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P12B: Sunleth Waterscape AF400

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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P12B: Sunleth Waterscape AF400

When you arrive Moogle hears voices -- and when you round the corner ahead you discover a group of different colored Flan...  It seems that a bunch of thier freinds are lost and we need to help find them and...  Whhhaaaaaaaattt?!  Noel points out to Serah that you know, he being a Monster Hunter and not a Monster Finder this is a rather odd situation...  But no, she is not having any of that...  So yeah, it looks like instead of killing them, we are going to help them...  Maybe we can kill them later?

Take a few steps forward and use Mooglehunt even if you cannot spot the thing you are revealing and you will obtain 800 CP and the Lapis Lazuli Fragment for your troubles and rescue the Red Flan.  Nice one!

If you look at the map you will notice that there is actually an area behind us we have not explored, so head to the south and east jumping and crossing the tree trunks until you get down to the grass with the White Flan on it -- you will find another shadowy thingy that, when you Mooglehunt it scores you 800 CP and the Cosmo Aura Fragment.  The White Flan now hop off in the direction of their mates, so mischief managed!  Now backtrack to the other side where we were...

Rescuing the Flan and Obtaining Seven Fragments

Instead of jumping up onto the tree trunk on the right to take a vine and swing over to the far side, swing on the vine to the left to get to the small patch on the west side here and, after you land look closely at the ground and you will see a shadowy something moving.  Immediately use Mooglehunt and you will obtain 800 CP and the Heliodor Ore Fragment -- good one!  You have rescued the Blue Flan!

Use the vine to continue north and you will find a Green Flan and using Mooglehunt to the right hand side will net you 800 CP and the Carnelian Fragment.  Head past the Chocolina and take the right-hand jump down to find the Black Flan and, at the end of the log Mooglehunt for 800 CP and the Celestine Fragment -- the taking of which triggers a CS in which you see all the little colored Flan and that they are in trouble! 

Run back to the Flan gathering to the north (check the map for the marker) and you trigger a battle in which you do indeed end up battling the Flan!  Victory reveals a CS in which Serah goes postal -- totally freaking the Flan out -- man Serah has serious 'tude on her!

Success in sending the Flan packing earns you the Miniflan Fragment and the Thunderstruck Gate Seal -- so well done mates!  Now if you look around the area where the Flan were gathered you will note a little hill -- on top of which is a shadowed object.  Stand on the hill and use Mooglehunt to reveal the Graviton Core: Eta and score 500 CP!  Nice one, and if you check the Fragments List for this zone you note that this is the last Fragment for the zone (7/7) and another well-done!

Don't leave just yet though since you have some grinding opportunities here and there is another item to be had after you are done...

-- Grinding Opportunities --

If you want to grind a little in this area  you can acquire the following loot items:

Cobaltite (Component)
Mana Essence (Material)
Mana Sliver (Material)
Potent Droplet (Material)
Potent Essence (Material)
Potent Orb (Material)
Potent Sliver (Material)
Power Essence (Material)
Power Sliver (Material)
Scaled Wing (Component)
Vitality Essence (Material)
Vitality Sliver (Material)

You can also acquire the Monster Crystals for:

Fanchan (demon-bird) Organic / Synergist
Flandit (sludge-type) Organic / Sentinel
Illuyankas (wyvern-type) Organic / Saboteur
Seeping Brie (sludge-type) Organic / Commando

-- Back on Track --

When you are satisfied with the grind return to the Gate and head back to the Historia Crux.

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