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P08B: Oerba AF200

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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P08B: Oerba AF200

You have done everything that you need to do here, now, so head back to the entrance to this area where the Chocolina is and look at the map -- see the dark area with the Gate in it ahead that we passed without exploring before?  Head there now and use the Hollow Artifact to open it -- triggering a CS in which Noel gets a little personal stuff off of his chest...  Then the Gate activates and Serah goes into reflection mode.

When the Gate finally opens it leads to Oerba in AF200 -- so head on there and get a CS in which we learn that space time is being twisted!  Facing the Gate on its left side is a time-shifted object that, when you use Mooglehunt on, reveals a Fragment: Giant Egg whose Page is from a Research Director's Notebook.

Head to the bridge and use Mooglehunt to reveal the next checkpoint -- use it and you will find yourself in the next puzzle game -- basically all that you need to do is observe the Temporal Rift Crystal Bonds puzzle you are shown, and then re-create that puzzle.

Solving the first Rift Puzzle

To do this head to one of the top corners of the puzzle and then hold down 'A' and move to the next crystal as soon as it changes to match the one you are on at the start.  The next crystal will change to match and so on, so just keep moving to draw the puzzle before the timer runs out!  Easey Peasy!

Once you complete the recreation of the puzzle walk to the Gate to end the challenge and be transported back to the zone.  Your reward for completing this puzzle is the Fragment: Time's Stardust and 300 CP -- the page for this Fragment is called Mog Confidential. 

-- Grinding Opportunities --

If you want to grind a little in this area  you can acquire the following loot items:

Cie'th Tear (Component)
Holy Water (Consumable)
Mana Chip (Material)
Mana Sliver (Material)
Painkiller (Consumable)
Potent Bolt (Material)
Potent Droplet (Material)
Potent Sliver (Material)
Potion (Consumable)
Power Sliver (Material)

You can also acquire the Monster Crystals for:

Chelicerata (large bug-type) Organic / Saboteur
Clione (small bug-type) Organic / Synergist
Frag Leech (a slug-like monster) Organic / Commando
Lucidon (an armidillo-like monster) Mechanical / Commando
Zwerg Scandroid (spinning droid) Mechanical / Ravager

-- Back on Task --

Ahead on the right is a Treasure Sphere with Gysahl Greens near a jump point to jump down -- but before you jump down take the left turn street and at the end find a Treasure Sphere with a Power Wristband in it by the tree at the end.  Now jump down and explore the area below, and you will find a walkway that runs around the back of the building here.

In the back is a Chocolina -- hit her up if you need her services -- then head up the first set of stairs and to the back for a Treasure Sphere with a Map of Oerba -- nice one!  Up the next flight of stairs is a Treasure Chest with a Vision's Gate Seal in it so be sure to grab that -- and then head downstairs to the ground level.

Head immediately north to the edge of the swirling flow and use Mooglehunt to reveal the next checkpoint -- and use it to go to the next puzzle!

Solving the second Rift Puzzle

-- Temporal Rift Puzzle --

This one comes in multiple stages and is identical to the first one that we did -- simply connect the crystals to recreate the pattern that you are shown at the start of each stage.  The second stage is a little harder than the first one and resolving these wins you Fragment: Time's Shell along with 300 CP so well done!

The Fragment Page for this one is another Mog Confidential -- this one about the Moogle Clock...

From here head between the stairs and the building down the alley and around back where you will find a Treasure Sphere with a Magician's Mark in it -- and then backtrack and head up the ramp, where you will see directly ahead of you a Treasure Sphere with 550 Gil.  Grab that and continue forward to the stairs and head down to use Mooglehunt to reveal the next puzzle checkpoint!

Solving the third Rift Puzzle

-- Temporal Rift Puzzle --

Just as before only this time there are three stages that grow progressively more complicated -- simply do as you have been doing and you should have no trouble -- if you do, watch the video.  Completing this puzzle earns you Fragment: Time's Coral and 300 CP. 

Before you head along this new path, turn around and go up the stairs we just came down and turn left at the top, run to the other side of the front of this building here and look south to the roof top of its wing -- see that Treasure Sphere?  Throw your Moogle at it and he will grab you a very welcome Wild Artifact -- good one!

Now head back down the stairs and follow this new path but stay to the right, go down the stairs and grab the x3 Cie'th Tears from the Treasure Sphere -- then backtrack and head around and then down the stairs to the beach, pausing to grab the Librascope form the Treasure Sphere here.  With that in hand follow the beach along and up the stairs into the building to grab 600 Gil from the Treasure Sphere here.

The Caius Ballad Boss Battle

-- Caius Ballad Battle --

On the roof double back and you will find an Oracle Drive, and activating it triggers an interesting CS.  After the CS ends and Caius Ballad appears with his partner Yeul -- you might be worried that this is going to be an epic boss battle but not really, he is not as strong here as he was in the first part of the game...  In fact the combination of RAV/COM/COM for damage and RAV/COM/MED for healing will easily see you five-star this battle.

After you win -- and you will -- grab the Artifact of Origins and then watch the CS, do the LT event, and the CS finishes, leaving you standing on the roof...  Drop down the broken skylight and get the x10 Power Bolts from the Treasure Sphere, then head to the exit and drop down.  Now that you have completed the boss-side of the zone there is a Chocobo rental here if you want it to avoid having to do battle... 

Follow the path back to the stairs and up then head over to the Gate here and trigger a CS in which you get an LT with Noel that sort of continues the personal line of chat -- then the Gate opens and your party goes through as Serah does a summary for Lightning.  Depending upon how you answered the LT's you will get a Live Trigger Reward here -- I got the Whimsical Headdress -- and then you are put back to the Historica Crux and get a Primer Page on changing the past.

This explains that when you unlock a parallel world you will find it as a destination in the Historia Crux, but it will have an X replacing the last number to indicate that it is an alternate reality... 

This nicely wraps up this part of the adventure!

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Aug 1st 2012 Guest
My game constantly freezes here,,, i can't seem to get beyond the oracle drive part,,,,Is this because i missed something important in the game?
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