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P16D: Bresha Ruins AF100

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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P16D: Bresha Ruins AF100

This is perhaps one of the more interesting timelines in the game if only for the more mercenary approach that has been taken towards life...  When you arrive walk forward and speak with the armored Government Agent who will fill you in on the situation here -- and the bounty hunter situation.  

In the distance you will see a woman named Pat with a chat bubble -- chat her up to flag the mission Fragment: Palladium Ring.  Ahead of you is the Chocolina next to the tunnel entrance, so hit her up if you need her services and then, the tunnel entrance being so convenient here, head on in to clear this area for searching.

Ahead of you on the far walkway is a hidden Treasure Chest with Weapon Material in it -- grab that and then head out the south exit tunnel (there is nothing else to be had here) and continue south to the other tunnel, at the entrance of which is a rental Choco and The Professor who has lost his assistant...  Flag the mission Fragment: Osmium Ring which requires you to find the Monster Analysis Report, and then head into the tunnel.

At the far end of the walkway is a hidden person -- the Assistant -- who you use Mooglehunt on and then speak with to obtain the Monster Analysis Report.  Nice one! 

A battle with Don Tonberry and an Achievement

-- Don Tonberry Battle(s) --

This is very likely the first place that you will encounter the rare Monster called Don Tonberry -- a VERY difficult to tame and hard to find Monster that has an Achievement attached to it.  Battling it is almost a boss battle itself, and hopefully you will get lucky and tame it your first go...  It could happen...

With the Don you will need to use a variety of buffs and debuffs and keep a close eye on your health as he can dish out significant damage and will often ignore SEN tanks...  If you do not tame him straight away you can grind for him here until you do if you like -- and if you have yet to cap-off all of your jobs this will help in acquiring the CP to do so...

If you intend to grind for him to get the Monster Crystal and Achievement then you may want to set up the following Paradigms:

Cerberus (COM - COM - COM)
Tri-Disaster (RAV - RAV - RAV)
Discretion (MED - MED - COM)

Basic tactics are to Stagger him as fast as you can and then kill him as fast as you can.  Natch!

If you are the sort of gamer who finds the challenges of this sort to be irresistible and prefers to pause story progress to lock it down and pick up an Achievement you need to understand that the average number of encounters before actually taming this guy can be well over 20...  So this could occupy serious time for you...

Taming the Don unlocks the Achievement "Beast Tamer" (90 G) Befriended a most unfriendly monster.

-- Back on Track --

Once you have what you want here leave via the tunnel that exits in the main area in the center of the Ruins and look by the pillar and wall on the right in the area where the Choco rental is to find a Treasure Chest with the Eternity Gate Seal in it.  After you grab that check your map and head east to the dark area on it. 

Just before you enter there is a bloke named Walter who you can flag the mission Fragment: Ruthenium Ring.  Flag that and then head into the dark area to clear it from the map -- behind the Mercenary is a Treasure Sphere with a Chrysalis Arc in it.  Grab that and then talk to the Mercenary for his LT events.  You basically want to flatter him several times to complete this mission -- Are you the famous Raymond?  That's an extraordinary weapon!  I'd love for you to teach me how to fight!

Those three answers earn you 1000 CP and the Ruthenium Ring Fragment.  Well done!

In the corner of the area is a hidden Treasure Sphere with an Elixir -- be sure to grab that -- and then talk to Walter again to get his reactions. 

Your map should be at 98% now and, if you look at the map, all that is lacking is a small stretch of walkway in the town area -- but you cannot get there from here in this timeline so just store that in the back of your head for the moment...

It is time to return to the Professor and hand in the report to receive 1000 CP and the Osmium Ring Fragment.  Now head back to Pat and collect 1000 CP and the Palladium Ring Fragment. 

Over by the Gate is a bloke named Ronan who you can flag the mission Fragment: Rhodium Ring.  This is the guy that created the tech that Hope uses later to learn about the nature of the Paradoxes -- how cool is that?

Hit the Gate now and head to the Historica Crux and select the Gate for Bresha Ruins AF300 -- which is the time we need to go to in order to retrieve his data -- head to the cemetery and, near the large stone check the stuffed animal there to obtain the Old Device.

Now head back to the Historica Crux and visit the Gate for Bresha Ruins AF005.  Rent a Choco nearby and ride to the village, climb the stairs and clear the last map section to 100% the map (if the map is not 100% that is -- for all I know you already cleared this bit).  Now return to the Historica Crux and head back to Bresha Ruins AF100!

-- Back in Bresha Ruins AF100 --

Head over to Ronan and talk to him to receive 1000 CP and the Rhodium Ring Fragment.  You learn that the Atlas Control Room is the source of the problem so head there now and grab the Disaster Gate Seal from the hidden Treasure Chest in the corner before talking to Porter who fills you in on the situation -- you need two passwords it seems...

Right, so flag the mission Fragment: Adamantite Ring, and then head directly to the Historica Crux and  go to Yaschas Massif AF100, where you will find Uma up at Hope's tent and obtain Thorne's Information.  Head to the Historica Crux now, and into the Gate for Yaschas Massive AF110.

You will find the hidden Thorne in the southeast cul-de-sac and use Mooglehunt to reveal him -- talk to him for an LT event in which you basically tell him his name and then obtain 300 CP and the Control Device Password 1 Fragment.

Before you head back to the Historica Crux why don't you head towards town and by the Chocolina you will find a red sphere that belongs to Yeul -- well, Paddra Nsu-Yeul but still -- and when you talk to it you trigger the final red sphere Fragment mission, Fragment: Ugallu Fragment.  Flag that and then head to the clearings below where you will find and battle Ugallu!

Head to the marker on the map to spawn Ugallu and kick its ass...  For our efforts we receive 2000 CP and the Ugallu Fragment! 

You know, if we had tried this way back when we were not well-leveled this battle would have gone very differently...  We would have had our asses handed to us.

That is all of the Fragments for this timeline so well done mates!  Now we have a few minor chores to take care of quickly...  First return to the Historica Crux and then head to Yaschas Massif AF01X where we have one Fragment outstanding... 

Grab a Choco and jump up onto the low mesa above the clearing in the north canyon and talk to the Researcher Bridget to flag the mission Fragment: Sword of Lachesis -- then return to the Historica Crux and open the Gate for Yaschas Massic AF010 and grab a Choco to go to the same location she was at and grab the Fruit of Fenrir from the Treasure Chest there. 

Now return to the Historica Crux and select the Gate for Yaschas Massif AF01X and grab a Choco and return to Bridget, talking to her to give her the item and receive 300 CP and the Sword of Lachesis Fragment.  And that wraps up all of the Fragments for all of the Yaschas Massif timelines!

-- Serendipity --

Make a quick trip to Serendipity now that you have unlocked 128 Fragments you unlock the Fragment Abilities Encounter Master and Eyes of the Goddess.  Eyes of the Goddess allows you to control the camera during events -- a very cool perk!  Encounter Master allows you to increase or to decrease the number of wild encounters you have with Monsters -- use your best judgment as to whether to enable that and which setting to use, right?

Now back to the Historica Crux and this time pick the Gate for Bresha Ruins AF300.

A final set of Crystal Puzzles

-- Bresha Ruins AF300 --

Head directly for the Atlas Control Room and talk to the Government Agent again -- he is something of a wanker that one!  Head over to the machine and access it to do some Rift Puzzles -- the Crystal Puzzles that grow progressively more difficult (watch the video) -- for resolving them you receive 400 CP and the Control Device Password 2 Fragment.

Now that we have what we were seeking it is time to return to the Historica Crux.

-- Bresha Ruins AF100 --

Back in the Ruins speak to Porter and he uses the passwords to activate the machine...  He fills you in on the details for how the world went wonky, and then he awards you with 1000 CP and the Adamantite Ring Fragment.  Well done!

Speak to Porter again and you get a CS in which something goes wrong -- he asks you to investigate and you can then flag the mission Fragment: Kalavinka Fragment.  Do that and then head to the marker and do battle with Kavalinka!

He has a nasty electrical attack so I recommend that you tank him with your Silver Chocobo -- do that and this battle is cake.  Taking it out gets you 4,500 CP and the Kalavinka Fragment -- and a Coupon for a 10-year supply of Toilet Paper that goes nicely with the fit Moogle throws LOL.

That completes all of the Fragments for all of the Bresha Ruins timelines.  Well done mates!

-- Grinding Opportunities --

If you want to grind a little in this area  you can acquire the following loot items:

Potent Engine
Power Booster
Wind Aegis

You can also acquire the Monster Crystals for:

Don Tonberry (tonberry) Organic / Commando
Tempest (bomb-type) Mechanical / Ravager

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