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P10G: Academia AF4XX (Silver Chocobo)

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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P10G: Academia AF4XX (Silver Chocobo)

We are only coming here for a specific reason -- we are not actually doing this zone right now...

When we arrive we get a CS in which we see a thriving human-filled city and we are greeted by Hope and Alyssa, and Hope invites us to visit him at the Academy HQ.  Good, we will eventually be doing that, just not right now.

Obtaining the Silver Chocobo

When the CS ends look around and you will see the moving walkway that heads north -- step on that and ride it to the end and then take the left-hand moving walkway further north towards the HQ.  There is a set of stairs going down on the left -- take those and then head north to the marker and use the door it is in front of to enter the HQ.

Run north across the lobby to the next door and go through, and then run up the ramp and to the right until you have a clear shot to throw your Moogle on top of the huge glowing green Sphere here!  Moogle will now score you a tasty Silver Chocobo!  Well done! 

For the record the Silver Chocobo is:

-- Silver Chocobo (Chocobo-type) Organic / Sentinel -- Level 1 (Rank 3).

The one that I tamed (well, caught really or Moogle Captured... Whatever!) is Loyal, Well-Grown, and Resourceful (those are its traits).  It came with the passive ability "Ally KO Power Surge: Boosts Strength and Magic each time an ally is KO'd" which while it may not be one of the best passives is still pretty cool... 

I named her "Stella" after the character of Stella Kowalski from the Tennessee Williams play A Streetcar Named Desire (I actually liked the play more than I liked the movie, as Marlon Brando did an exceptional job of it in his role as Stanley Kowalski, and Kim Hunter played Stella Kowalski...  You may not know this but she was also in Planet of the Apes (she played Dr. Zira).

You will notice that we did not speak to Hope (who we passed a second ago at the top of the ramp) -- we did not speak to him for a reason...  And that reason is that we are not doing this zone right now, we only came here for the Silver Chocobo, so now it is time to hit the Historia Crux -- so hit the Start Button, save your game and then Return to Historia Crux!

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