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P15A: The Void Beyond AF???

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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P15A: The Void Beyond AF???

At the exit you have a chat event with Noel and discuss Caius with him...  This updates the Datalog, and then you can use the exit door...  Pass through the exit to the outside and head to the marker, where you will find the Gate ready and waiting!

The CS you get when you use the Gate the first time reminds you that this is a jumping-off point.  If you are not ready -- if you are not confident that you have trained and leveled your team, you have all the items you need, any other issue -- then now is not the time to go through this particular Gate mates.  But you are ready!  Of course you are!  (And if you are not, go GET ready then come back!)

Ready?  Are you sure?  Really really sure?  Totally... Alright! Sorry!  Well?  Hit the Gate!

You get another lengthy CS with Alyssa and Noel -- there is a reason for this...  You realize you are heading directly towards one of the game endings, right?  Well, you are!

As you pass through the Gate something goes wrong -- you get separated from Noel and then you get a strange message from Lightning...  Select the Gate for The Void Beyond and enter it.

Your first major Caius Battle

-- Into The Void --

After the CS with Caius killing Noel, you arrive and, due to that separation, you will need to set up some new Paradigms.  You unlock the Achievement "Sooth Seeker" (15 G) Prepared to face a test of your determination in the rift where hidden truth slumbers -- and you seem to have lost Mog!

Before you can reset your Paraidgms you need to complete the LT event that is active -- so head along the path and talk to Yeul -- one of the many it seems.  After your conversation with her she will gift you with the Fragment Etro's Sorrow and 600 CP and you are shown the location of the next Yeul.

Now the LT event is over, so before you set out to have any more battles you need to create a new set of Paradigms -- you will be doing this battle alone with only your Monster as your company -- and because of that you need to set up Paradigms that will work for it.  First you should change your Monster layout so that you have your Silver Choco as part of your party, as well as a MED and a COM -- I used the following:

Arcane Defense-X (RAV/SEN)
Yin & Yang (RAV/MED)
Slash & Burn (RAV/COM)
Supersoldier (SYN/COM)
Lifeguard (MED/SEN)
Slumbering Block (SAB/SEN)

I found that these worked pretty well for me...  I saved them as the third Paradigm Set.

-- Back on the Path --

Continue along and speak the next Yeul -- after the chat with her she gives you the 600 CP and the Fragment Pulse's Resolution.  Nearby is a Treasure Chest containing Caius's Sword -- take that and

Up the stairs ahead is the path to the next Yeul -- and midway up the stairs on the right (if you have an FFXIII Save) is a Treasure Sphere with a Serah's Mask in it.  When you reach the next Yeul you have a chat and she gives you the Fragment Lindzei's Desire and 600 CP.

Head back down the stairs and, just beyond the next Yuel is a Treasure Sphere with a Librascope.  Grab that and then talk to her to receive the Fragment Mwynn's Tenderness and 600 CP.

You should probably save you game often here... I am just saying...

Head up the stairs to the next Yeul and have a chat, and receive the Fragment Bhuniveize's Sleep and 600 CP.

Continue up the path to the next Yeul who you chat up and then the Battle begins!

-- The Caius Ballad Boss Battle --

If you are well-leveled you should be able to five-star the battle using just Arcane Defense-X (RAV/SEN) -- else switch as you need to.  Once the battle is over you get a lengthy CS in which you and Caius tabgle -- and then you do something that alters the timescale.

Now we learn what is motivating Caius -- he has been watching his companion die over and over again but we knew that...  Now we know why.  This guy is a total nutter!

This does not seem to be going very well, does it?

-- Grinding Opportunities --

If you want to grind a little in this area  you can acquire the following loot items:

Mana Sliver (Material)
Potent Droplet (Material)
Potent Sliver (Material)
Potion (Consumable)
Power Sliver (Material)

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