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P09C: Sunleth Waterscape Again AF300

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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P09C:  Sunleth Waterscape Again AF300

When we arrive back in the Waterscape Snow is missing -- and we are prompted to go and defeat the Giant Flan -- so we may as well head in that direction now...  The area that was previously blocked off is now open so we can ran around and -- but what is this?!  The giant red Tomato is gone!  In its place is an...  Um...  Less giant green tomato called Mutantomato -- who we have to beat.  When we CS into the battle we see that Snow has gotten himself hurt trying to fight the thing.

The strategy for this fight is actually pretty straight forward: use Solidarity to deal damage and heal as needed, and Delta Attack to deal damage to it.  The logic behind this is that Delta Attack (RAV/SEN/COM) gives basic protection and damage dealing while Solidarity (COM/SEN/MED) gives protection healing damage.

The Mutantomato Battle

Your reward for this battle is 3500 CP and the Mutantomato Fragment -- and the chance to hear Snow explain why he tried to take the thing on by himself.  Then things go pear-shaped as Serah discovers that Snow has a l'Cie Brand on his back and what is worse, is being removed from the timeline by their resolving the paradox.  Sad times, sad times indeed.  Serah declares that she must save Snow from himself -- and vows that she will not stop until she finds him, and Noel enlists -- then we get another Lightning voice-over.

Now head south to the marker and throw your Moogle to collect the Mysterious Artifact -- after which you are prompted to head for the Gate, which is an excellent idea so you do!  At the Gate you trasform the Mysterious Artifact into a Restoration Artifact and open the Gate, arriving in the Historica Crux with access now open to The Void Beyond AF??? which is in the middle of a locked area and the Colosseum.

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