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16 - The Ruined Hall

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Brawl
Level 16: The Ruined Hall

Enemies: None.
Boss: Galleom
Boxes: 0

Story Note
Thought that looked familiar.

This fight is exactly the same as last time, just with a different background.

Man, Obi Wan isn’t down here either...

--== Galleom ==--

--== Galleom’s attacks ==--

1) Stomps the ground
2) Rushes across the stage
3) Stomps his way across the stage
4) Fires a shockwave across the stage
5) Punches wide
6) Creates a tornado
7) Body slams the stage
8) Launches missiles at you

--== How to predict ==--

1) Raises his leg up
2) Folds up into an airship
3) Turns his back to the screen
4) Raises his hands and spins
5) Rears back
6) Faces the screen and winds up
7) Stands up straight
8) Stands up and his shoulders glow

--== How to dodge ==--

1) Don’t be near him or dodge to the side.
2) Jump over him.
3) Dodge when he is about to fall on you.
4) Jump or shield
5) Be out of range or shield.
6) Be out of range. It will suck you in if you’re close.
7) Jump up and aerial dodge when he falls.
8) Shield, or be in really close to him.

--== Strategy ==--

Stay airborne to dodge most of hit attacks. It also gives you a better shot of his face, which sticks out farther then the rest of his body.
Overall, he is slow. Lucas’s PK attacks are very effective.

Story Note
Turns out that he was a walking bomb. In a last ditch effort, Galleom grabs Lucas and Pokemon Trainer and rockets into the air. Lucas finally snaps out of his cowardness and uses PK Thunder, just like Ness, to save himself and Pokemon Trainer. Meta Knight, seeing them defeat Galleom and therefore proving that they are not with the Minister, swoops in to save them. Pokemon Trainer and Lucas shake, saying that they are even.

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