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P13C: The Vile Peaks AF200

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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P13C: The Vile Peaks AF200

When we arrive back it is time to take on this timeline's version of Odin -- and while you should have a similar success with him using the previous tactics I think you should be aware that THIS Odin has a special attack that does area-of-effect damage, so you will want to keep an eye on your health as the battle commences. 

Remember what you want to do here is Stagger him as quick as you can managed, then take him out in a single Stagger Timer.  Do that and you are guaranteed a five-star outcome!

Your reward for this battle is the Twilight Odin Monster Crystal, a Martyr's Badge, 3,000 CP, the Twilight Fragment Beta, the Return Gate Seal, and  the Afterimage Gate Seal -- quite a nice haul!

The Second Twilight Odin Battle

If you want to grind a little in this area  you can acquire the following loot items:

Mana Droplet (Material)
Mana Sliver (Material)
Millerite (Component)
Molted Tail (Component)
Power Bolt (Material)
Vitality Chip (Matieral)
Vitality Droplet (Material)

You can also acquire the Monster Crystals for:

Garuda (wyvern-type) Organic / Saboteur
Koboldroid Yang (droid-like) Mechanical / Ravager
Viking (mech-type) Mechanical / Saboteur

-- Back on Task --

In the cave-like opening there is a hidden Treasure Sphere with x8 Mana Orb in it, and then you should head back to the Gate area where the soldiers are.

Head directly back and you will see a shadowy figure on the path -- Sazh!  Mooglehunt to reveal him and he has a chat with you and then gives you the Father's Song fragment and 500 CP.  When you get to the Gate area and talk to Torreno you receive the Blitz Squadron Mission Report Fragment and 500 CP.

Now before we leave here and return to the Historia Crux look to the south side of the Gate clearing and you will see another shadowy figure -- Mooglehunt it and waaaaahhhhhhhrrrrr?  She gives you a monologue and then you receive the Words of Light Fragment and 500 CP.  Well done mates!

Now hit the Historica Crux and considering the wealth of Fragments that we have now would be a great time to duck over to the Casino at Serendipity and meet with the Mystic to show her our Fragment collection and obtain the Fragment Skill Monster Collector -- and turn that on in the Character Menu!

Back to the Historica Crux now!

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