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P16C: A Dying World AF700

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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P16C: A Dying World AF700

You will recall that when we left there we also left some unfinished business...  So now would be a good time to return and clear away that stuff before we get too far into the next alternate ending right?  Right!

So head back there now and you will arrive at the Gate location (we have not actually been on this side of the map before).  A few Mog Throws will net you some neat stuff so remember to do that every now and then, right? 

To start with we should explore this new area by heading west along the wall, where we will encounter a Treasure Sphere in the shallow alcove with 1625 Gil in it, and a little further down on the wall above another Treasure Chest with a Omega Brand Fragment and 800 CP in it.  

When you reach the glowing bridge use Mogglehunt to phase it into this timeline -- and then cross over and look for the Chocobo on the hill, next to which is a hidden Treasure Chest with a Chaos Brand Fragment and 800 CP in it.

Run back to the gap and follow the edge of it and then the walls all the way around the zone heading west to start until you reach the bridge again -- you will encounter a Treasure Sphere with a Sacred Cross in it near the overturned trolly -- and as you continue to follow the walls around you will find a Treasure Sphere with x8 Mana Boosters in it.

As you work your way along you will locate stone pillars and a Gate -- if you have a Wild Artifact you can open this Gate and obtain access to Bresha Ruins AF100 if not, you will have to come back after you obtain one...  You will notice that there is a Treasure Sphere in the branches of the tree that, if you throw Moogle delivers x9 Power Boosters. 

When you are near any area with burnt sand you should be tossing your Mog out at least until you obtain the Monster Crystal for Cactuarama, which is a type of Cactuar Medic. 

About now you should be reaching the point where you have maxed out levels for all of your jobs, unlocking the Achievement "Supreme Being" (30 G) Fully developed all abilities.   If you have not actually reached this point you should be close so keep an eye on that and remember to spend your CP on levels until you add this Achievement to your collection -- it is actually more than just for the Achievement mind you, it also adds to your HP and stats.

Cleaning up the Treasure and Items in A Dying World

When you encounter the hidden bridge use Moogle to reveal it.  You will note that there is a Chocolina in the center area behind you so if you need her visit her...  Behind the tree next to her is a hidden Treasure Sphere with a Platinum Casino Ticket inside...  It would be an idea to save your game about now, right?

Since we are thinking about it and all, hit the Historica Crux and then Serendipity and visit the Mystic to unlock the Fragment Abilities Bargain Hunter and Anti-grav Jump (and turn them on) now.  Head over to the Casino to turn in the Casino Tickets that you have collected, and if you have not already done so, purchase the one Wild Artifact that she sells.

Now head back to the zone and cross the bridge to the next area, check your map to see the dark areas and go ahead and explore them to 100% the map before we head to the village, being sure to get the Obsidian Choker from the Treasure Sphere in the finger that pokes out to the west above.  Also be sure to go to the indented area south of the finger where you will find a hidden Treasure Chest with a Golden Chocobo inside -- like the Silver Chocobo this is an exclusive and you can only get it this way.

Once you 100% the map head for the village and when you get there go right to the Oracle Drive to find the hidden Wild Artifact (which you get after the CS).  The Voices are an LT event and they want to hear something specific from you -- that you that you can turn your back on the Goddess and kill Caius.

For saying that you are rewarded with the final Wild Artifact in the game -- the one you need to open the Gate we found earlier!  So it is time to take this Wild Artifact and return to the Gate we found, using it to open it and gain access to our next destination, Bresha Ruins AF100.

-- Grinding Opportunities --

If you want to grind a little in this area  you can acquire the following loot items:

Enigmatic Fluid (Component)
Mutant Extract (Component)
Potent Orb (Material)

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