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P08C: Yaschas Massif AF01X

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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P08C: Yaschas Massif AF01X

At this point you might be thinking that it is time to go back to Oerba to finish up those quests that we appeared to simply walk away from when we hit the gate -- but that would be a mistake because we really did not walk away from anything, as the Behemoth Fang quest was really the only one that we could actually do in that zone!  In fact we actually need to travel to Yaschas Massic AF01X in order to make some progress -- which if you count them is two zones away from the one we got the quests in...

So now that you have hit the Gate and are in the Historica Crux, select the AF01X Gate and continue to this new alternate world of newness where some things are possible, and you find yourself in a version of the world where the eclipse is no longer present.  After the conversation plays out turn and jump up the small cliffs here and, on the second one, open the Treasure Chest and grab yourself an Encounter's Gate Seal -- then note the chat bubble on your partner and jump up to the next cliff to talk to them for an LT event.

Fragment: Orb of Clotho Mission

With more of the story now starting to unfold in these conversations it really is a good idea if you read the Fragment Pages and keep reading them if you already have been, since it adds depth to the story...

At the top of the cliffs you can go straight towards the town, or left towards the area with the Gate we used to arrive in the other timeline...  For the moment turn left instead of heading directly to the town -- because you will be able to obtain x10 Power Chips with a Moogle Throw to the roof of one of the outpost buildings at the very end of the path then head back to the split and towards town.  In the area below the stairs you jump down to get to the gate in the cul-de-sac below you will find a Treasure Chest with an Ivory Crystal -- the first of three Crystals we need -- in it so be sure to grab that!

On the way back when you reach the junction of the three paths (one is still blocked to you) look behind the rock here for the hidden Treasure Chest that you reveal using Mooglehunt.  Inside is the Onyx Crystal -- which is second of three Crystals that we need.

Now head back to the clearing area with the Gate and look for a hole in the ground (a fissure) and you will see a Treasure Chest in there!  Throw Moogle at it to collect the third and final Crystal that we need, the Emerald Crystal.  These three Crystals are for a Fragment mission that we will be flagging later, so getting them now is a really good idea as it will save a lot of time and effort.

Note that you can encounter a Behemoth-type mob on steroids called a Narasimha here that is pretty tough if you have not been doing grinding sessions and leveled your characters -- if you are at or near cap on your main job this guy is a piece of cake, but if you are low-level you are better off running away from battles with him.

When you reach the area just before the town you trigger a CS in which you are greeted by Yeul who tells you about what she does -- and you learn that Serah has the same power as Yeul!  After that CS ends when you take a few more steps you get another CS in which Serah does her little retrospective, and then you are free to explore this alternate city before we speak to Hope -- so let's do that!

Fragment: Mirror of Atropos Mission

-- Exploring the City --

If you need to hit the Chocolina now is a good time to do that, and then as you head up the stairs to the upper plaza turn a hard right and find a Treasure Chest behind some crates and a girder in the corner.  You cannot actually reach this yourself, you need to toss your Moogle to get it -- and you score the Old Batteries you need for one of the quests!  Well done!

Now head up to the top and chat with the Hope from this world, and you learn that the eclipse never happened in this world...  And now you get to see the full recording -- and it is good news as far as Hope and Serah are concerned since it proves that Lighting is alive.

After he shows you that Hope then launches into a learned description of the facts that he has deduced, and then we get another CS within a CS in which we see the fall of Cocoon (or a variation of the event) and that adds a bit of confusion to the story...  An agreement and a plan is reached, and the CS ends with Lightning asking you a question.

Turn around and talk to Noel next -- he has a chat bubble -- and when he is done talk to Hope again for a continuation of the conversation and an LT event -- after the conversation with Hope, talk to Noel again (this is basically chat tennis).  Now walk a little distance away to trigger the end of the Live event with a CS of Serah declaring her wants.  Moogle tells you to find the Gate and Key.

On the left side of the building that Noel is standing is will appear a Treasure Chest that contains the LT reward -- depending on the choices that you made it will either be a Potion, a Red Silk Hat, or an Academic's Hat.

Now you will notice that the area that was blocked off past here is now unblocked -- talk to the guard there to learn why the area is now open to you -- and then enter the new area and use Mooglehunt to score 600 Gil from the hidden Treasure Sphere and then use it again to reveal the Mysterious Artifact that is at the far end of the platform.

Down in the plaza below head to the far corner for some new chat opportunities, one of which is a bloke named Marlow who tells you about a tablet that they found -- and lost -- and asks you to take on the Fragment: Orb of Clotho mission.  Since we already have the Tablet go ahead and chat with him again to complete this mission now!  That gains us 300 CP and the Fragment: Orb of Clotho.

Nearby is Lester -- talk to him and he will tell you about some strange lights and then ask you to take on the mission Fragment: Mirror of Atropos.  Go ahead and do that, and then talk to him again since we already have the three Crystals he is seeking -- and he rewards you with his story, 300 CP, and the Mirror of Atropos Fragment.  Check the Fragment Page to learn about The Book of Haerii.

-- Grinding Opportunities --

If you want to grind a little in this area  you can acquire the following loot items:

Mana Sliver (Material)
Molted Tail (Component)
Potent Droplet (Material)
Power Sliver (Material)
Remedy (Consumable)
Shattered Bone (Component)

You can also acquire the Monster Crystals for:

Necrosis (floating flower-like) Organic / Saboteur

The Gorgyra Boss Battle

-- Gorgyra Battle --

Talk to Duncan by the stairs and he will tell you about a Seer and ask you to take the mission Fragment: Gorgyra Fragment -- this one is a bit more complicated because while the Cie'th we need to find her and this is not a random encounter...  Her location is near the Chocobo in the plain above the   clearing where the Gate is located -- and you need to know going in that even if you have your jobs capped this is still going to be one challenging battle to survive let alone win...

The problem is that she dishes out major damage, and has a deep HP pool -- so five-starring this battle is not really likely unless you are very good and your jobs are capped up.  One tactic that works is to use RAV/COM/MED to Stagger her and of course to heal and debuff, and either RAV/COM/COM or RAV/COM/RAV to damage her once you have her staggered.  The thing is once she is staggered you do not want to be shifting Paradigms so remember to use Potions to heal and whatever other items you think will help instead.

When the battle is over and you have won you will receive 500 CP and the Gorgyra Fragment -- whose Page is about the Best of the Bestiary.

Bear in mind that this is not one of the missions where we have to return to the giver in order to complete it -- we just completed it by killing the Cie'th who was the target of it -- and that is a good thing because this is actually the end of the zone we want to be in!

-- The Gate we are Seeking --

The Gate that we are seeking is the one down the canyon at the outpost that you have to jump down the stairs to reach (the one we got the Ivory Crystal from under the stairs).  So head there and approach the Gate and activate it. 

Using this Gate changes the Mysterious Artifact into the Illusionary Artifact, which is the correct Key to open this Gate!   We get the usual Gate-opening CS with a brief chat and a reminiscence by Serah, and then we see Caius arrive and Yeul die again...  Enter the Historia Crux with the new Gate destination now open. 

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