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25 - Battleship Halberd Bridge

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Super Smash Bros Brawl
Level 25: Battleship Halberd Bridge

Enemies: None.
Boss: Duon.
Boxes: 0

Story Note
Snake infiltrates the Halberds bridge, finding it to be controlled by Primid Game and Watch. He sends them flying out of the bridge, only to have the Primid reform as a giant two headed android. His team jumps out to join with Fox, Peach, and Zelda. Falco also sees the trouble. He cant make a firing run, due to everyone being in the way, so instead ejects to join the fight.

Fox, Falco, Lucario, and Shiek make a good team, as they have good ranged attack and defense.

He... They... It is here.

--== Duon ==--

--== Duon’s Attacks ==--

1) Blue smashes his head into the ground
2) Blue swings his sword arms horizontal
3) Spins rapidly
4) White shoots his lasers in an arc across the '
5) Dashes across the '
6) White fires massive blue lasers out of his head
7) Blue attacks you with a flurry of swings
8) Jumps up and lands on you
9) White fires missiles
10) Blue fires homing mines

--== How to predict ==--

1) Blue is out and raises his head
2) Growls and forms his arms in an X shape
3) Both bots lower their heads slightly and go limp
4) White points on of his guns at the ground
5) Current head will spread its arms out and begin burning its tires
6) His head will begin to glow
7) Growls really long, begins to move toward you
8) Crouches down and builds energy
9) You’ll see the missiles coming out
10) He’ll growl and start to launch them

--== How to dodge ==--

1) Shield.
2) Be either far away or up close.
3) Don’t be near them. It will suck you in.
4) Get some distance and activate your shield. Preferably a reflector.
5) Double jump and dodge as he goes by.
6) Be close to him or use a reflector.
7) Get within range, then jump away as he starts to swing.
8) Dodge to the side as he lands.
9) Get inside the missiles arc.
10) Move away.

--== Strategy ==--

You can either keep your distance and use ranged attacks, making his attacks easy to dodge but prolonging it, or go on the offensive and use close combat. The later is likely to get you killed a few times, but it’s not that bad. Fox and Falco have their reflector (Down B) to guard against ranged attacks, Lucario has a long counter (Down B), and Zelda has Nayru’s Love (B).

Story Note
Duon turns back into the Game & Watch trophy that formed him. Fox treats him as a hostile, but Peach sees the good in him and turns him back to normal. Give him her umbrella, Game & Watch seems happy. Meta Knight takes the helm. Poor Meta Knight....

End of Level!

Game & Watch is now playable! Yay!


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Comments for 25 - Battleship Halberd Bridge

3 comments, latest first.
Jul 2nd 2013 Guest
I got confused too but if its to tricky just press 2 and up or go in the middle
ID #294543
Jun 27th 2012 Guest
The door is always there in the room, it just opens. Go to the center of the room and then press the up arrow key.
ID #157532
Feb 23rd 2012 T0MV12
I completed this level once, but now, the Halberd-Ship and the Floating Island don't appear on the map for some reason... I completed all of the other levelsand I beated the Graet Maze (defeated all dark-bosses), but the door to Tabuu sill didn't appear... If someone knows what's the problem, please leave a message. I'll be very greatfull. Thanks!
ID #117718