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P16A: A Dying World AF700

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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P16A: A Dying World AF700

When you reach the other side enter the Gate for A Dying World AF700 and you will find that the CS fills you in properly as to what your goal is here...  Head west on the path until you trigger a CS in which you encounter Noel!   But as you watch he runs right through you -- run after him to get another CS in which he meets with Caius -- who you will then be able to talk to in order to further the level but do not do that just yet.

If you look to the north of him you will find up the stairs behind the shed a Treasure Sphere with Pain Dampener (Accessory) in it.

Now chat up Caius for a CS in which you learn more about what is happening here from Noel.  Run forward and you will spot a hidden Treasure Sphere -- use Mooglehunt on it to obtain the Map of the zone.  In town by one of the houses is a Treasure Chest with the Promises Gate Seal in it -- be sure to grab that -- and then continue along the path to run along the edge of the area revealing it on the map.  You will find a Treasure Sphere with 1500 Gil in it as you go, grab the White Cape from the Treasure Sphere up the stairs on the top of one of the houses. 

This may be a bit frustrating as finding Noel unless you pay attention to Moogle is difficult -- but I show where he is in the video so you can use that...  Use Mooglehunt on him to trigger a CS with him and Yeul and then talk to Yeul to get another CS -- follow Noel to trigger yet another CS in which Caius confronts Noel again -- and Noel learns that the plan he thinks is the plan is not really the plan...

Your second Caius Battle

-- The Second Caius Battle --

This one is really brief and should be no trouble for you to five-star at all...  You do it as Noel and this time around Caius is a wuss.  Or maybe not since we did not actually kill him...

Caius declares his intention to go to Valhalla to slay the Goddess -- and so you learn the rest of Noel's story -- what he could not remember before.

Follow Noel to get a sad CS and then follow him again to get another CS and then follow him some more and get another CS -- do that again and eventually you see him fall to his knees in another CS, and get raised into the light -- at which point you grab his hands and fill him in on what has taken place and what you need to do for him...

Just as things are looking up you find yourself in a Boss Battle!

-- Gogmagog Battle --

The beauty of this is that you area already set up for this battle with Delta Attack-X (RAV/COM/SEN) so it should be a very short very easy five-star battle!

Once you defeat him the dream ends and you get an LT event with Noel -- he tries to talk you out of continuing the journey to save your life -- regardless of your answer you should receive 15,000 CP, the  Gogmagog Fragment Gamma, and a Crystal Rose in a nearby LT-Reward Treasure Chest.

Head back to town following Noel for a long and battle-filled run, and you will eventually arrive at the marker -- which you use to trigger a CS with a vision of the future that actually has some good news in it...  The Oracle Drive then restores everything to the way that it was, with Moogle back and a gate now present!

Talk to Moogle to learn the truth about Caius and it is not good news...

Before you step through the Gate here go back to the village and look for a well on the right side near the center and throw Moogle into it to obtain 600 CP and the Ultima Brand Fragment.

Now head back to the Gate/Pillar and step through it to end this dream!  On the other side you find yourself witnessing a world you do not recognize and yet you do -- New Bodhum of AF700!

-- Grinding Opportunities --

If you want to grind a little in this area  you can acquire the following loot items:

Cie'th Tear (Component)
Holy Water (Consumable)
Painkiller (Consumable)
Phoenix Blood (Component)
Potent Booster (Material)
Potent Essence (Material)
Potent Orb (Material)
Tear of Remorse (Component)

You can also acquire the Monster Crystals for:

Garganzola (sludge-type) Organic / Commando
Pantopode (bug-type) Organic / Saboteur
Pleuston (bug-type) Organic / Ravager

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