and then to the main avenue, turning onto it and continuing to the jumping point and jump down to the plaza below where you find the next Pillar.

This one is a Crystal and disappearing Tile type -- solving it requires just some patience and well-planned steps and delivers to you 800 CP and the Tremulous Muffin Fragment. 

Follow the path around the side of the building and then follow your excited Moogle inside the building where, deep in the back there is a hidden Anomaly Pillar that, once revealed turns out to be a Pattern Puzzle.  You know how to do these so it should go rather quickly,

Obtaining the Graviton Core Zeta

Completing it delivers to you 800 CP and the Dishonest Mille-feuille Fragment for the six stages.

Now for a quick side-trip, head up to the main avenue and run all the way to the end into the sand dunes and grab the Platinum Casino Ticket from the Treasure Chest there. 

Now that we have obtained all eight of the puzzle-based Fragments there is just one more (that has now been revealed) for us to obtain...  Head back to the beach now and, starting in the northeast corner, along the edge of the beach all the way to the east you will spot a hidden object -- a Treasure Sphere with the Wild Chorus weapon in it.  Continue west along the edge of the water to find another hidden Treasure Sphere which has a Platinum Casino Ticket in it. 

Near the building on the beach is a hidden object -- look carefully and you will see it -- and using Mooglehunt reveals the Fragment Graviton Core Zeta.  This is the 6th of the 7 Graviton Cores we need to find so well done mates!

Check the grinding list below for anything that you want and do the grind!

-- Grinding Opportunities --

If you want to grind a little in this area  you can acquire the following loot items:

Cie'th Tear (Component)
Mana Essence (Material)
Painkiller (Consumable)
Potion (Consumable)
Power Essence (Material)

You can also acquire the Monster Crystals for:

Forked Cat (pole cat-type) Organic / Saboteur
Zaghnal (behemoth-type) Organic / Ravager

-- Back on Track --

When you are happy with your progress through this zone and have all the items and have done the grinding you want to do, return to the Historica Crux and then select the Gate for Oerba AF200.

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