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P12A: Yaschas Massif AF100

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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P12A: Yaschas Massif AF100

It is time to visit and clear some of the areas we have unlocked -- and this red-tinted time is as good a place to resume that process as any now that we have mastered Chocobo Racing!  If you chat with the locals you will learn what has them so upset -- people are disappearing and the red blobs are appearing and in this timeline they have not figured out the connection yet. 

In the back of Hope's tent is a hidden Treasure Chest that, when you use Mooglehunt on it, deliver the Key Item: Bulb of Hope to you.  The Bulb of Hope is a flower bulb that glimmers with hope...  Yeah.

Talk to the red sphere in the plaza below -- Karl -- to flag the mission Fragment: Helmwige's Nightshade, and then head down to the main plaza to the north.  Behind the shipping crates under the ramps on the northwest side is a Treasure Chest that contains the Key Item: Sealed Tablet (a stone tablet engraved with the horrifying past of Paddra) that you have to use Moogle Toss to obtain.  It may take a few tries to get your Moogle into the right spot.

Gathering the Seven Fragments

Now head up the ramp that leads to the valleys and canyons outside of town and at the landing before the last flight up, look over the right-hand side and you will see another Treasure Chest that contains the Key Item: Reminiscence Gate Seal.  Grab that with Moogle Toss and then head up the ramp to the exit.  A short walk up on the right is a pair of fallen rock slabs that you will spot a hidden Treasure Chest on -- use Moogle Hunt to reveal the Treasure Chest and obtain the Key Item: Comm Device (a portable comm device containing one unsent message).

Follow the main path to the end where you have to jump down the ledges and, at the bottom, notice the hidden Treasure Chest.  When you reveal it with Mooglehunt you will obtain the Key Item: Picture Frame (A 3D hologram machine projecting the image of a little girl). 

Heading back towards town take the left turn and then another left and you will find a Treasure Chest on the path with a Blessed Blade (one of Noel's weapons).  Keep following the path staying to the left at each split and you will find a glowing golden Anomaly Gate -- enter that to find the Clock-type Anomaly.  Obviously I cannot tell you the solutions to these as they are random each time and the ones that I got will not be the ones you get -- but the solutions just require basic math skills so doodle them out on paper mates!  Solving the Anomaly earns you 500 CP and the Book of Valhalla Fragment which is a nice addition to our Fragment collection!

Just beyond where the Anomaly was is a Wild Fragment Gate that leads to Sunleth Waterscape AF400 -- go ahead and open that Gate now, and then head right back to Yaschas Massif AF100!  That way you have access to that Gate without us having to come all the way back here later.  You should have a few Wild Artifacts but we will want to be on the lookout for more obviously...

-- Grinding Opportunities --

If you want to grind a little in this area  you can acquire the following loot items:

Mana Sliver (Material)
Potent Sliver (Material)
Power Orb (Material)
Power Sliver (Material)
Vitality Droplet (Material)
Vitality Orb (Material)
Vitality Sliver (Material)

You can also acquire the Monster Crystals for:

Ahriman (demon-bird) Organic / Saboteur
Bunkerbeast (armadillo-type) Organic / Sentinel
Crawler (slug-like) Organic / Commando
Pitterpatter (lizard-type) Organic / Saboteur

-- Back on Task --

Now that you have that it is time to return to the city, where you need to talk to the red sphere (Karl) to turn in his mission and collect Helmwige's Nightshade Fragment and 500 CP.  With that managed leave the city and head back to the pass to the first split (where the Chocobo is) and talk to the red sphere there to flat the mission Fragment: Siegrune's Spiritbloom -- we already have the item that is needed for the mission so talk to it again to get 500 CP and the Siegrune's Spiritbloom Fragment.  Well done!

Now head into the large clearings to the southwest -- remember the large crevice on the north side with the pole / tree trunk poking out of it?  Look midway along it on the west side for a glittering hidden object upon which to use Mooglehunt and you will reveal the Fragment Graviton Core: Epsilon.  Grab that and add it to your collection now!

Resolving the Clock Anomaly

From here head to the southeast along the path to where we did the Anomaly earlier and find the next red sphere to talk to and flag the mission Fragment: Schwertleite's Flower -- we already have the item for this so talk to it again to turn it in and obtain 300 CP and the Schwertleite's Flower Fragment.  Again, well done!

Now follow the path along to get to the north-most of the clearings to the west (yes I know we just came from there a minute ago) and you will find the next red sphere -- talk to it to flag the mission Fragment: Rossweisse Skyblossom.  As we already have the item for this, talk to it again to complete the mission and gain 500 CP and the Rossweisse Skyblossom Fragment. 

You get the message that another Anomaly has appeared -- so it is time to return to town and deal with that now!

This is another of the clock-type, and again, I cannot tell you exactly how to solve each, but you should be able to doodle it out -- I did!  Once you resolve this Anomaly you are rewarded with 500 CP, the Book of Shambala Fragment, and a Wild Artifact.  Hey!  How about that?  And we were just talking about needing to replace that Wild Artifact we used to open the Gate earlier!

As the CS plays out after you leave the Anomaly you should unlock the Achievement "Fragmented" (30 G) Completed an entire fragment category.

That wraps up all 7 Fragments for this zone -- so well done mates!  Really!  Our work is done here so unless you need to get some of the Monster Crystals for here you did not get or you want to do some grinding, it is time to head back to the Historia Crux!

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