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Final Fantasy XIII-2 PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 5 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Final Fantasy XIII-2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360

You can also ask your question on our Final Fantasy XIII-2 Questions & Answers page.

All Final Fantasy XIII-2 Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Secret Ending

To view a secret ending after the credits have rolled you need to have collected ALL 160 fragments, activated the Paradox Scope and repeated the final boss battles in Academia (500AF).

Graviton Core Locations

Check out the video below if you are struggling to find the location of the Graviton Cores.

Watch the video

Improved Moggle Throw Monster Crystals

Talk to Mystic the first time you reach Serendipity to get Mog's Manifestation. When you have this your Moggle's throw and Haggler skill will be improved and can be used at the indicated areas to get the corresponding unique monster crystal.

Cactuarama (A Dying World 700):

Throw Mog into a position close to Chocolina in the Black Sands Zone.

Cactuarina (New Bodhum 003AF):

Throw Mog into the crater beneath the gate in the Meteorite Impact Site Area.

Chichu (Archylte Steppe ???AF):

Throw Mog into the patch of red flowers close to the Cactuar Waystone on The Plains Of Eternity.

Leyak (Sunleth Waterscape 300AF):

Throw Mog at the two Miniflans while riding the giant beast in the Anime Trail Area.

Nanochu (Archylte Steppe ???AF):

Throw Mog onto the small island at the center of the Clearwater Marshes.

Rangda (New Bodhum 003AF):

Throw Mog into the ocean from the pier east of the NORA house.

Silver Chocobo (Academia 4XXAF):

Throw Mog onto the platform beneath the holographic projection of Cocoon.

Unlock Fragment Skills

Below is a list of ALL 14 Fragment skills and their effects when unlocked. To unlock Fragment Skills you must complete certain quests, find them in the specified timelines or play through the game.

Unlock Anti-Grav Jump:

Defies gravity and lets you jump further (Hold O/B button).

Unlock Bargain Hunter:

You can buy items from shops for 25% less Gil (affects Serendipity coin prices as well).

Unlock Battlemania:

Increases the odds to encounter rare enemies on the field.

Unlock Chocobo Music:

Lets you choose between a variety of Chocobo songs while riding the Chocobo.

Unlock Clock Master:

Lets you manipulate the overall game speed between High Speed and Low Speed.

Unlock Encounter Master:

Changes the enemy encounter rate to frequent or less frequent.

Unlock Eyes of the Goddess:

During Event Scenes you have control over the camera (Use R3 to control camera).

Unlock Field Killer:

Defeats enemies instantly on the field.

Unlock Haggler:

You can sell items to shops for 10% more Gil.

Unlock Mobile Mog:

Lets Mog return to your side faster after throwing him.

Unlock Mog's Manifestation:

Improved Moogle Throw which enables you to find always treasure where no treasure can be seen.

Unlock Monster Collector:

Increases the odds to obtain a Monster Crystal from battles.

Unlock Paradox Scope:

Invoke a paradox to explore new potential histories to challenge history's new possibilties (Required to obtain some Fragments and the Secret Ending).

Unlock Rolling in CP:

Earn more CP from battles.

XMB Themes

You can get some complimentary XMB themes for your PS3 by following the instructions below:

Alternate Lightning XMB Theme

Get the "Master of Time" Platinum Trophy.

Lightnng XMB Theme:

Have a FFXIII Game Save.

Mog XMB Theme:

Get the "Fair Fighter" Trophy.

Noel Kreiss XMB Theme:

Achieve a 5 star rating on the final boss.

Serah Farron XMB Theme:

Get the "Defragmented" Trophy.

Once unlocked, the themes can be downloaded via the title screen.

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