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Yellow Box Guide
Levels 11-20

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Brawl
Yellow Box Guide
Levels 11-20

Level 11: The Lake Shore

#17) Once the camera starts moving on it's own, jump over the pillar of two Jyk, guarded by two Bucculus, over the next gap is the box.


#18) In the cave, past the Shaydas, and to the part where the red-hot pillars move up and down. To the left of that hall, use a triple jump to get up on a hidden ledge on the left.


#18, a closer look

#19) Past the trap area with three locked doors, a Shayda will appear. Kill him to make a door appear.


#20) I don't see how you could miss this one. Right in front of the end level door.


Level 12: The Path to the Ruins

#21) Get to a large gap. Watch the falling blocks and Jyk. Just to the right is your box. Kind of hard to miss.


#22) Past the flaming hallway, fight the Armight without falling off the ledge. Use the ledge to the right to jump up and grab the box.


Level 13: The Cave

#23) In the area with the crushing ceilings and floors, get past the crushing floor and wait for the second crushing ceiling to fall.  A path will become visible above it. That's your boxes door.


#24) In the same crusher as the above, fall down under it quickly. On the left side on the lowest platform is your box.


#25) Right at the end of the level, just before the giant Goomba. Hit the switch to the left and a door will appear above the Goomba.


Level 14: The Ruins

#26) When the camera starts moving on it's own, dodge the flames and Mite. Watch for a set of breakable blocks. It is on top. This one is easy to spot, but hard to actually get.


#27) After you get Ivysaur and make it past the door puzzle, you'll come across a Roturret and three switches. Hit the right hand switch to make a door appear in the center.


Level 15: The Wilds

#28) Once past the Big Primid, take the hall on the right. At the end, jump to the ledge above the hall and enter the door.


#29) You really cannot miss this one. Seriously, it's blocking your path!


#30) Once you come to the barrel puzzle, take the following barrels:
One above the item box to the middle one
Middle one to the one above it
From here to the one on the right.



Level 17: The Wilds (2)

#31) You'll come to a series of three elevators. Ride the middle one up. When you see the one to the left pass you, drop off and fall into a hole under the middle one.



In, #31

#32) Right at the end of the level, head left from the yellow door.


Level 18: The Swamp

#33) A few feet in, jump on the leaf in the center of the gap. Fall down and land on a hidden platform on the right.


#34) Just past the fight with the Floow and Hammer Bros, the camera starts moving on it's own. Take the ladders up and watch for a door on the left.


#35) When you get to the river part, get past the launchers and barrels. Now you should be at the springs part. At the first Paratroopa (red), look for an item box above him.


Level 19: Research Facility (2)

#36) At the end of the darkness puzzle, there is a ladder that leads down to the door. At the top of the ladder is a light switch. Hit the switch and fall down the ladder quickly while the lights are still on to find a hidden door on the left.


#37) After your forced fight with the ROB and Cymul, and the start of the orange platform puzzle, hit the switch and ride the platform down to the first Cymul, then jump to the platform on the left.


#38) If you followed the walkthough, you cant miss this box. If not, At the very start of the puzzle, instead of taking the lower red teleporter, take the upper blue one.


Level 20: Outside the Ancient Ruins

#39-40) After the bridge and Gamyga, when you find a couple of ROB Launchers and breakable blocks, hop up on the blocks to find a hidden door.


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Comments for Yellow Box Guide
Levels 11-20

2 comments, latest first.
Aug 3rd 2015 Guest
On level 12: path to ruins I found box yellow boxes but it still says that I didn't complete the level. What else do I have to do?
ID #593450
Oct 11th 2014 Guest
What your percentage, is it 97%?
ID #457143