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P10C: Augusta Tower AF200

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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P10C: Augusta Tower AF200

You arrive on an upper floor of the tower and find yourself in a room with consoles in it.  Examine each console until you get the response "Thank you for accessing the Academy Datanet" at which point you get a CS in which the program is explained to you, and you learn about the artificial Fal'Cie which is Hope's project.  Now that you have accessed this information the security lockdown is removed -- head outside and turn to the right, grabbing a pair of Remedies from the Treasure Sphere.  Toss Moogle to the far Sphere for a Librascope -- and then toss Moogle to the north down to the level below to get the PSICom Lapel Pin.

Head down the corridor and into the room on the left and use the terminals in there to access the Datanet and enter code 9261 ('A') to access a CS and learn that the machine that Hope has built can monitor other times.  As the CS plays out you learn more about Noel and his past -- the fact that he was a Guardian with Caius!

In addition to the CS you are rewarded with the Key Item: Augusta Tower Map.  You also unlock access to the other side of the floor now.  Head back outside and grab the 1500 Gil from the Treasure Sphere and then head back to trigger a CS in which you see Caius -- continue back to the first room we entered and out the now open other side, then head left and grab the Wild Artifact from the end of the walkway.

Now head to the marker to trigger another CS and vision of Caius -- then try to head to the next marker using the terminal to raise the path only to discover that you cannot -- you need to obtain a key but that is located in another time...  So we are going to do that really quick now!

-- Head back to the Historica Crux --

Now select the Gate for Yaschas Massif AF01X which we have previously unlocked and visited and, when you arrive there, head along the pass on the western side of the map to locate the gate that leads to Augusta Tower AF300 and take that Gate using one of your Wild Artifacts. 

-- Augusta Tower AF300 --

When you arrive you get a time and paradox lecture and then you need to use the consoles here to rotate the rooms giving you access to the different walkways. After the CS ends examine the switch in front of you to turn the first room -- head outside and left to the marker to examine the next switch, connecting the next room.  Move through the room to the opposite walkway and you are prompted to examine the next switch -- before you do that go all the way to the left for a Treasure Sphere with x9 Mana Slivers and then backtrack and continue along to the next switch and using it twice to align the doors.

Go through to the other walkway for a short CS and instructions to use the lift in the center area to go to the next floor.  Before you do that head all the way to the left for a Treasure Sphere with 800 Gil!  Now backtrack and use the lift controls.

-- 14th Floor --

As you step off the lift you get a mini-CS with instructions to get to the top floor -- if you check the map the route you need to take should be clear enough -- and ahead you will find a console and Chocolina if you need her.  Use the console twice and then go in, grabbing the x8 Vitality Bolts from the Treasure Sphere and then exiting the other door.

Inside the next room use the console twice to line up the doors and then exit to the north to clear the map area and then back in and east to the marker.   Step on the lift and use the console to get to the next floor.

-- 15th Floor --

Once you arrive on 15 head through the room to the middle ring and to the right all the way to the end to clear the map then backtrack a few feet and toss your Moogle towards the Treasure Sphere on the outer edge for a Librascope.  Return to the switch and use it three times to set the doors properly then re-enter the room and continue along the path to the marker, clearing the map before using the switch twice to set the door.

Enter the room and use the Datanet Terminal, selecting 1237172 ('X') as the passcode for the Live Trigger event.  With the password accepted you get a CS that resolves the network errors, followed by an analysis by the datanet that indicates that one of the futures has been eliminated.  You then unlock and receive the Key Item: Access Key 50, and Fragment: Entropy Board.  Well done!

That nicely wraps up our duties here, so jump back to the Historica Crux and then select Augusta Tower AF200 and open that Gate!

-- Augusta Tower AF200 --

Upon our arrival back in AF200 Serah reviews the events and makes an observation or two, and then Noel makes his own observations -- exit the room via the middle ring and head to the left, tossing your Moogle over the gap to the Treasure Sphere there to get the Train Conductor Beret Adornment, then backtrack in the other direction to the console that refused to cycle before and use it -- it works now!

After the floors reconfigure you spot Alyssa -- who really should not be here -- walk over to her (she is marked) and chat with her to discover she does not know you...  It quickly becomes obvious that this is not Alyssa but a hologram of Alyssa -- a greeter of sorts. 

Run to the end of the walkway to clear the map then head back and into the building to say hello to the Chocolina, then head outside on the outer ring and go all the way to the left end to clear its map.  Turn around and use the console at this end to access the building here and clear it on the map, accessing its console to activate the mission Fragment: Idea Circuit.  With that mission flagged, head back out onto the outer ring and all the way to the right to clear it on the map.

Neutralizing Paradox Agent Type A

Look for the darkened room with the Chocolina in it and, standing in the center of the room look up in the right-hand corner near the cieling looking towards the lift and you will see a Treasure Cube -- throw Moogle to collect Paradox Agent Type A.  Now return to the other room where we flagged this mission and use the console there to turn in the object so that it gets neutralized.

Now use the console on the desk across from the one we just used to flag the mission Fragment: Enigma Codex which requires us to find Paradox Agent Type B -- which we will do later!  Well done!
With that mischief managed, grab the Twist Headband from the Treasure Sphere and then make your way towards the marker on the inner ring where the lift is, using the middle-ring console switch to reorient the path.  Before you talk to Alyssa clear the center area of the map and then talk to her about Caius and Yeul -- triggering an LT in which you speculate.  Clearly we need to talk to Caius and maybe Yeul -- so we ask Alyssa to take us to the top floor.

Once she is on the lift talk to her and she raises it to the top floor!

You then get a CS in which you see Hope being attacked, Alyssa disappears, and you are forced into battle!  Alyssa explains that you just witnessed a paradox event in which Hope and Alyssa are murdered by the AI -- oh yeah, and you are next!

After another forced battle Alyssa continues the story -- Serah and Noel make some shrewd guesses and then you have another forced battle!

Alyssa observes that you have now witnessed the forbidden history and so must be eliminated -- does that mean Caius is a construct as well?  Speaking of which we now replay the last words of Caius and speculate on the events that he was referring to -- the death of Serah and Noel... 

-- 51st Floor --

New consoles are deployed along the paths and you find yourself addressing another paradox event -- with the familiar ring layout and the switches and rooms to be dealt with.  We want to do all that and clear the map as much as we can to make for less work later -- so start by clearing the first ring as much as you can without using a switch, grabbing the Bloodguard from the Treasure Sphere, and throwing Moogle to get the Platinum Casino Ticket from the Treasure Sphere over the gap...

A Ghost in the Machine?

Using the nearer switch on the inner ring turn the building to make the door accessible and head inside, exiting the other door and clearing the map for that walkway.  Backtrack to the inner ring and head to the other switch, using it three times to line up the doors with the outer walkway we just cleared.  Head back through the first room along the walkway and into the second room, through the other side and along the walkway to the third room, and exit to the outer ring from there.

Clear the map left and then right, throwing Moogle to get the Phoenix Down from the Treasure Sphere on the outside edge, before backtracking all the way back to the inner ring and using the next switch three times and the one after that twice. 

Now backtrack through all the previous buildings and you will see that the path is now open to the far room that was previously not accessible.  Inside is the marked terminal -- use that and then use the switch in the room to rotate so you have access to the last dark section here and clear it, then use the switch to return the room to the previous position and head to the new switch on the lift platform in the center of the area.

-- 52nd Floor --

Using the lift you get a CS and then an LT event -- and then you are prompted to obtain the access key for the top floor...  Before you do anything else go ahead and clear the map parts that you can first, and grab the x8 Vitality Orbs form the Treasure Sphere on the center path. 

Notes on Clearing the Map: there is a small path that projects out the wrong side of Room 3 that basically requires you to go though Room 1 to the second one, go out on the orphaned walkway and position Room 3 so you can access that stub, then run all the way back rotating the rooms as needed to get to it, clear it, and then run all the way back and reset Room 3 to lead to the outside ring -- a pain in the bum to be sure, but still, if you plan to clear this map it is required.  On that stub is a Treasure Sphere with 1,450 Gil so it is not a totally worthless effort!

Use the switch inside the first room to rotate it once and grab the Magistral Crest from the Treasure Sphere at the end of the short walkway -- then enter the next room and rotate it to access the orphaned walkway in the middle, clearing that and getting the x8 Mana Engines from the Treasure Sphere and using the switch to rotate room 3 to make it accessible to the outside ring and the marker.

Now just make your way along the main path through the rooms to Room 3 and out to the outside edge, grabbing the Treasure Sphere with the x8 Vitality Engines just outside, then before you reach the marker in the final room now would be a good time to spend your CP and upgrade your team as much as you can and then save your game...

-- Grinding Opportunities --

If you want to grind a little in this area  you can acquire the following loot items:

Analog Circuit (Component)
Iron Shell (Component)
Mana Engine (Material)
Potent Chip (Material)
Potent Engine (Material)
Transparent Ooze (Component)
Vitality Engine (Material)

You can also acquire the Monster Crystals for:

Dragoon (mech-type) Mechanical / Commando
Flanborg (slug-like) Organic / Commando
Flanitor (slug-like) Organic / Medic
Orion (mech-type) Mechanical / Commando
Thextoron (cat-like) Mechanical / Synergist
Vespid Soldier (bug-type) Organic / Commando
Zwerg Metro (droid-like) Mechanical / Ravager

-- Back on Track --

Assuming you have done all of the grinding and obtained all of the above Monster Crystals that you need, head inside the room and use the console to acquire the Top Floor Key and update the lift controls -- so backtrack to the lift and examine the switch to head to the top floor.

-- The Top Floor --

On the lift you battle a Greater Behemoth who really should not be much trouble for you -- and when we arrive before we actually head to resolve this zone there is a side-trip we need to complete first!  So activate the lift switch and you will see that you can now select the floor you actually go to -- select Floor 49 and ride the lift down!

-- Floor 49 --

As before the floor is laid out in rings -- and as before you should clear the map here first.  Rotate Room 2 so that you have access through the side entrance and the outer ring, then clear the outer ring and you will find a Gate here!  This is a Wild Artifact Gate and you may as well unlock it since we are here and all -- it gives access to Oerba AF300 -- and once it is unlocked return to Augusta Tower AF200 and continue along to the end of the ring using Moogle Hunt to reveal the hidden Treasure Sphere with a Gold Casino Ticket inside.

Head back to the switch near Room 1 and rotate Room 1 to give you access and finish clearing the map.  With that done, it is now time to find Paradox Agent Type B, which is in a Treasure Chest along the outside edge of the area by the yellow checkered panels just past the yellowish room...

Neutralizing Paradox Agent Type B and C

When you spot the Chest Moogle Throw to grab Paradox Agent Type B, and then head to the lift and up to Floor 50, and run to the console, where you turn in the Agent to be neutralized and score yourself the Fragment: Enigma Codex, the second of the four Fragments for this zone, and good on ya mates!

Now use the console on opposite the one that we just used (it has a chat bubble now) and you flag the mission Fragment: Difference Engine!  Go ahead and flag that mission, as it now wants you to locate Paradox Agent Type C.

Return to Floor 49 and follow the path all the way to the other side through the two rooms so you are standing on the ddle ring and look down at the base of the pillars on the outside edge and you will spot the Treasure Chest we are looking for!  Throw Moogle down to open it and grab Paradox Agent Type C, and then backtrack to the lift and return to Floor 50 and turn in the Agent to be neutralized, and you collect the third of the four Fragments for this zone, the Difference Engine Fragment, and the Key Item: Access Key 13, which is required to access specific areas in the Tower.

At this point it is time to return to the Top Floor -- as you have taken care of the missions for the zone and you are now ready to complete this puppy!

-- The Top Floor --

Grab the x3 Potions from the nearby Treasure Sphere and then say hello to the Chocolina and do your shopping... When you are done head up the nearby stairs and you will trigger a CS in which you meet with Yeul who gives you a Crystal -- and as she answers your questions and fills you in on her background you learn that Caius has a special ability -- no wonder you don't recognize him as your old mate.

Now that the CS is done it is time for a string of boss battles!

Your first battle is with the Proto Fal'Cie Adam who has two outriders -- a Left Manipulator and a Right  Manipulator -- you will need to take out the two outriders first but they are very easy kills -- and then take out the Proto Fal'Cie Adam, who is also a very easy takedown once you have him Staggered.  So dish out the damage using Agression-X or a similar setup and you will quickly get through this battle!

The next boss battle is with another version of Proto Fal'Cie Adam -- maybe the real one since he does a bit more damage, takes a bit more damage, and has a Cinematic Sequence as part of the battle.  As before, take out the two outriders first (he will re-summon them once you damage him significantly so you will need to take them out again).

Basic tactics for this fight include using Agression-X or its equal switching to Diversity if you need to heal / debuff. 

Boss Battle: Proto Fal'Cie Adam

The Cinematic Sequence that is about to happen is really important to you if you are a gamer who values the Achievements or Trophies since this is the 5th of the five perfect Cinematic Sequences that you need to do to unlock the associated Achievement.  That being the case you will want to try to do this perfectly!

Cinematic Sequence

Left Stick RIGHT
Left Stick UP
Left Stick RIGHT
Press 'B'
Rapid-Tap 'A'
Left Stick RIGHT
Rapid-Tap 'A'

You were probably thinking that our boss battle was done, right?  Well, not so much really -- another version of  Proto Fal'Cie Adam appears along with the outriders -- and an LT event is also triggered -- so you have to decide how to respond to that -- select 'B' Lure out the original.

After you defeat it again you get another LT event as it regenerates -- this time select  'A' Keep fighting until it disappears.  After you defeat it it regenerates and you get another LT event -- this time select 'X' Scream at Hope -- and the situation changes -- the timeline is altered and you get a CS reflecting that!

After that choice you get a summary CS from Serah that talks about Noel -- you unlock the Fragment:  Proto Fal'Cie Adam, and a marker appears on the console nearby.  Head over and use the console in order to trigger the CS in which you activate the Gate here -- and then the CS ends and you are prompted to enter the Gate.

Before you do that look for the Treasure Sphere with the Live Trigger Reward in it (I got the Blue Newsboy Cap), and then use the Artifact of Rebirth to open the Gate, and re-enter the Historica Crux, unlocking the Gate to Academia AF4XX!  Excellent!  Access to that zone is key to our mastery of Chocobo Racing, which is something we will be doing soon, but not before we wrap up a bunch of other minor items and opportunities...

You should have unlocked the following Achievements in the process of finishing this zone:

'Trigger Finger' (30 G) Obtained five Cinematic Bonus Rewards.
'Cerulean Medal' (14 G) Defeated a powerful enemy with valiant skill.

Again, well done!

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