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P06A: The Historia Crux

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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P06A: The Historia Crux

After you approach and interact with the Gate, Noel asks if you are sure you are ready to go in an LT and of course you are.  The CS plays out in which Serah explains her position, and Noel vows to help in the success of finding Valhalla -- and Lightning.  In the next CS we see the NORA folks are watching from above, and then give Serah the opportunity to say goodbye formally.  It seems that they are more supportive of her adventure than it seemed before.

Serah says goodbye -- and the way she acts and looks really reminds me of Vanille -- then Noel opens the gate and we get picked up and pulled in along with Moogle -- and then Lightning adds her take on the matter.  Wait, was that Caius?!

Discovering the Historica Crux

After a very brief CS of entering the Gate and the Crux, we are presented with the Primer page for The Historia Crux, which explains lightly that it is the compass by which we will be navigating the rivers of time -- and answers the question of how we will be keeping track of the Gates we open and all of the destinations that we can visit from here on out...  The next page explains how we can return to the Historia Crux via the Pause Menu -- and that the option may not always be available.

Revising some gates requires that they be closed first, and then when you revisit them you basically replay the levels behind them -- which is a good thing because it means that we can return to a level and play it out with different choices in order to unlock different rewards or obtain different results.  Another aspect of revisiting areas is that, until we unlock the key abilities in the game, there are items like Fragments and Treasure Spheres or Boxes that we cannot access on our first visit.  I mention that so you bear in mind that each of these areas save for specific exceptions (which will be noted in their individual sections of the guide) can usually be revisited and replayed.

-- The Historica Crux Interface --

Basically the Left Joystick allows us to select the destination and the action button will take us there.  Closer examination of the Historia Crux interface shows us the Gate Matrix (a ticklist of Gates and it seems their relation to one another) that uses yellow lights to depict the gates we have access to, as well as a Total Fragment Count (3 at the moment). 

There is a Share Button and LB allows us to toggle the view in order to see the Gates and their directly-connected related Gates (or perhaps times is a better phrase), of which we presently do not have any unlocked -- and later as we progress through the story and begin unlocking different times for the same destinations that alternate menu display will become important.

When a Gate is unlocked (and thus accessible) we also get a count of how many fragments are available inside it right on this screen when the gate in question is highlighted, and in addition to telling us how many fragments exist through that gate, it tells us how many of them we have already obtained, which is a stat that will be very helpful to us when we start to track down and complete the fragment collection later in our game play.

For now it is time to head to the Bresha Ruins in AF005, so select that Gate and hit the Action Button!

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