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P05C: Day Two in New Bodhum

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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P05C: Day Two in New Bodhum

We actually have a fair amount of work to do here following the upgrades to our characters that we have completed in accessing and using the Crystarium -- basically what we have are a bunch of optional activities and some required ones, all of which you really will want to complete! 

Outside Serah's bedroom are some of the NORA folks -- talk to Maqui, then Yuj, and then Gadot who is sitting on the couch in an alcove in the living room.  You can talk to each of them several times to get different dialogue, and learn of their concern for you.  Talk to Noel and he will tell you to meet him outside when you are ready, and finally, talk to Lebreau behind the counter in the kitchen to get an LT and get her bubbly take on things.  Among all of NORA she is the only one that supports your feelings and tells you so.

Finally finding the artifact...

When you exit the house you hit the next checkpoint and get a CS with Noel who basically outlines the facts -- and then you get a Primer window of The Moogle's Bobble and you learn that it can actually detect the presence of special items and treasures -- including artifacts!  When the bobble is triggered you locate the item/piece that did it and use the action button to uncover and take it.

Now talk to Noel again for an LT -- now with that out of the way go ahead and chat with the NORA folks on the beach and the kids -- this will get you more background as well.  When you move around you will encounter a garden that you can examine that triggers a CS with Noel and another LT. 

On the beach are stairs with some cats (house cats, not dangerous ones) that Moogle has reacted to -- follow the marker (your Moogle) who is chasing your cat (who you names Snow).  When you get to the third stop point you trigger a CS in which the memory of acquiring Snow is played. 

After the CS talk to Noel for another LT, and you can get a little more information about gates and artifacts -- and he gives you a little helpful guidance as to what to do now.  Back on the beach Moogle reacts to the children from your class -- so you should head over and chat with them, which triggers yet another LT with Noel...  And we get more proof that he is having memory problems.

Maqui yells at one of the kids, and the kid runs away -- talk to Maqui then chase after the kid, who leads you on a wild chase through the dangerous areas above the village where you finally catch him, getting an LT with him -- Rhett freaks if you threaten him, and if you tell him you will not be mad he tells you just makes him more evasive, but asking him directly why he was running from Maqui starts to pull the truth out of him!  Using a guilt-trip works from there, and Rhett hands over Snow's Necklace (which is what he took from Maqui). 

That raises the question of what Maqui was doing with Snow's Necklace -- and triggers a CS with Snow in which Serah remembers receiving the necklace from him, triggering another LT with Noel. 

After the conversation if you check the map you will see that the upper route to the Meteor Strike site is now blocked by a guard and barricade (a red circle on the map) but the red circle that was blocking the unexplored area to the right side of the map is now gone!  Why not head there now?  Alas the second stretch of that area is also guarded and barricaded.  All is not lost though, because on the section you can access there is a Treasure Sphere with an Iron Bangle in it. 

Take that and then head up the center section, where you can spend a little time getting pickup battles to try out your new abilities and spells and combat prowess -- and pick up some CP to use in further expanding your skills and levels, it is your call...  Since this process really slows down your story advancement here, it really is a personal call, though bear in mind that the better your skills and job levels the easier you are going to find the battles ahead, and spending a little time here, now, leveling those skills will seriously reduce the number of failed battles you get later.

When yo notice that Noel has a chat bubble, talk to him for another LT in which he asks you about who Snow is to you -- the answer that you choose is going to subtly flavor how Noel feels about you so the most harmless one you can use is to tell the truth: that Snow is your Hero.

When you head back for the beach your Moogle will glow, leading you to the checkpoint at the tree on the beach where you will find Lightning's Knife -- triggers a CS flashback about how she acquired the knife, bring the saga full-circle, ending in an LT with Noel.

At this point you have wrapped up everything important that needs to be done here -- the next checkpoint is in Serah's bedroom -- on the way you have a few conversations with the NORA members leading to CS's and then you have the option of hearing more about the history of the settlement by talking to her again.

In Serah's room is a mirror she does not recognize and, when she interacts with it the mirror delivers the artifact that they were looking for!  A bit more self-reflection from Serah, and then a Treasure Box appears with either the Aqua Ribbon or Summery Parasol.  Exit the building to trigger another CS with Noel and the artifact -- and you have a meaningful exchange of desires in a lengthy CS.

-- Accepting a Mission in the Mission System --

As you approach the barricade on the way to the Meteor Site you will see a young girl sitting on the beach by the water named Nell -- she is the NORA Medic and she has a mission for you -- if you see a Medical Kit (that has gone missing) she needs you to bring it back to her.  This is the first taste of the Mission System in the game, and how cool is that?!

The second battle with Gogmagog

As you progress towards the far side of the zone when you talk to the NORA soldiers they will suggest that you take the route along the shore -- and you should really as that works out well for our own needs...  As you progress grab the Phoenix Down from the Treasure Sphere and then move ahead where you will have your second battle with Gogmagog, who upon being beaten delivers unto you  Gogmagog Fragment Beta -- the second and last from him.

After the battle resolution screens clear you find yourself facing a Chocobo!  The window pops up to tell you about the beast -- a rideable bird that will allow you to mount and ride it if you feed it the special item called Gysahl Greens.  You actually possess two of these, but as there is nothing really pressing in the area for you to use a Chocobo with here -- and unless you absolutely must ride one right now -- you would be better off holding onto the greens you possess for later, more tactical use.  I know I held onto mine.

Now, before you continue along towards the Meteor Site, instead head up the hills here and at the top you will find a Treasure Chest in which is found the missing Medical Kit!  Collect that and then backtrack to the beach and turn that over to Nell to complete your first Quest and obtain the Heart Prism Fragment -- so good on ya!

Before you head to the gate to leave you should check the map and make sure that you have explored it to 100% before you leave -- as that factors into a later quest.

At this point we have completed everything that we need to do here -- we have the artifact from the time that we need to go to, so all that is left is to head for the gate and use it...  If you have been picking up battles and doing well with the boss battles and using the balanced advancement you should be close to or over Level 20 on your main job, and close to Level 20 on your alternate -- if you are not, you may want to go ahead and grind some CP to upgrade them to around there, as it will make the next section just a bit easier.  Your call.

As you head towards the gate there will be a few more battles to be fought and, if you have been good about getting the preemptive strikes in, this may be where you unlock the Achievement "Clock Stopper" (15 G) Responded swiftly to the appearance of enemies -- which is unlocked by getting 100 preemptive strikes in a row.

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