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P09A: Sunleth Waterscape AF300

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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P09A: Sunleth Waterscape AF300

At this point considering the various grinding points that have been encountered you should have capped your main job and made a good dent on another -- so it is time to return and finish off this level mates.  When you arrive it will be at the location that we departed from -- jump up on the nearby tree-bridge and work your way across where you will find a Treasure Sphere to throw Moogle at with an Ember Ring in it.

When you turn to go you have an unavoidable battle with some Miniflan, the winning of which gains us the Combat Artifact and instructions to head for the Gate -- but we are not quite ready to do that just now, as there are some other items in the zone we want to get.

Cross back over the tree-bridge and go to the north side of this area and use Mooglehunt to reveal the hidden vine -- then cross the gap using that vine.  On the other side grab the Frost Ring from the Treasure Sphere and then use Mooglehunt to reveal the Treasure Sphere with the Unicorn Horn in it. 

Take the vine to the right of the first Sphere and as soon as you land use Mooglehunt to reveal the hidden vine on this side that will allow you to make the reverse trip.  Now backtrack all the way south to the Gate and use the Combat Artifact we just obtained to activate it and head to the Historia Crux and then to the Colosseum (which is where the Gate actually leads).

Obtaining the White Hole Gem Fragment

-- Colosseum AF??? --

This is NOT the other Colosseum that we do the challenges at it is a different one...  And you cannot do anything until you walk forward and confront the Arbiter of Time so go ahead and do that now. 

Noel makes a deal with the Arbiter to obtain the Artifact -- which turns out to be the White Hole Gem Fragment and 300 CP.  On your way out reveal the hidden Treasure Sphere by the Gate to get a Map of the Colosseum and then use the Gate to return to Sunleth Waterscape.

-- Sunleth Waterscape AF300 --

We arrive just where we departed from -- so head north from here to the Chocolina and when you get to her, partake of her goods if you need to and then get back on that giant turtle and continue north.  If there are any Treasure Spheres along the way you did not get when we first game south here get them now, right?  Just be sure you get all the Treasure Spheres here, and if you do not, take the trip a few times to get them.

Head east of the Chocolina here and you will spot some hidden Flan -- Mooglehunt them to cause them to jump down, then jump down yourself and follow the tree to the Treasure Sphere to get the 960 Gil from it.  This is a dead-end but the path above that heads east is not, so jump back to the ground and use the east path by revealing the second group of hidden Flan and jumping down the path that they open for you.

Hit the Treasure Sphere for x9 Vitality Droplets and continue along the path to the Vine and look down below to spot the Extraordinary Egg -- toss your Moogle down there to collect it and then swing across,  and jump up for a Flan battle and a CS if you grabbing the Crystal here --  which leads to an LT event, and the LT reward Treasure Chest spawning.  I got the Blue Flower for my responses but if you have poor responses you can get just a Potion...

Obtaining the Extraordinary Egg

Instead of immediately swinging back jump down below at the Vine and run along this section to clear it from the map.  You can also capture an Unsaganashi (Organic / Saboteur) here, and since this did not appear elsewhere in this zone it may be specific to this bottom area so you may as well get one now, right?

Now that we have everything that we need, backtrack to the Vine and swing over, then head all the way to the west past the Chocolina and the Gate that leads to the Historica Crux, and clear the small dark area to the west that has a Gate we cannot open on it just now (just to clear it from the map).  Heading North from here run past the Royal Ripeness (you may be tempted to battle it but even if you have several of your jobs on both Serah and Noel capped this is still a battle you will likely lose, so just run past for now).

When you reach the gate above use it (it uses the Thundering Artifact) it will open the way to the Archylte Steppe AF??? for you.

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