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P07C: Returning to Bresha Ruins AF005

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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P07C: Returning to Bresha Ruins AF005

We arrive at the Gate inside the tunnels in the Bresha Ruins (which is where we departed from) so head back to the town square and look at the fenced-off area where the hand of Atlas was originally placed when we first arrived here...  See that Treasure Sphere floating out there with the marker on it? Throw Moogle at it to score the Key Item: Holding Cell Key -- no pun intended -- which is exactly what you need to be able to get through the locked gate that is blocking our access to the tunnels out of this section!  Excellent!

-- Into the Tunnels --

Run through the Researcher's Chamber and use the Key on the metal gate here.  Just inside is a Treasure Sphere with Vitality Chips x10 so grab those and continue forward where you will see Moogle trigger his Moogle Hunt alarm -- he has found something important it seems, so follow him and you arrive at the dead-end walkway and use Moogle Hunter to reveal the Treasure Sphere with the Army Comm Device in it.

Completing the Rogue Comm Device Mission

Check the map and follow the route south to find a new Gate!  We will be checking it out momentarily since it is the sort that will work with Wild Artifact and we have some of those but for now continue along the path to the east and you will find a Treasure Sphere that contains a Butterfly Bow...  This is a significantly better weapon than the one we are presently using, so having Serah equip it is really a good idea...

Now backtrack to the Gate and head along the western tunnel to find another dead-end with a Treasure Sphere that holds a Unicorn Horn (a seriously awesome and valuable piece of kit) which, when used, removes ALL status ailments and ehancements from all allies AND enemies...  This is more or less a doomsday device as far as buffs and debuffs go, but it does have its applications, you just need to use it strategically -- which means you want to hold on to this for now.

Now backtrack all the way out of the tunnels and turn in the currently active quest to Morris the Guard and collect your reward, which is the Vita Lyrica Fragment and 200 CP.  Good on ya mate!

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