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P13A: The Vile Peaks AF200

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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P13A: The Vile Peaks AF200

This is the zone that we unlocked back when we were working on leveling our Silver Chocobo -- and now it is time to deal with it!  When you arrive you get a CS that explains partly why the place is as dismal as it is -- the spacial distortion that makes this place a danger to Academy soldiers...

As you approach the bridge your Moogle reveals the presence of a hidden item -- and when you Mooglehunt it you discover that it is one of the missing Academy Security Soldiers -- a block named Torreno -- who you have pulled back into this time.  In addition to learning about what happened to him, you flag the mission Fragment: Blitz Squadron Mission Report, which has you seeking out all six of the survivors.

Torreno gives you the Map of the Vile Peaks, and the Fragment Torreno's Last Light along with 500 CP for your efforts.  Folllow the path and when you get through the tunnel you encounter a solder named Falcon who panics and runs off.  Follow him and talk to him when he stops, and he tells you his story.  He gices you 500 CP and the Fragment Falcon's Last Light, and tells you he will go check on Torreno -- warning you not to go any further into the zone and avoid the abomination that is ahead!

Fragments from the Rescue Mission

Back through the tunnel and you battle your way to the second tunnel at the end of which you will find a Treasure Sphere with a Phoenix Down in it.   Run ahead and speak to Corporal Thunder who gives you a basic sitrep and then you flag the mission Fragment: Twilight Fragment Beta from him.

He tells you to talk to Falcon before you attack the beast, and then gives you 500 CP and the Fragment Thunder's Last Light.  Backtrack to Falcon and talk to him to learn he doesn't believe you.  You get an LT in which you have to give the Corporal's call sign (Thunder), after which he cooperates, giving you the Falcon's Compass Fragment for cooperating with the unit.

Now that you have the information head back to the Corporal to report what you learned.  He tells you to investigate in other times... Hmm...  Well, we have unlocked The Vile Peaks AF010 haven't we?  It is time to head there to see what we can see!

-- Grinding Opportunities --

If you want to grind a little in this area  you can acquire the following loot items:

Mana Droplet (Material)
Mana Sliver (Material)
Millerite (Component)
Molted Tail (Component)
Power Bolt (Material)
Vitality Chip (Matieral)
Vitality Droplet (Material)

You can also acquire the Monster Crystals for:

Garuda (wyvern-type) Organic / Saboteur
Koboldroid Yang (droid-like) Mechanical / Ravager
Viking (mech-type) Mechanical / Saboteur

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Jun 20th 2013 Guest
So I killed the monster in the snow covered bresha but I can't get past or fight the distortion please help. PS give instructions for Ps3
ID #291612
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