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Battle System and Types

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Brawl - Battle System

If you haven’t played a Smash game before, you should probably read about the battle system before starting. It’s a very simple system, but different from most games.

Your objective is to knock your opponent off the stage far enough that he cant get back on. They can fall off in all four directions (hitting them really high in the air counts too). There is no life bar or HP meter, instead you have a percentage counter at the bottom of the screen. The more you hit them, the higher the percentage gets, the farther you can send them with each attack.

As per how to win a match, well that depends on the rules. A list of battle types is in the sub-sections on the left. But for the most part, just try to knock your opponent off as many times as possible.

Battle Types

There are many different rules you can play by. Each has a specific victory condition. However, this section will not list the battle types found in certain Event Matches, as those are special types you wont find outside of said Event Match. See the Event Match section for those. Equally, special rules can be set in multiplayer modes as well. These special rules are covered in the multiplayer section.

Stock Battle

In Stock Battle, you start out with a pre-set number of lives. When you fall off, you lose a life. Last one standing wins. When you're playing as a team, then it's last person standing's team wins. The lives of the team aren’t combined.

Coin Battle

No, you aren’t throwing coins at each other, rather you’re beating coins out of each other. The harder you hit an opponent, the more and larger coins they drop. Run into these coins to pick them up. First one to reach a set dollar figure wins. If a person has coins in their counter, a certain percentage of these coins will be dropped when they are hit. If a person has no coins, they will still drop the same amount of coins, but wont go into the negatives. When playing on teams, then the team’s coins are pooled together to get their over-all coin count.

Time Match

A Time Match is where you can wale on each other for as long as the timer is set for. When time runs out, whoever has the most kills wins. When playing as a team, the team’s score is added together. Depending on the rules set, a death can subtract one kill from your counter, making it possible to go into the negatives.

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